A Text-book on Applied Mechanics: Specially Arranged for the Use of Science and Art, City and Guilds of London Institute, and Other Engineering Students, Band 1

C. Griffin & Company, 1895
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Seite 27 - Adapted for all who are interested in the Gold Mining Industry, being free from technicalities as far as possible, but is more particularly of value to those engaged in the Industry."— Cape Timet.
Seite 23 - No more enduring Memorial of Professor Rankine could be devised than the publication of these papers in an accessible form. . . . The Collection is most valuable on •ccount of the nature of his discoveries, and the beauty and completeness of his analysis.
Seite 244 - The cycloid is a curve generated by a point on the circumference of a circle which rolls on a straight line tangent to the circle.
Seite 12 - Those who have experience in exact SURVEY-WORK will best know how to appreciate the enormous amount of labour represented by this valuable book. The computations enable the user to ascertain the sines and cosines for a distance of twelve miles to within half an inch, and this BY REFERENCE TO BUT ONE TABLE, in place ol the usual Fifteen minute computations required.
Seite 19 - MUNRO (JMH, D.Sc., Professor of Chemistry, Downton College of Agriculture) : AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTRY AND ANALYSIS: A PRACTICAL HAND-BOOK for the Use of Agricultural Students.
Seite 9 - There is no question that, given the PERFECT GROUNDING of the Student in his Science, the remainder comes afterwards to him in a manner much more simple and easily acquired. The work is AN EXAMPLE OP THE ADVANTAGES OF THE SYSTEMATIC TREATMENT of a Science over the fragmentary style so generally followed. BY A LONG WAY THE BEST of the small Manuals for Students.
Seite 22 - A MANUAL OF APPLIED MECHANICS : Comprising the Principles of Statics and Cinematics, and Theory of Structures, Mechanism, and Machines. With Numerous Diagrams Crown 8vo, cloth.
Seite 14 - Nitro-compounds — Sprengel's Liquid (acid) Explosives —Other Means of Blasting — Qualities, Dangers, and Handling of Explosives — Choice of Blasting Materials — Apparatus for Measuring Force — Blasting in Fiery Mines — Means of...
Seite 9 - INORGANIC CHEMISTRY (A Short Manual of). BY A. DUPRE, Ph.D., FRS, AND WILSON HAKE, Ph.D., FIC. FCS, of the Westminster Hospital Medical SchooL SECOND EDITION, Revised. Crown 8vo. Cloth, 7s. 6d. " A well-written, clear and accurate Elementary Manual of Inorganic Chemistry. . . . We agree heartily in the system adopted by Drs. Dupre" and Hake. WILL MAKR ExrmttHNTAL WORK TREBLY INTERESTING BECAUSE INTELLIGIBLE."— -Saturday RevifTV.

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