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Insane criminals, ex

during term of sen. tence.

ance with the terms of the process by which he was originally committed thereto.

85. When a state prison convict is committed to a state Act of '83, ch. 148, § 1. lunatic hospital the charges for his support pense borne by state shall be paid by the commonwealth, until the

expiration of his term of sentence to the state prison. 86. When a person held in prison on a charge of felony is

committed to a state lunatic hospital under the proso visions of sections fifteen or thirty of chapter two ny hundred and thirteen or of sections sixteen, nineteen or twenty of chapter two hundred and fourteen of the public statutes, the charges for his support therein shall be paid by the commonwealth.

87. The provisions of this act shall apply to such commitIbid $ 3. ments already made.

Ibid 8 2. Before con viction, on charge of felony.



1. Appointment, title, term of office. 2. Oath of office, to appoint secretary

and prescribe duties and salary. 3. Inspection of asylums by board. 4. Expenses of board, how paid. 5. Interest in contracts forbidden. 6. Reports, special investigation. 7. General inspection and reports, 8. Construction of act. 9. Governor may anthorize inspection

of institutions in other states 10. Women to be appointed to make

same inspection.

GENERAL REGULATIONS. 11. State institutions, enumeration of. 12. Reports, character of. 13. Boards to cause inventory of prop

erty made, inventory filed. 14. Institutions to keep records of re

ceipts and expenditures. 15. Accounts to be audited. 16. Estimates for appropriations sub

mitted to board; visitation. 17. Plans of building, submitted to

whom, inspection by boards. MICHIGAN AND EASTERN ASYLUMS. 18. Asylums, located, title. 19. Counties apportioned. 20. Trustees of Michigan asylum. 21. Trustees of Eastern Michigan asy

lum, appointment. 22. Two trustees to be appointed every

two years. 23. Vacancies, control of asylums

vested in boards, qualifications of

trustees. 24. Trustees, powers and duties. 25, Officers, qualifications. 26. Trustees to receive actual expenses. 27. Salaries of officers, limitations. 28. Salaries, manner of payment. 29. Trustees granted corporate powers. 30. Oath of office. 31. Trustees to establish by-laws. 32. Superintendent, powers and duties,

vacancy, how filled. 33. Exemption of officers from militia,

road and jury service.

34. Trustees to keep records, inspec

tion of by governor. 35. Inspection by board of trustees, at

what times, records to be kept. 36. Asylum to be open to inspection. 37. Treasurer, powers and duties. 38. Vested with powers to collect

money due asylum. 39. Steward, powers and duties. 40. Notice of completion of Eastern

asylum to be given.

ADDITIONAL ASYLUM. 41. Commissioners, appointment. 42. Selection of site, conditions of. 43. Deed of property. 44. Commissioners to adopt plans for

construction. 45. Advertising for bids. 46. Bond of contractors. 47. Superintendent and secretary. 48. Compensation of commissioners. 49. Appropriation for construction. 50. Secretary, duties of. 51. Oath of commissioners. 52. Appropriation for site. 53. To be under same provisions as

Michigan asylum. 54. Medical administration under

homeopathic control.

ADMISSION AND DISCHARGE. 55. Probate judge to summon physi

cians and other witnesses. 56. Insane not to be confined with

convicts nor in jail over ten days. 57. Penalty for illegal confinement. 58. Indigent insane, regulations for

commitment and support, 59. Indigent insane, commitment to

asylum, by county officers. 60. Superintendent, duty of, upon ad

mission of insane. 61. Indigent insave, expenses of sup

port borne by county after three

months residence in asylum. 62. Support of insane, how borne,

charges, limit of, report of. 63. Support, further provisions. 64. Expenses of clo:hing and mainte


65. Expenses of return to county, how | 98. Exemption of officers from militia, borne.

road and jury service. 66. Reimbursement of counties.

99. Inspection by board of managers, 67. Discharged patients to be furnished

records and reports. with clothing and money.

100. Asylum to be open at all times to 68. Condition of patients before ad

inspection of managers. mission,

101. Treasurer, powers and duties of. 69. Expenses for support where resi 102. Invested with powers of superindence is uncertain.

tendent of poor. 70. Provisions for payment of expenses 103. Superintendent to make all purwhere counties neglect to pay.

chases, and keep accounts. 71. Statistics of insane by superin 104. To keep records of admission.

tendent of poor. 72. Probate judge to inquire into legal

ADMISSION AND DISCHARGE. settlement of indigent insane.

105. Commitment upon escape of in73. Joint meetings of trustees, transfer

dictment, or acquittal; regulations of insane.

for insane after indictment.. 74. Definition of terms.

106. Commissioners may be appointed 75. No insane to be confined in alms

to make examination. houses.

107. Charges for support regulated,

when to be supported by state. INSANE SOLDIERS AND MARINES.

108. Support, liability of guardian and 76. Transferred to asylums.

towns. 77. Support of, how paid.

109. Support, liability of county, reimSTATE TO BE TRUSTEE.


110. Support, reimbursement. 78. Devise or bequest to state ; for 111. Support, how collected by asylum.

benefit of insane, to be valid. 112. Superintendent, report to board. 79. Execution of will, amount of trust. 113. Transfer of criminal insane from 80. Upon death of testator notice to

other asylums. be given to attorney-general. 114. Transfer from prison or houses of 81. Duty of executors, fund created.

correction. 82. Such insane to be committed to 115. Governor may transfer homicidal Michigan asylum, support of.

criminals to asylum. 83. Transfer to asylum.

116. Criminal insane after expiration 84. Proceedings upon recovery of such

of sentence; on restoration, repersons, payment of fund to.

manded to prison. 85. State treasurer, duties of, upon | 117. Bills for support of state patients. receipt of such fund.

118. Criminal insane, commitment upon 86. New asylums to have same powers

escape from indictment or trial. and duties as Michigan asylum 119. Becoming insane at any stage of in such cases.

proceeding, committed to asylum; 87. Commitment of such insane.

on restoration, remanded or disASYLUM FOR INSANE CRIMINALS.


120. Person imprisoned upon civil pro88. Establishment, location, title.

cess, notice to attorney, commit89. Control vested in managers of

ment, rights of creditors. house of correction.

121. Acquittal for misdemeanor; like 90. Board to adopt plans, limitation of

proceedings. expense.

122. Criminal insane, discharge. 91. Appropriation for construction. 123. Transfer of prisoners to asylum, 92. Warrants, how drawn.

on restoration, remanded. 93. Superintendent and officers, ap 124. May be placed in prison departpointment, qualification.

ment for insane. 94. Salaries of officers, amount.

125. Physician, duty of, criminal re95. Oath of officers.

stored to be recommitted. 96. Managers to make by-laws.

126. Discharge of insane convicts. 97. Superintendent, powers and duties 127. Sheriff to execute warrant. of, absence how filled.

128. Examination before judge, com

mitment, report of judge.

1. The governor, with the advice and consent of the

Act of 1871,

amended 1873, No. 64, and 1879, No. 82. Appointment. Name of board. Term of office.

officio member

senate, shall appoint four suitable persons, residents of the state, to be called and known as “the board No. 192. 1. as of corrections and charities," who shall hold their office respectively for the period of two, four, six, xa and eight years, as indicated by the governor in Term making the appointments; and all appointinents thereafter made, except to fill vacancies, shall be for the period of eight years. The governor shall be, ex-officio, a member Governor ex: of said board. Any vacancy occurring in said of board. board, by reason of removal, resignation, or other- Vacancies. wise, shall be filled by the governor; the appointment in any case thus made to be subject to ratification or rejection by the senate at the first regular session following such appointment. The governor may remove any member of said Removals. board for misfeasance or malfeasance in office.*

2. Before entering upon the discharge of their duties, each of the said commissioners shall take and subscribe ibid 2. before the secretary of state, who shall file the same Oath of in his office, the constitutional oath of office. The said commissioners shall have power to appoint a secretary, Secretary. not of their number, whose duties they may prescribe and whose salary they may establish and determine.

3. The said commissioners, by one of their number, or by their secretary, shall, at least once in each year, Ibid $ 3. visit and examine into the condition of each and missioners every of the city and county poor-houses, county amination or jails, or other places for the detention of criminals etc. or witnesses; and the said board, or a majority thereof, with their secretary, shall, at least, once in each year, visit and examine the reform school, state prison, Detroit house of correction, and state and county asylums for the insane, and the deaf, dumb, and blind, and for the purpose of ascertaining the actual condition of the institutions by them or by either of them visited, the method of instruction, government, or management therein pursued, the official conduct of the superintendents or other officers and employes in charge thereof, or connected therewith, the condition of the buildings, grounds or other property thereunto belonging, and the facts as to all

Duties of commissioners relative to ex

* Vol. 2 of Howell's Annotated Statutes being in press we cite from the act.

employes, etc.,

as ameuded

Compensation, warrant.

other matters in any manner pertaining to the usefulness and proper management of the institutions, poor-houses, and jails above named. They, or either of them, and their secMay examine retary, shall have free access thereto at any and all under oath." tiines, and shall have authority to administer oaths and examine any person or persons in any way connected with or having knowledge of the condition, management, and discipline of such institutions, jails, or poor-houses, as to any matters or inquiries not contrary to the purposes or provisions : of this act.

4. The said commissioners shall receive no compensation for Ibid $ 4. or their time or services, except as hereinafter particu1873, No. 64. larly provided; but the actual expenses of each of

them, while engaged in the performance of their Expenses. duties under this act, and any actual outlay for stationery, office-rent, or any necessary aid or assistance required in examinations or investigations, on being fully stated in account and verified by the affidavit of the commissioner or commissioners making the charge, or the affidavit of their secretary, and approved by the governor, shall be paid quarterly by the state treasurer, on the warrant of the auditor general, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated; and the secretary of said board shall be paid in like manner, provided, that the entire expense of said board or commission, and the salary and traveling expenses of their secretary shall not exceed the sum of five thousand dollars per annum, exclusive of the sum mentioned in section seven of this act. 5. No member of said board, or their secretary, shall be

led either directly or indirectly interested in any con

į tract for building, repairing, or furnishing any inNecretary not stitution, poor-house, or jail, which by this act they ed in contract are authorized to visit and inspect; nor shall any

officer of such institution, jail, or poor-house be eliLible to office gible to the office of commissioner, hereby created.

Ibid & 5, as amended 1873, No. 64. Members of board and

to be interest ed in contract for building, etc. No officer eli.

of cominis. sioner.

Biennial re.

6. On or before the first day of October, in the year eighteen ibid 3 6. hundred and seventy-two, and in each second year purt. *e thereafter, the said board shall report in writing to the governor, fully, the result of their investigations, together with such other information and recommendations as they

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