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Ibid $ 2, as amended 1879, ch. 160, $1. Grand jury failing to find indictment or traverse jury acquitting shall so certify to the court.


person may be

from such

order such person into the care of the superintendent of the insane hospital, to be detained and observed by him till the further order of the court, that the truth or falsity of the plea may be ascertained. 43. When the grand jury omits to find an indictment

against any person arrested by legal process to answer for any offense by reason of his insanity,

they shall certify that fact to the court; and when la traverse jury, for the same reason, acquits any ary person indicted, they shall state that fact to the

court when they return their verdict; and the

court, by a precept stating the fact of insanity, may commit him to the insane department of the state prison or to cers of the insane hospital; and any person so committed

to the insane department of the state prison shall be discharged by the court having jurisdiction of the case only on satisfactory proof that his discharge will not endanger the peace and safety of the community; and when on satisHow such factory proof such person so discharged from the discharged" insane department of the state prison is again found commitment. insane and dangerous, any judge of the supreme judicial court may, by a precept stating the fact of his insanity, recommit him to the insane department of the state prison, or to the insane hospital.

44. Any person so committed to the insane hospital, may be Ibid $ 3,

discharged by any judge of the supreme judicial 1879, ch. 160,

court, in term time or vacation, on satisfactory proof

that his discharge will not endanger the peace and may be dis- safety of the community; or the judge may, on ap

to plication, commit him to the custody of any friend,

who gives bond to the judge of probate for the county of Kennebec, with sufficient sureties, approved by said judge of probate, conditioned for the safe keeping of such insane person, and the payment of all damages which any person may sustain by his acts. And when, on satisfactory proof, he is again found insane, and dangerous, any judge of the supreme judicial court may, by a precept stating the fact of his insanity, recommit him to the insane hospital.

45. The person so committed shall be there supported at his Ibid $ 4... own expense, if he has sufficient means; otherwise ed at hospital. at the expense of the state.

as amended

$ 2. Person so committed

charged or entrusted to friends.

How support

Ibid $ 5, as amended 1877, ch. 188. When an inmate of the state prison or county jail


46. When an inmate of the state prison or county jail becomes insane, the warden or jailer shall notify the hi governor of the fact, and he, with advice of council, is shall appoint a commission of two or more skilful physicians to investigate the case, and if such inmate is found insane by their examination, he shall be sane, proceedsent to the insane hospital until he becomes of sound mind; and if this takes place before the expiration of his sentence, he shall be returned to prison; but if after, he shall be discharged free. The expenses of the commission, removal, and support, shall be paid by the state.

47. The convicts insane now in the insane hospital upon satisfactory proof that the said persons insane are in- Act of 1879. curable, and that a longer residence therein will insane con have a deleterious influence on the other patients of hospital being said hospital, may be removed by order of the governor and council to the insane department of the state prison.

eh. 160, 8 3.

victs in the hospital being incurable may be removed to the insane de partment of state prisou.


15. Indigent insane transferred from

almshouse, expenses borne by

county; support, limit of liability. 16. Indigent insane, definition of. 17. Support, liability of establishment

for; appointment of guardian. 18. Trustees of the poor to provide for

support of indigent insane.

GOVERNMENT OF ASYLUMS. 1. Board of managers, apppointment,

term of office. 2. Property vested in managers. 3. Government vested in managers. 4. Appointment of officers. 5. By-laws and regulations. 6. Inspection by managers. 7. Managers may hold property in

trust. 8. Reports of managers and trustees. 9. Number of indigent insane allowed. 10. Number of private patients allowed. 11. Indigent insane, power of judges

to commit. 12. Appropriation, annual. 13. Powers and duties of managers


ADMISSION AND DISCHARGE. 14. Examination; jury trial; commit

ment; support, liability for.

CRIMINAL INSANE. 19. Insane convicts transferred to asy

lum, expenses borne by state. 20. Fact of insanity found in verdict. 21. Commitment to asylum. 22. Examination and commitment be

fore indictment. 23. Examination during vacation of

court. 24. Foregoing provisions apply to all

persons arrested.

art. 26, $1.

ers appointed

ernor; term

1. The governor, by and with the advice and consent of the R. C. 1878. senate, shall appoint nine persons of undoubted Nine manag., character, and selected with a view to skill and by the gov. efficiency, managers of the Maryland hospital for of office. the insane, who shall serve without pay, and hold their offices as follows: three thereof shall hold their offices for two years; three thereof shall hold their offices for four years; and three thereof shall hold their offices for six years; and the governor shall designate their several terms at the time of their appointment; their successors shall be appointed by the governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Term of office. senate, and shall hold their offices for six years, and until others are appointed in their stead.

2. The president and visitors of the Maryland hospital are Ibid § 2 hereby authorized and directed to transfer by deed

all the real estate and other property belonging to said trust, which may be in their possession, to the managers of the Maryland hospital for the insane,

Transfer of property of Maryland hospital to said managers.


above provided for, and the government of the state hospital for the insane shall be vested in the said board of managers, seven of whom shall constitute a quorum for the Quorum. transaction of business.

3. The said board of managers shall have the general direction and control of all the property and concerns of bid $ 3.

Powers of the said hospital, and shall take charge of its general managers. interests, and see that its great design be carried into effect, and everything done faithfully according to the requirements of the legislature, and the by-laws, rules, and regulations of the said hospital; but said board of managers shall have no authority or power to mortgage or pledge any of the property, real or personal, of said hospital.

4. The board of managers shall appoint one of its number, who shall act as treasurer, who shall give bond for Ibid $ 4. the faithful performance of his trust, in such sum by managers. and in such sureties as the comptroller of the state shall approve; they shall also appoint a superintendent, who shall be a well-educated physician, and in addition shall also appoint as many physicians, surgeons, apothecaries, stewards, matrons, nurses, and servants, and other officers for the administration and service of said hospital as they may deem necessary, all of whom shall hold their appointments at the pleasure of the board of managers.

5. The board of managers may make, ordain, alter, or amend, and abolish all by-laws, rules, and regula- Ibid & 5. tions for the administration and government of said by hospital, and for the admission and discharge of me persons therein and therefrom, which rules and mana regulations in so far as they are within the power of the said board, and are consistent with law, shall be binding on all persons whomsoever.

6. The said board of managers shall maintain an effective inspection of said hospital and grounds, and for Ibid $ 6. this purpose one of said managers shall visit the managers. same once in every week; two of said managers once in every month, a majority of the board once in every quarter, and the whole board once in every year, at the times and in the manner to be prescribed in the by-laws.

By-laws, rules, and regulations made by

7. The said board of managers may take and hold in trust

Visits of

Empowered to take and hold

Ibid $ 8. Reports of managers and

Namber of insane paupers to be

Ibid § 7. for the state, any grant or devise of land, or any to take and donation or bequest of money, or other personal property. property, to be applied to the maintenance of insane persons, and the use of the Maryland hospital for the insane. 8. The board of managers shall annually, in the month of

December, submit to the governor a report, showing

na the past year's operations, and actual state of the ers. hospital and property in their charge, and at the same time transmit to the governor the annual report of the superintendent and treasurer, which shall show all receipts and expenditures of every officer and employe, and compensation of each; all of which reports shall be laid before the general assembly of Maryland during the first ten days of its session.

9. The board of managers shall provide acoommodation Ibid $ 9. for at least two hundred and fifty pauper lunatics of insane .. this state, who may be sent to the said hospital for provided for. curative treatment, which number shall be from time to time apportioned by them among the several counties and the city of Baltimore according to their respective populations, as ascertained by the last preceding census.

10. The said board of managers may receive into said hosIbid § 10. pital as pay patients insane persons, other than the puy patients pauper lunatics referred to in the last preceding

section, to a number not exceeding seventy-five at any one time.

11. The judges of the circuit court of the several counties, and Ibid & u. the criminal court of Baltimore city, in accordance

· with the provisions of the code, are hereby author

ized to send from time to time to the said hospital

pauper lunatics of this state, to the number to which the respective counties and city of Baltimore shall respectively be entitled under the ninth section aforegoing.

12. There shall be appropriated, and the treasurer of the Ibid § 12. state, upon the warrant of the comptroller, shall pay

to the managers of the Maryland hospital for the insane, annually, in equal quarterly payments, on the first days of January, April, July and October, in each and every year, the sum of fifteen thousand dollars, for the support of said hospital

Number of


Who em powered to send insane paupers to the hospital.

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Appropria tion.

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