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of Louisiana, 1879, art. 207.


13. The following property shall be exempt from taxation, and no other, viz.: all public property

* * * all Constitution charitable institutions. *

14. Whenever it shall be made known to the judge of the district or parish court by the petition and oath of $ 1768.

Lunatics, any individual that any lunatic or insane person how.adwithin his district ought to be sent to or confined in Warrant. the insane asylum of this state, it shall be the duty of the said district or parish judge to issue a warrant to bring Duty of the before him, in chambers, said lunatic or insane per- judges. son, and after proper inquiry into all the facts and circumstances of the case; if, in his opinion he ought to be sent to or confined in, said insane asylum, he shall make out his warrant to the sheriff of the parish, commanding him to con- Duty of the vey the lunatic or insane person to the insane asylum, for which duty the sheriff shall have the right to demand the same fees as are now allowed by law for the convey- Compensaance of convicts to the penitentiary of the state, which sheriff's. shall be paid out of the parish treasury, upon the order of the district or parish judge, and likewise all other expenses previously incurred in bringing said insane person before the district or parish judge.

15. The board of administrators shall have authority to receive insane persons, not sent to the asylum by a district or parish judge, on such terms and condi- board to re tions as they may deem fit to adopt; and money in certain so received shall be applied to the support of the cases. institution.

16. All persons received in the asylum as insane, shall be charged at a rate not less than ten dollars a month, $ 1770. unless the police jury of the parish from whence the Charges. insane person came, a municipal council, if from a city or town, or clerk of the court, shall certify that said person is in indigent circumstances.

17. Whenever application is made to the clerk for a certificate as above stated, it shall be his duty to examine, ş 1771. under oath, such witnesses as may be brought before beries of him, and to give or refuse said certificate, as the case may in justice require; and the said clerk is empowered, whenever he shall deem the same necessary, to summon before him,

$ 1769.

ceive lunatics

clerks of district courts,

$ 1776.
Duty of phy.

Disposal of


as in ordinary cases, any witness necessary, and said certificate so given shall entitle the person therein named to admission into the lunatic asylum without charge. 18. The physician of the asylum shall professionally examine

the lunatic or insane person sent to the asylum by the

authority of the district or parish judge, and if, in his opinion, said person is only feigning insanity, being a person charged with a felonious crime, he shall report it to the board, who shall investigate the facts, and if, in the judgment of the majority, said person should not be admitted as an in

mate of the asylum, the president of said board shall Charged with cause such person feigning insanity, and who had a crime and feigping in- been previously committed to prison for a crime, to

be confined in the parish jail, and shall immediately inform the president of the police jury of the parish, or the proper authority in the parish of Orleans, where the rejected person has his domicile, of the fact, and the reason of his rejection, and the provisions of this section shall also apply to such persons charged with a crime, who afterwards recover and become sane, in said asylum. 19. The sheriff of East Feliciana, or his deputy, shall, within

reasonable delay, convey said person feigning insanconveyed to ity, to the parish of his domicile, for which duty the the parish of his domicile. sheriff shall have the right to demand the same fees which are now allowed by law for the conveyance of convicts to the penitentiary of the state, which shall be paid out of the parish treasury, on the order of the president of the police jury of the parish of the domicile of the person rejected by the board of administrators, or the proper authority in the parish of Orleans. 20. Whenever any person, arrested to answer for any crime

or misdemeanor, before any court of this state, shall

be acquitted thereof by the jury, or shall not be inDatic asyluin dicted by the grand jury, by reason of the insanity

or mental derangement of such person, and the discharge and going at large of such person shall be deemed, by the court, to be dangerous to the safety of the citizens or to the peace of the state, the court is authorized and empowered to commit such person to the state insane hospital, or any similar institution in any parish within the jurisdiction of the court,

$ 1777.
He shall be

$ 1778.
Courts to send

insane per

sons to the lu

in certain cases.

there to be detained until he be restored to his right mind, or otherwise delivered by due course of law.

21. Whenever the grand jury, upon any inquiry which they make as to the commission of any crime or misde- Grana meanor, by any person, shall omit to find a bill for to inform the the causes aforesaid, it shall be the duty of such found on acjury to certify the same to the court.

22. Whenever the jury, upon the general issue of not guilty, shall acquit any person for the cause aforesaid, it $1789. shall be their duty, in giving their verdict of not ting on ac. guilty, to state that it was for such cause.

court when count of in. sanity.

Juries acquit

of Banity so to state in their verdict.


25. Examination; commitment; cer

tificate and records. 26. Physicians' certificate, personal ex

amination. 27. Appeal, hearing, time and place. 28. Renewal of appeal on neglect of

justices. 29. Records of justices, compensation. 30. Commitment; expenses of. 31. Expenses of, by whom borne. 32. Guardian to be appointed. 33. Discharge of patient not committed

during term of court. 34. Illegal commitment, proceedings;

idiots and incurables, discharge. 35. Support of indigent insane. 36. Illegal detention, investigation by

town officers, costs. 37. Support and removal, expenses

of. 38. Reinbursement of towns. 39. Restored patients, by whom re

moved. 40. Discharge, notice of, removal, ex41. Towns exempt from foregoing pro


CRIMINAL INSANE. 42. Temporary confinement in asylum

of person indicted for crime. 43. Not indicted or acquitted, fact to

be certified ; commitment to asylum; discharge by court on recovery; recommitment on

GOVERNMENT OF ASYLUM, 1. Government vested in board of

trustees; one to be a woman;

appointment; term of office. 2. Superintendent; steward; matron;

appointment, term of office. 3. Treasurer and steward; accounts. 4. Trustees, powers and duties. 5. Monthly inspection by trustees;

reports of, compensation. 6. Annual meeting; statistics. 7. Superintendent ; qualifications ;

powers and duties; reports. 8. Apportionment of patients. 9. Steward to be treasurer ; bond and

security, powers and duties. 10. Salaries of officers. 11. Rules for government of attendants

to be posted in asylum. 12. Injury to patients; discharge of at

tendants; penalties. 13. Erection of additional asylum.

INSPECTION OF ASYLUM. 14. Inspection by committee of council. 15. Injury to patients, investigation by

committee; trial and penalties. 16. Inquest of death. 17. Illegal detention; investigation of

by committee; trial of, discharge. 18. Names and address of committee to

be posted in asylum, writing
material supplied to patients ;

collection of letters.
19. Letters forwarded by committee

delivered to patients. 20. Monthly inspection, at irregular

intervals. 21. Reports of visiting committee, com

pensation. 22. Neglect of duties, penalties for.

ADMISSION AND DISCHARGE. 23. Definition of insanity. 24. Private patients committed without


lapse. 44. Discharge on recovery, or to cus

tody of friends; recommitment. 45. Support, expenses of, by whom

borne. 46. Insane convicts, examination, trans

fer to asylum; on recovery before expiration of sentence, remanded

to custody. 47. Incurable convicts transferred from

asylum to prison hospital.

penses of.


amended 1880, ch. 184, $ 1.

of the Maine

as amended

Ibid $ 3.

1. The government of the Maine insane hospital is vested in a committee of six trustees, one of whom shall be a Act of 1874,ch. woman, appointed by the governor, with the advice 20. of the council, and commissioners to hold their of- Government fices during the pleasure of the governor and coun- insone hospicil, but not more than three years under any one six trustees. appointment.

2. The said trustees shall appoint a superintendent, and a steward and treasurer, subject to the approval of and Ibid § 2 to hold office during the pleasure of the governor 1879, ch. 150, and council, and all other officers necessary for the Šuperintendefficient and economical management of the busi- and treasurer, ness of the institution; all appointments shall be pointed. made according to the by-laws.

3. The trustees at their next meeting after the expiration of each quarter, shall examine carefully the books and vouchers of the steward and treasurer, and audit his accounts and accounts, and submit the same immediately there-trea uudlied after to the governor and council for their approval, and settled. before such accounts shall be settled; and the governor and council are authorized and required, from time to time, to inquire into the condition and management of the Governor and financial affairs of the institution, and to make such quired to in. changes as they shall deem judicious, in the mode anaucal af and amount of expenditures and the general admin- tution. istration of its financial affairs.

4. They shall have the general care and management of the institution; see that it is conducted according to law R. S. of 1871, and the by-laws for its internal government and Trustees have economy, which they are hereby authorized to es- management, tablish, not inconsistent with the laws of the state; make by-laws hold in trust for the state any land, money, or other defend suits. property, granted, bequeathed, or given, to the institution, and apply the same for the support, comfort, or improvement of the insane, and the general use of the institution, and have power to bring actions, in the name of the treasurer, for all dues to the institution, and to defend all suits brought against it.

5. There shall be a thorough examination of the hospital monthly by two of the trustees; quarterly by three; Ibid $ 4. and annually by a majority of the full board; and and records of

ch. 143, $ 2.

commence and

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