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GOVERNMENT OF MINNESOTA ASYLUM. | 25. Proceedings for commitment and 1. Establishment and location; gov

notice of discharge. ernment vested in trusteex.

26. Fees for examination and commit2. Trustees, appointment, term of of

ment. fice.

27. Commitment, or removal to custody 3. Appropriation, control of, vested in

of friends. trustees.

28. Discharge, on order of trustees. 4. Oath of office, compensation, meet

29. Discharged patients supplied with ings, officers.

clothing and money. 5. Powers and duties.

30. Admitted patients supplied with 6. Superintendent, oath, powers.

clothing. 7. Treasurer, bond, powers.

31. Interrogatories to be answered. 8. Trustees may hold property in

32. Definition of "insane." trust.

33. Definition of "insane person” and 9 Trustees may purchase lands.

"spendthrift." ROCHESTER ASYLUM.

COMMISSION OF LUNACY. 10. Establishment and location.

34. Commission of lunacy, members of, 11. Property of inebriate asylum, trans

inspection of asylums, reports. ferred to; government vested in

35. May remand patient for re-exami. trustees of state asylum.

pation. 12. Appropriations for; special depart 36. Selection of idiots and imbeciles ment for inebriates provided.

for transfer to training school.

37. Idiots and imbeciles supported in MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS.

Faribault asylum. 13. Reports of officers of asylums. 38. Re-transfer of incurable idiots and 14. By-laws to be supplied to judges, imbeciles to guardian or commisnotice of opening of asylum.

sioners of county. 15. Superintendent's statistics.

39. Foregoing provisions not to found 16. Contracts to be advertised.

permanent training school. 17. To be awarded to lowest bidder. 18. Estimate of expenses, warrants and


40. Insane convicts, examination. 19. Warrants for deficit.

41. Report and prison transcript sub20. Pay-rolls, form of, verification.

mitted to governor. 21. Audit of pay-rolls, warrants.

42. Transfer of convict to asylum, no22. Amounts of expenditures, audit.

tice to superintendent.

43. Superintendent's receipt. ADMISSION AND DISCHARGE. 44. On recovery remanded to prison. 23. Residents admitted free of charge; 45. Term in asylum counted in computre-admission, regulations for.

ing allowance for good conduct. 24. Public and private patients, distinc- | 46. Fact of insanity stated in verdict; tion between abolished.

place of commitment.

1. The hospital for the insane for the state of Minnesota, shall be erected and located upon the site desig- Statutes of nated and determined as hereinbefore mentioned of 1883, and provided for, and shall be known by the name Location, and title of Minnesota Hospital for Insane, and teeb.

1878 and supl.

ch. 35, $11.

name, trus.

Appointment and terpis of trustees,

Expenditure ol appropria tions.

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Oath. com.


. V

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shall be placed under the charge of seven trustees, four of whom shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

2. [Seven persons named) are hereby constituted the board Ibid ş 12. of trustees of such asylum. The two first named Ampolertains ont shall serve for two years, the second two for four

years, the last three for six years; and as their terms expire, their successors shall be appointed by the governor, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, for the term of six years, and until their successors are appointed and qualified.

3. All appropriations made in any act which shall bereafter Ibid S 13. be passed for the benefit, care or treatment of the

insane of this state, or for the erection, purchase or

lease of any building for their accommodation, shall be placed under the charge of said board, and shall be drawn from the state treasury by the treasurer of the hospital in the mode and manner hereinafter provided.

4. The trustees, before entering upon the duties of their Ubid, $ 14, office, shall take and subscribe an oath or affirma

ogs tion to support the constitution of the United States,

and of this state, and also faithfully to discharge the duties required of them by law, and the by-laws that may be established. They shall be paid their necessary expenses during the time they are actually engaged in the discharge of their official duties, such payment to be made out of any money appropriated for the support of the insane. They shall hold their annual meeting at the hospital on the first Wednesday in December of each year, when they shall choose one of their number president, and another secretary, and one treasurer, for the ensuing year, and until their successors are elected and qualified.

5. The said trustees shall have the general control and Ibid $ 15. management of the hospital. They shall have trustees. power to make all by-laws necessary for the government of the same, not inconsistent with the laws and constitution of the state of Minnesota, and to conduct the affairs of the institution in accordance with the laws and by-laws regulating the same. They shall appoint a medical superintendent, who shall be a well educated and regular physician, and a steward, a matron, and assistant physician or physi

Oath, compensation, and meetings of trustees; officers.

Powers of

Oath of supt.,

cians, and a chaplain, when such officers are deemed necessary, who shall be governed by and be subject to all the laws and by-laws established for the government of said hospital. The said trustees shall fix all salaries not otherwise determined by law, and may at their pleasure remove all officers, except the superintendent, who may be suspended by the said board of trustees until he can have a hearing before the governor of the state; and after such hearing, he, the said superintendent, may be removed from office by the governor, by and with the advice and consent of said board of trustees.

6. The superintendent, before entering upon the duties of his office, shall take and subscribe an oath or affir- Ibid $ 16. mation, faithfully and diligently to discharge the his powers. duties required of him by law and the by-laws regulating the institution. He shall have the general control and management of the hospital, and may at his pleasure suspend any subordinate officer until an examination is had before the board of trustees, which may, at its pleasure, then remove said officer.

7. The treasurer shall execute a bond to the board of trustees of said hospital, in such a sum or amount, and ibid $ 17... with such sureties, as the said board of trustees shall his power to approve, conditioned that he will faithfully perform priations. the duties of his office, and pay over and account for all moneys that shall come into his hands, as such officer, from the state or any other source. He shall have power to draw from the state treasury, out of moneys appropriated for hospital purposes, upon his order, under the seal of the institution, approved by the president and secretary, and endorsed by the superintendent, a sufficient amount to defray the expenses of the institution, or to defray the expenses of any building operations, or any other work carried on by the said board, for which moneys may have been appropriated. Upon the presentation of such an order to the auditor of state, and not otherwise, it shall be his duty to draw a warrant on the treasury for the amount therein specified.

8. The board of trustees may take and hold, in trust for the hospital, any lands' conveyed or devised, and any ibid $ money or other personal property given or be- tees hold queathed, to be applied for any purpose connected proper with the institute.

Bond of treas.,

Power of trus. tees to hold

Empowered to purchase lands for

Location of

Property of

lum trans

9. The board of trustees of the Minnesota hospitals for in$ 18 a..... sane, are hereby authorized and empowered to pur

chase land for the use of the hospitals, said purchase hospitals. not to exceed in cost eight thousand four hundred dollars for the first hospital, and ten thousand dollars for the second hospital.

10. There is hereby located and established at the city of Ibid 39. Rochester, in the county of Olmstead, a hospital new hospital. for the insane of the state of Minnesota.

11. All the lands, buildings, property and funds, heretofore Ibid $ 40. acquired and held for the foundation and mainteninebriate asy. ance of an asylum for inebriates, are hereby transferred. ferred and set apart and appropriated to the establishment, support and maintenance of the sạid second hospital for the insane herein provided for, and shall be subject to the same control and management as the property and funds now set apart and used for the support and maintenance of the hospital for insane. 12. There is hereby appropriated the sum of fifteen thousand

dollars to said board of trustees, to be used for the

in completion and furnishing of the present buildings, of buildings and to erect thereon such additional building or buildings as may be necessary to accommodate the number of patients in excess of the capacity of the present hospital for the insane; provided, that the said board of trustees shall make provisions for special departments in said hospital, for the treatment of inebriates.

13. The superintendent and steward and treasurer shall Ibid § 29. report to the trustees, from time to time, as shall be officers provided for in the by-laws. The trustees shall of trustees. report to the governor, after their annual meeting in December of each year, and before the meeting of the legislature, and so much oftener as they may deem necessary of the condition and wants of the hospital. Their annual reports shall be accompanied by the reports of the superintendent and steward and treasurer. This report shall give an account of all the disbursements for the year ending, and shall make an estimate for current expenses for the ensuing year, and for building and other purposes for which appropriations may be deemed necessary, by said board of trustees.

Ibid § 41. Appropriat'n for completin

Reports of

annual report

Trustees to

bate judges

Monthly report of condition of patients, to whom sent.

Letting of

public build.

tising for

14. The trustees shall furnish and mail, when printed, copies of the by-laws to all judges of probate in the Ibid § 30. state, and shall also inform, by mail, said judges furnish prowhen the institution will be open for the reception with by-lawe. of patients.

15. The superintendent of the Minnesota hospital for the insane is hereby required, on the first day of each

Ibid $ 32. month, to make out a report in writing, showing the condition of each patient in said hospital, [separately,] with reference to bodily health; appetite; Whor sleep; mental symptoms generally; particular symptoms; mental state; habits and inclinations; prospect of restoration; and shall forward by mail to the next of kin of each of such patients, respectively, a copy of such report, without charge, within the first week of each month.

16. It is hereby made the duty of those who, under authority of the state, have respectively the care, con- [hid ş 57. trol and management of the several state institu- contracts for tions, before letting any contract or contracts for the ings; ad vererection of any new buildings for the state, or the bids. enlarging or improving any of those already in existence, where the value of said building or improvements shall exceed the sum of five thousand dollars, to advertise for proposals for four consecutive weeks prior to said letting, in a paper published at the place where said institution is located, and also for the same length of time in some paper having a general circulation published at the capital, stating the time and place said proposals will be received and opened.

17. It is hereby made the duty of those so advertising for proposals as aforesaid to let any and all contracts Ibid $ 58. made in behalf of the state to the lowest responsible bidder.

18. Whenever the authorities of any state institution shall make requisition for money from the state treasury Ibid § 59. on account of legislative appropriation, they shall for money forward to the auditor of state an estimate of the estimate sum required for the month for which such estimate to be furis made, and a warrant shall be drawn therefor; tor. and at the end of such month, such institution shall furnish the state auditor vouchers for all moneys expended during

Contracts to be - awarded to the

lowest bidder.



and vouchers

nished audi.

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