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17. A lunatic or insane person without lucid intervals, shall not be found guilty of any crime or misdemeanor ş 600. with which he may be charged; provided, the act so soos nol'to be charged as criminal shall have been committed in of crime the condition of insanity.

Insane per

found guilty


GOVERNMENT OF MIDDLETOWŃ | 15. Patients admitted under special ASYLUM.

agreements. 1. Establishment..

16. Commitment on physician's cer2. Government vested in board of

tificate. trustees, appointment and com

17. Insane going at large; examination pensation.

and commitment, application for. 3. Trustees, their powers and duties.

18. Expenses, how borne. 4. Superintendent, appointment, qual

19. Dangerous insane committed on itications and residence.

physician's certificate. 5. Trustees, expenses of, to be paid.

20. Insane going at large; examination . 6. Treasurer, appointment, duties, sal

and commitment of on complaint, ary.

expenses how borne.

21. Charges for indigent insane. MANSFIELD ASYLUM.

22. Support of insane, how borne. 7. Establishment; government vested 23. Support of insane, town may conin board of trustees.

tract for. 8. Appropriation for purchase. 24. Support of insane, town reimbursed 9. Appropriation for furnishing. 10. Superintendent and assistant; sala

25. Transfer of patients. ries.

26. Discharge from asylums. INSPECTION OF ASYLUMS.

CRIMINAL INSANE. 11. By state board of charities.

27. Commitment of, expenses, how 12. Visitation of asylums by.

borne. 13. Annual report of.

28. Commitment of, having been here

tofore acquitted. ADMISSION AND DISCHARGE.

29. Petition for discharge. 14. Examination for admission by judge 30. Insane convict, examination of.

and physician ; support, expenses 31. Notice to selectmen and removal of of, how borne.



Gen.Stat Rev.
of '75, tit. 8. Salvo anu Teman
ch. 4, $1.

Ibid $ 2. Board of trustees, how ap

1. The land of the state and its appurtenances in Middletown

ev. shall be and remain the Connecticut hospital for Establishment, the insane.: 2. Its government shall be vested in a board of trustees,

consisting of the governor, one from each county to

be appointed by the senate, and three from the vicinpointed. ity of the institution to be appointed by the others. The places of the two senior members of the board in the order of their appointment shall be vacated annually, but they may be eligible for reappointment as junior members. No trustee shall receive compensation for his services.

3. The trustees shall have charge of the general interests of

Ibid $ 3.



$ 5.

the institution, make and execute its by-laws, ap-, point and remove its officers and attendants, fix Duties of their compensation, exercise a strict supervision over all its expenditures, and may receive by bequest, devise, or gift, property for the use of the hospital.

4. They shall appoint a superintendent, not of their own number, who shall be a competent physician and Ibias reside in or near the hospital.

Superinten't. 5. * * * The trustees of * * * the Connecticut hospital for the insane, * * * their necessary Tit. 13, ch. 2. expenses, to be paid by the state, as audited by the of trustees. controller.

6. They shall appoint a treasurer, with a salary not exceeding four hundred dollars a year, who shall give a Tit. 8, ch. 4, bond to the state of ten thousand dollars to account #reasurer. faithfully for all property received by him as treasurer, and keep accurate accounts of his receipts and expenditures, and of the property entrusted to him, which accounts, with the vouchers, shall be submitted quarterly, and oftener if required, to the trustees, with a written statement of his disbursements and funds in hand, and his books shall be at all times open to the trustees.

7. There is hereby created a board of trustees of the insane poor hospital at Mansfield. It shall be composed of Act of 1 five persons, who shall be appointed by the general hy assembly for the term of five years, and one shall be ; appointed each year for the term of five years. The trustees appointed in 1877 shall be appointed for the term respectively of one, two, three, four, and five years.

8. The sum of five thousand dollars is hereby appropriated for the purchase of the land and buildings at Mans- ibids field, heretofore used as the Soldiers' Orphans' Home, Appropriation to be used as an insane poor hospital.

9. There is hereby appropriated for the proper furnishing of said hospital at Mansfield, the sum of one thou- Ibids sand dollars.

10. The trustees shall appoint a superintendent of said hospital, not of their own number, and such additional Ibid 5. help, both male and female, as may be needed to dent take charge of such hospital: provided, that the total annual

Act of 1877, ch. 147, $ 1. Trustees of insane poor hospital at Mansfield.

for purchase of the land.

one thou- hid furniture.


Tit. 3, ch, 1,

charities, appointment and duties.

expense for salaries shall not exceed four thousand dollars, and the trustees shall have the general charge and control of said hospital. 11. There shall be a board of charities, consisting of three

men and two women, appointed by the governor, Bartras, & 1. and removable at his pleasure, who may inspect

ap- all incorporated hospitals, and shall inspect all in

stitutions in which persons are detained by compul. sion, to ascertain whether their inmates are properly treated, and (except in cases of detention upon legal process,) to ascertain whether any have been unjustly placed, or are improperly held therein, and may examine witnesses, and send for persons and papers, and correct any abuses found to exist, in such manner as not to conflict with any personal, corporate, or statutory rights, acting, so far as practicable, through the persons in charge of such institutions, and with a view to sustain and strengthen their rightful authority; and no measures shall be adopted without the assent of the persons so in charge, except at a meeting of the board, at which at least four members shall Appeals to the be present, or by a written order, signed by a magovernor. jority of the board. An appeal may be taken to the governor from any action of the board, by the persons in charge of such institutions.

12. Every institution which the board is required to inspect, Ibid $ 2. shall be visited by one or more members frequently, reformatory and the state prison, reformatory schools, and insane

asylums, as often as once a month, and by at least one member of each sex; no previous notice of such visits shall be given to the persons in charge of the institution visited, at every such visit, an opportunity shall be offered to each inmate for private conversation with some member of the board. Any communication directed to any member of said board, by any inmate of said institutions, shall be immediately forwarded to the post-office by the persons in charge, without inspection.

13. Said board shall make an annual report to the governor, Ibid § 3. containing such statements and suggestions as it

shall think proper. 14. When any pauper in any town may be insane, a selectman Tit. 8, ch. 4, 96, of such town shall apply to the judge of probate of by act of '78, the district wherein said pauper resides, for his admis

To visit

and other institutions.

Annual report.

as amended

of '79,ch.71, $1.

to commit in

to Connecti.

sion to said hospital ; and said judge shall appoint ch.103,$1, & act a respectable physician, who shall fully investigate Proceedings the facts of the case and report to said judge; and if sane paupers such physician shall be satisfied that said pauper is cut hospital. insane, the judge shall order such selectman forthwith to take such insane pauper to the hospital, where he shall be kept and supported so long as may be requisite; and two dollars and fifty cents per week of the expense of his support shall be paid by the town legally chargeable with his support, and the balance by the state; and when an indigent person not a pauper is insane, application may be made in his behalf to the judge of probate for the district where he resides, who shall appoint a respectable physician, and a selectman of the town where said indigent person resides, who shall fully investigate the facts, and report to said judge, who, if satisfied that such person is indigent and insane, shall order him to be taken by the person making the application to the hospital, where he shall be kept and supported as long as may be requisite, and half of the expense of his support shall be paid by the state and half by the person making the application; and when a judge shall issue an order for the admission of any pauper or indigent person to the hospital, he shall record it and immediately transmit a duplicate to the governor.

15. The trustees may authorize the superintendent to admit patients into the hospital, under special Ibid 87, as amended by act op '78, agreements when there are vacancies. under special agreements.

16. Any insane person may be put in any suitable place of detention on the presentation of a certificate, made within thirty days, signed by some reputable physician, that he has made a personal examination of piacerti de such person, within one week prior to the date tenti thereof, and that such person is insane, which certificate shall be sworn to before some officer authorized to administer oaths in the state where it is given, who shall certify to the genuineness of the signature thereto, and respectability of the signer; and any such person may be removed by the person placing him in such place of detention.

17. On a written complaint, made to any judge of the superior court, that a person named therein is in- fbid $ 7... sane and unfit to go at large, such judge shall im- tee to be ap

Ibid $7, as amended by act of '78, supra. Admission of patients

How insane persons may be put in place of detention.

How cornmit

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