The ContemporŠneos Group: Rewriting Mexico in the Thirties and Forties

University of Texas Press, 01.05.2003 - 175 Seiten

In the years following the Mexican Revolution, a nationalist and masculinist image of Mexico emerged through the novels of the Revolution, the murals of Diego Rivera, and the movies of Golden Age cinema. Challenging this image were the Contemporneos, a group of writers whose status as outsiders (sophisticated urbanites, gay men, women) gave them not just a different perspective, but a different gaze, a new way of viewing the diverse Mexicos that exist within Mexican society. In this book, Salvador Oropesa offers original readings of the works of five Contemporneos—Salvador Novo, Xavier Villaurrutia, Agustn Lazo, Guadalupe Marn, and Jorge Cuesta—and their efforts to create a Mexican literature that was international, attuned to the realities of modern Mexico, and flexible enough to speak to the masses as well as the elites.

Oropesa discusses Novo and Villaurrutia in relation to neo-baroque literature and satiric poetry, showing how these inherently subversive genres provided the means of expressing difference and otherness that they needed as gay men. He explores the theatrical works of Lazo, Villaurrutia's partner, who offered new representations of the closet and of Mexican history from an emerging middle-class viewpoint. Oropesa also looks at women's participation in the Contemporneos through Guadalupe Marn, the sometime wife of Diego Rivera and Jorge Cuesta, whose novels present women's struggles to have a view and a voice of their own. He concludes the book with Novo's self-transformation from intellectual into celebrity, which fulfilled the Contemporneos' desire to merge high and popular culture and create a space where those on the margins could move to the center.


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Gay and Baroque Literatures
Satiric Poetry
Agustin Lazo 18961971 Xavier Villaurrutias Shadow
Guadalupe Marin The Madwoman in the Murals
Gossip Power and the Culture of Celebrity

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Salvador A. Oropesa is Professor of Spanish at Clemson University.

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