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GOVERNMENT OF ASYLUM. | 18. Commitment by relatives. 1. Location and title.

19. Physicians' certificate. 2. Government vested in board of 20. Indigent insane, supported at extrustees; appointment, vacancies.

pense of county. 3. Term of office.

21. Private patients, when chargeable 4. Trustees, powers and duties.

to conntv. 5. Officers, appointment, salaries,

22. Reimbursement of countv, 6. Trustees to receive no compensation.

23. Discharge, in whose discretion; 7. To make rules for admission and

convicts remanded to custody. care of patients.

24. Inspection of asylums by trustees, 8. Trustees may hold property in trust.

discharge of patients when sane. 9. Annual reports of trustees.

25. Correspondence with board al10. Board of visitors, duties.

lowed. 11. Report to be published.

26. Inquest on death of patient. 12. Report of officers to be distributed. 27. Application for support of indigent 13. Exemption of officers from militia

insane. service.

28. Inquisition of insanity for appoint14. Property of asylum exempt from

ment of guardian. taxation.

29. Guardian, appointment of.

30. Appointment of guardian to be ADMISSION AND DISCHARGE.

published. 15. Dangerous insane, commitment by judge.

CRIMINAL INSANE. 16. Indigent insane, commitment by 31. Transfer to asylum. overseers of poor, support.

32. Insane convicts supported by state. 17. Commitment by supreme court, on | 33. Insane convicts, transfer to asyneglect of overseeers.


1878, ch. 10, $ 1. Corporate name.

Trustees ap

1. The asylum for the insane at Concord, is a corporation under the name of the New Hampshire asylum General Laws of for the insane.

2. The government of the asylum is vested in twelve trustees, appointed and commissioned by the governor, Ibia $ 2. with advice of the council; and all vacancies shall pointment of. be filled in the same manner.'

3. The trustees are classified and commissioned in such manner that the offices of three trustees become va- Ibid $ 3. cant annually.

4. The trustees shall take charge of the property and concerns of the asylum; shall see that its affairs are con- ibi ducted properly; may enter into and bind the asy- m lum by such contracts relative to the support of or a patients and the affairs of the asylum as they may deem ad

Tenure of office.

Ibid $ 4. Trustees to manage affairs of asylum.

To appoint

To receive no compen.

May hold

trust. No

vantageous; and may receive, appropriate, control, convey, or invest any property given to or owned by the asylum in such manner as they may think expedient.

5. The trustees shall appoint a secretary, who shall keep a Ibid § 5. full and fair record of their proceedings; a treasurer, oficers, etc. who shall give bond for the faithful discharge of his duty; and such physicians, officers, and assistants, with such salaries and allowances, as may from time to time be found necessary.

6. No trustee shall receive any compensation for his serIbid $ 6

vices as trustee, but expenses necessarily insation but expenses. curred by him shall be paid by the asylum.

7. The trustees may make such regulations for their own Ibid $ 7... government, for the management of the asylum and To make regu. lations, etc. all persons connected therewith, and for the adınission and care of patients, and the same from time to time alter, as convenience may require.

8. The trustees may take and hold in trust for the asylum Ibid § 8. any grant or devise of real estate, or any donation property in or bequest of personal property, and may apply the land taken for same, unless otherwise restricted, to lessen the except by an. penses of the indigent insane. No land connected legislature with the asylum shall be taken for a high way or other public use, except by the express authority of the legislature, for that purpose first had and obtained.

9. The trustees shall make to the governor and council, annhid sunnually, a report, covering that of the superintendent nual reports. to them, of the receipts and expenditures of the asylum, the number of patients admitted and discharged during each year, and all other matters connected with the general interests of the asylum, which shall be furnished to the secretary of state on or before the twentieth day of April.

10. The governor and council, president of the senate, and Ibia $ 10. speaker of the house shall constitute a board of

and visitors of the asylum; shall visit and inspect the

S. same when necessary; examine into the condition of the patients, and the regulations and general management of the asylum ; see that the design thereof is carried into full effect; and make to the legislature, biennially, a report, which shall be furnished to the secretary of state on or before the twentieth day of April next before the June session.

public use ex

thority of the

To make an.

Board of visitors and their duties.

Secretary to cause report to be printed


Reports to be

11. The secretary shall cause fifteen hundred copies of the reports of the superintendent, trustees, and board of Ibid. visitors of the asylum to be printed and distributed, one copy each, to the governor, members of the India is council, senate, and house, and their officers; one tribi copy to the clerk of each town; and the remaining copies to be placed in the hands of the board of visitors, for distribution as they shall order and direct.

12. * * * The report of the New Hampshire asylum for the insane * * * shall be furnished the state printer'on Ch. 5. $ 6. or before the first day of May; * * * All of the said furnished.” reports shall be printed, and the said reports for that and the preceding year shall be laid before the legislature during the first week of the session. * * * The secretary of state shall reserve five hundred copies of the several annual reports, and cause the same to be bound, and, as soon as may be after their publication, shall send one copy to the clerk of each town, for the use of said town, one copy to each society and library entitled to receive a copy of the laws and journals, and deposit the balance in the state library.

13. The following persons are also exempted from military duty and shall not be included in said enrollment: Ch. 95, $ 4. that is to say * * * the attendants upon the insane, person employed in the asylum for the insane. * * *

14. The property of the asylum is exempted from taxation.

Ch. 10, $ 26. 15. If any insane person is in such condition as to render it dangerous that he should be at large, the judge of Ibid § 12. probate, upon petition by any person, and such no- gerous to be tice to the selectmen of the town in which such in- asylum. sane person is or to the guardian or any other person, as he may order,—which petition may be filed, notice issued, and a hearing had in vacation or otherwise,—may commit such insane person to the asylum.

16. Any insane pauper supported by any town may be committed to the asylum by order of the overseers of thid ş 14. the poor, and there supported at the expense of ers, how comsuch town; and such expense may be recovered by town. such town of the county, town, or person chargeable with the support of such pauper, in the same manner as if he had been supported in and by the town.

exempt from military duty.

Persons dan

committed to

Insane pa up

mitted by

County paup



etc., may

cord not to be liable.

Ibid & 18. Certificate of two phy


17. If the overseers neglect to make such order in relation Ibid § 15. to any insane county pauper, the supreme court, or ers, how com any two judges thereof in vacation, may order such

pauper to be committed to the asylum, and there supported at the expense of the county.

18. The parent, guardian, or friends of any insane person Ibid § 17. may cause him to be committed to the asylum, with Guardians, the consent of the trustees, and there supported on commit con- such terms as they may agree; but the city of Con

cord shall not, in any case, be liable for the support or maintenance of any person committed to said asylum, except from said city. 19. No person shall be committed to the asylum for the in

sane, except by the order of the court or the judge

of of probate, without the certificate of two reputable quired to physicians that such person is insane, given after a

personal examination made within one week of the committal; and such certificate shall be accompanied by a certificate from a judge of the supreme court or court of probate, or mayor, or chairman of the selectmen, testifying to the genuineness of the signatures and the respectability of the signers.

20. Any insane person committed to the asylum by his Ivid $ 19. parent, guardian, or friends, who has no means of

upport support and no relatives of sufficient ability charge

erson. able therewith, and no settlement in any town in this state, and who is in such condition that his discharge therefrom would be improper or unsafe, shall be supported by the county from which he was committed.

21. When the means of support of any inmate of the asylum Ibia $ 20. shall fail or be withdrawn, the superintendent of of support fail said asylum shall immediately cause notice in writsupport i ng of that fact to be given to one of the county commissioners of the county from which such inmate was committed, and such county shall be liable and holden to pay to said asylum the expense of the support of such inmate from and after the service of such notice, and for ninety days next prior thereto.

Wheu county

insane person.

22. The county paying the expense of the support of any Ibid § 21. inmate shall be entitled to recover the amount so

When means

counties to

County may

recover expenses paid.


Trustees to visit asyluin, and hear statements of patients.

paid of any town, county, or individual by law, liable for the support of such inmate.

23. Any person committed to the asylum may be discharged by any three of the trustees or by any justice of the Ibid $ 22. supreme court, whenever the cause of commitment how effected. ceases or a further residence at the asylum is, in their opinion, not necessary; but any person so discharged who was under sentence of imprisonment at the time of his commitment, the period of which shall not have expired, shall be remanded to prison.

24. Some one of the board of trustees of the asylum shall, without previous notice, visit that institution, at Ibia $ 23. least twice every month, and give suitable opportunity to every patient therein who may desire it to me! make to him, in private, any statement such patient may wish to make; and, whenever in his opinion it may be deemed proper, he shall call to his aid two other members of said board, who shall, with him, make a further examination of such patient and of the statements by him made. If, in their view, the cause of commitment no longer exists or a further residence at the asylum is not necessary, it shall be their duty to discharge such patient. Should they deem the treatment of any patient injudicious, they shall order such an immediate change of the same as to them seems proper; and, in case of failure to secure it, they shall at once summon a meeting of the whole board, whose duty it shall be to take such measures as the exigency of the case demands.

25. It shall be the duty of the superintendent to furnish stationery to any patient who may desire it, and transmit any letter such patient may address to the e board of trustees, to such member as said board shall have designated to receive such correspondence, and there all such letters shall be promptly transmitted without inspection.

26. In the event of the sudden death of any patient in the asylum, a coroner's inquest shall be held, as ļbid $ 25.

Inquest on patients provided for by law in other cases.

suddenly deceased. 27. The sum of six thousand dollars is annually appropriated for the maintenance of indigent insane persons be- Ibid $ 28. longing to this state at the asylum, for such and so priation for in

Ibid $ 24. Superintend. ents to furnish stationery ti patients, and transmit their letters to trustees.

Annual appro

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