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and sex-degree and capacity,-situation, or condition in life,-is, most, appropriately suited to the AGED CHRISTIAN PILGRIM, when, arrived near to the end of his journey, he stands, as it were, on the confines of both worlds,mand leaning over the brink of the grave :-PATIENTLY WAITING FOR THE EXPECTED CHANGE --without being at all solicitou 8-as to the manner how,—the place WHERE,—or, the time WHEN,—the event shall take place :

“O THOU! great Arbiter of Life and Death!
Nature's immortal-immaterial, Sun !
Whose all-prolific beam, late called me forth
From darkness-teeming darkness—where I lay
The worm's inferior-and, in rank, beneath
The dust I tread on-high to bear my brow,-
To drink the spirit of the golden day,
And triumph in existence ;—and couldst know
No motive, but my bliss; and. hast ordain'd
A rise in blessing !-With the patriarch's joy,
Thy call-I follow-to the land unknown :
I trust in THEE, and know in whom I trust;
Or life-or death-is equal; neither weighs :
All weight in this-0 LET ME LIVE TO THEE!"


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