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GOVERNMENT OF ASYLUM. 1. Title; board of trustees, appoint

ment, term of office. 2. Removal; vacancies, how filled. 3. Bond and oath; organization, in

vested with control of asylum. 4: Annual inventory of property, ex.

penditures, statistics, report submitted to trustees by outgoing

managers. 5. Trustees, by-laws, meetings, state

ment, payment of bills. 6. Treasurer to make itemized state

ment. 7. Superintendent, appointment, resi

dence, assistants; bond, powers. 8. Superintendent's statement of ex

penditures and receipts; moneys

covered into state treasury. 9. Trustees, report of expenses, pay

ment and receipts, recommenda

tions; nepotism forbidden. 10. Unexpended appropriations cov

ered into state treasury. 11. Trustees, salaries of. 12. Interest in contracts forbidden. 13. Neglect of duties, penalties for. 14. Unauthorized borrowing forbidden. 15. Penalties for same. 16. Trustees; powers and duties, ap

pointment of officers, salaries, by

laws and regulations. 17. Annual inspection of asylum. 18. Reports submitted to legislature. 19. Corporate powers granted. 20. Superintendent; qualification, term

of office, salary. 21. His powers and duties; control of

officers, admission and discharge. 22. Official seal to be provided. 23. Bond of officers, form of prescribed. 24. Evidence of superintendent taken

by deposition. 25. Asylums open to the public. 26. Street railway through grounds. 27. Reports to governor to be itemized. 28. Continuing appropriations. 29. Application of money.

30. Warrants, how drawn and paid. 31. Limit of monthly allowance.

CONSTRUCTION OF NEW ASYLUMS. 32. Commission for construction of asy

lums, appointment. 33. Selection of sites. 34. Purchase of land. 35. Contract for building; interest in

forbidden. 36. Report of commissioners. 37. Superintendents for construction,

appointment and duties. 38. Contracts under control of board. 39. Removal of superintendents. 40. Compensation of board. 41. Appropriation for construction. 42. Expenses of maintenance of asy

lums, borne by state. 43. Superintendent and officers, ap

pointment of. 44. Rules for admission and discharge. 45. Authority to purchase buildings. 46. Capacity of asylums prescribed. 47. Regulations of Indiana asylum to

apply to new asylums.

ADMISSION AND DISCHARGE. : 48. Who may be admitted. 49. Application for trial, interrogato

ries to be answered. 50. Personal examination by justices

and physician. 51. Subpoena of witnesses. 52. Examination of witnesses. 53. History of the case by the regular

medical attendant. 54. Physician's certificate. 55. Justices' certificate. 56. Filing of certificate. 57. Application to superintendent. 58. Superintendent's action thereon;

preferences. 59. Rejected applications, renewal of

after six months. 60. Idiots not to be admitted. 61. Warrant of commitment, form of,


62. Clothing to be supplied.

| 75. Females, confinement of, in depart63. Application for readmission, regu

ment for women. lations for.

76. Males, confinement of, in depart64. Discharge after recovery; harm

ment for men. less incurables; dangerous insane 77. Application for arrest, warrant. not to be discharged.

78. Venire, to issue. 65. Discharge from asylum, regulations. 79. Examination and hearing. 66. Re-examination for admission after 80. Verdict against defendant, custolapse of six months from appli

dian appointed. cation.

81. Certification to circuit court; re67. Blanks supplied to clerk of court.

trial; appointment of custodian 68. Escape, proceedings upon.

confirmed. 69. Habeas corpus, allowed once in | 82. Expenses of proceedings. three months.

83. Guardian, when appointed. 70. Discharged patients supplied with 84. Verdict in favor of defendant, apclothing and money.

peal to circuit court. 71. Preferences to certain classes. 85. Commitment to asylum under fore72. Fees for examination and commit

going provisions. ment.

86. Insanity to be pleaded specially. 73. Incurable insane to be cared for. 87. When acquitted of criminal charge 74. Incurable insane, similar regula- || to be tried for insanity, regulations for admission of.

tions for trial.

utes of 1881.

1. The governor, with the consent of the senate, shall appoint two trustees, * * * * for the hospital for the Revise insane; and with the like consent of the senate, hem

$ 2768. shall appoint a president of the boards of trustees of the said institutions. The president and two trus- tees. tees of each of said institutions shall constitute the board of trustees for the government thereof. Such appointments shall be made within five days after the taking effect of this act, and the terms of said trustees shall expire as follows: one for each of said institutions, to be designated in the appointment, shall expire on the first of February, 1881, and the others on the first of February, 1883; and the term of the said president of the boards, so appointed, shall expire on the first Appointment day of February, 1883. After such appointment, fome the governor shall, on the first day of January, 1881, and biennially thereafter, appoint one trustee for each of said institutions, and on the first day of January, 1883, and every four years thereafter, he shall appoint a president of the said boards of trustees, whose term shall begin on the first of February next succeeding; and the terms of the said officers and their successors shall be four years. He shall report such appointments to the senate for its concurrence; and if the senate shall refuse to confirm such appointments, he shall appoint other suitable persons, and in like manner report to the senate: pro

President and board of trus


Power of th governor to remove othcers.

vided, if the senate fail to confirm the first appointments above

e the provided for, then the present trustees and commisFemore than sioners of said institutions, and the president of said

board, shall hold their offices and positions by virtue of this act only, and shall be subject to all its provisions; and they, or any of them, may be removed at the pleasure of the governor, and the appointees to fill such vacancies shall constitute the new boards, as herein provided.

2. The governor shall have power to remove any of the said $ 2769. trustees, or the said president, upon failure to faithremove. * fully discharge their duties, or for any inefficiency or any other cause that to him may seem just, with opportunity to the party to answer and defend against the charges, he being suspended during the inquiry, and appoint other competent persons to fill the vacancies thereby created for the unexpired term; and in such cases he shall report the said removal and appointment, with the statement of the cause thereof, to the senate within five days after the first day of the next succeeding session thereof; or, if the senate be in session at the time of such removal, then within five days thereafter. If a vacancy shall occur by death, resignation, or other cause,' . the governor shall appoint a competent person to fill the vacancy for the unexpired term, and shall report such appointment to the senate, if in session, and if not, then to the next succeeding session ; but if such appointment be not confirmed, the governor shall appoint some other competent person; and immediately report such appointment to the senate, for confirmation.

3. The said trustees and the president shall, each, before en$ 2770. tering upon the duties of office, give a bond payable

to the state of Indiana in such sum as the governor may require, and shall take an oath to faithfully discharge their several duties as such officers. The said officers, first appointed, shall give such bond and take such oath within ten days after their appointment, and shall thereupon enter on the discharge of the duties of their office. The boards shall organize by the selection of one member as treasurer and one as secretary, and the president of the boards shall be the president of each board respectively. As soon as the boards, or either of them, are organized, the boards of trustees and the

Bond and oath.

cers of institu

board of commissioners, now severally having charge of the said institutions, shall deliver and surrender to the proper boards created by this act, all books, papers, moneys, and property, of whatever kind or nature, belonging to or connected with said institutions, or belonging to the state and under their charge or control; and they shall, in like manner, surrender and deliver up to said new boards the care, custody, and management of the said institutions and all the affairs Duties of oflithereof. And the superintendents or managers of tion, etc. the said institutions, and the subordinate teachers, physicians, and employes thereof, shall, thereafter, hold their positions and perform their duties under and by virtue of this act, and under the control and direction of the new boards created by this act.

4. Such superintendents or managers shall, within thirty days after the taking effect of this act, each make $ 2771.. out and deliver to the proper board of trustees of ventory." each of said institutions a complete itemized inventory and statement, subscribed and sworn to by him, setting forth in detail all the property, both real and personal, belonging to said institutions, or belonging to the state and connected therewith, or in use in and about the same. Such statement shall give the quality and condition of such property and the value thereof, where it is and for what purpose or in what way it is used, and shall also give a detailed and itemized account of all products raised and consumed, and of each parcel of property, including hides, tallow, flowers, farm products, goods, or merchandise, and all other articles, sold or otherwise disposed of during the year last past, by such superintendent or manager or by the trustees or subordinates of said institutions; to whom the same was sold, and for what price; who received the money, and for what purpose it was used. Said statement shall contain a detailed and itemized statement of all the expendi- A writte tures, during the past year, for repairs upon the build- vectory ings or grounds, and for furniture and other articles purchased for the use of the said institutions, or in and about the same; and a detailed and itemized statement of all the articles of wearing apparel, goods, merchandise, or property received during the past year with or for any of the inmates; what became of such property; whether any, if so what,

Annual in

necessary of hides, etc.

be given.

amounts are on hand yet; what amount of like goods or wearing apparel has been, during said time, purchased for each of the inmates, and what amount of moneys have been received therefor, and from what counties so received, who received such moneys, and for what purpose they have been used. It shall also give a general account of the affairs of the institution, the number of inmates received, from what counties they came, the number discharged and the cause therefor, and the condition of the inmates, and the wants and requirements of the institution.

A like report, inventory, and statement shall be annually Inventory to made, on the thirty-first day of October in each

year, to each of the said boards of trustees, who may prescribe additional and other matter to be included therein. Such reports, after due examination and action thereon by the boards, shall be delivered to the governor, who shall transmit them to the general assembly, at each regular session thereof. 5. The president and trustees of each of said institutions

shall be and constitute a board for the management of the business and affairs thereof, with power to

make all proper rules, regulations and by-laws for its government. They shall have a regular meeting at or about the close of each month; and shall meet at least one other time during each month, for the purpose of informal consultation, or the Record of transaction of current and incidental business. They

à shall keep a record of their proceedings and acts,

$ 2772 By-laws, meetings, bills.

and of all moneys received or paid out, and of all orders drawn or paid. No moneys shall be paid out or expended, except upon an itemized bill first presented and allowed by the board. Such bill shall be signed and sworn to by the claimant, and such payment shall be made by an order signed by the president and drawn upon the treasurer of the institutions, payable ten days from the drawing thereof. Such itemized bills shall be carefully preserved, and be numbered to correspond with the order drawn for the payment thereof; and no bill shall be allowed for more than the lowest cost value of the articles purchased or services or materials paid Contracts. for; and all contracts made for articles, materials, or services shall be subject to the allowance by said board.

money received and paid out.

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