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$ 4850. Admission of non-residents of district.

order of the secretary of the interior, shall receive or continue to receive the benefits of the hospital, there shall be paid to the superintendent from the income, property, or estate of such insane person such portion of his expenses in the hospital as a majority of the board shall determine to be just and reasonable, under all the circumstances. 17. Any indigent insane person who did not reside in the

district at the time he became insane, may, in like

manner, upon the certificate of a judge or justice of district. and the application of a member of the board of visitors, be admitted into the hospital upon the application of the governor of the district, and at the expense of the district during the continuance of such insane person therein, it being hereby designed to give the superintendent thereof authority to take charge of such insane person until the governor can discover who his friends are, or whence he came, with a view to the return of such person to such friends, or to the place of his residence, and thus relieve the district of the expense and charge of such indigent insane non-resident.*

18. Whenever there are vacancies, private patients from $ 4853. the district may be received at a rate of board to be patients. determined by the visitors, to be in no case less than the actual cost of their support.

19. The independent or pay patients may be received into $ 4854.... the hospital for the insane on the certificate of two pay patients. respectable physicians of the district, stating that they have personally examined the patient, and believe him to be insane, at the time of giving the certificate, and a fit subject for treatment in the institution, accompanied by a written request for the admission from the nearest relatives, legal guardian, or friend of the patient, where he may remain until restored to reason. The friends of the patient shall comply with the regulations of the hospital in respect to payment of board, and in all other respects. The request for admission must be made within five days of the date of the certificate of insanity.


Admission of

* By statute of June 20th, 1874, ch. 337, % 2, vol. 18, p. 116, the office of governor was abolished, and the powers theretofore exercised by that officer were conferred upon the commissioners whose appointment was therein authorized, subject only to the limitations contained in the statute of 1874.

Discharge of patients upon

U. S.,1878. $1.

umber mais may be hall inclu

20. If any person will give bond with sufficient security, to be approved by the supreme court of the District $ 4856. of Columbia, or by any judge thereof in vacation, pa payable to the United States, with condition to re- bond. strain and take care of any independent or indigent insane person not charged with a breach of the peace, whether in the hospital or not, until the insane person is restored to sanity, such court or judge thereof may deliver such insane person to the party giving such bond.

21. In determining the meaning of the revised statutes, or of any act or resolution of congress passed subsequent Rev. Stat. of to February twenty-fifth, eighteen hundred and Definitions. seventy-one, words importing the singular number may extend and be applied to several persons or things; words importing the plural number may include the singular; words importing the masculine gender may be applied to females; the words “insane person ” and “lunatic” shall include every idiot, non-compos, lunatic, and insane person; the word “person ” may extend and be applied to partnerships and corporations, and the reference to any officer shall include any person authorized by law to perform the duties of such office, unless the context shows that such words were intended to be used in a more limited sense; and a requirement of an "oath” shall be deemed complied with by making affirmation in judicial form.

22. All appropriations of money by congress for the support of the hospital for the insane shall be drawn from $ 4858. the treasury on the requisition of the secretary of of appropriathe interior, and shall be disbursed and accounted insane. for in all respects according to the laws regulating ordinary disbursements of public money.

23. One-half of the expense of the indigent persons who may be hereafter admitted to the government hos- R. S., Supl. pital for the insane) from the District of Columbia ch. 105, par. 2. shall be paid from the treasury of said district; provided, that hereafter such indigent persons shall be admitted only upon order of the executive i authority of the said district.

24. * * * One-half of the expense of the indigent patients from the District of Columbia shall be reported to the treasury


tions for the

Laws of 1877,

District of Columbia to pay half expense of indi. gent insane committed to hospital.

R. S., Supl. Laws of 1879, ch, 182, par. 11. Half of support to be paid District of

not to be confined in jail.

Admission of


11.2,ws department, and charged against the appropriapupport to be paid tions to be paid toward the expenses of the district Columbia by the general government, without regard to the date of their admission.

25. No insane person not charged with any breach of the $ 4857. Insane persons peace shall ever be confined in the United

- States jail in the District of Columbia. 26. If any person, charged with crime, be found, in the court $ 4851. , before which he is so charged, to be an insane perinsane person son, such court shall certify the same to the secrecrime. tary of the interior, who may order such person to be confined in the hospital for the insane, and, if he be not indigent, he and his estate shall be charged with expenses of his support in the hospital.

27. Any person becoming insane during the continuance of $ 4852. his sentence in the United States penitentiary shall convicts. have the same privilege of treatment in the hospital during the continuance of his mental disorder, as is granted in the preceding soction to persons who escape the consequences of criminal acts by reason of insanity, unless it be the opinion, both of the physician to the penitentiary and the superintendent of the hospital, that such insane convict is so depraved and furious in his character as to render his custody in the hospital insecure, and his example pernicious.

28. When any person confined in the hospital for the in$ 4855 sane charged with crime and subject to be tried insane crimi- therefor, or convicted of crime and undergoing sento sanity. tence therefor, shall be restored to sanity, the superintendent of the hospital shall give notice thereof to the judge of the criminal court, and deliver him to the court in obedience to the proper precept.

29. Upon the application of the attorney-general the secR. S. Supl. retary of the interior is hereby, authorized and dich. 465, 1, as rected to transfer to the government hospital for act of 1882, ch. the insane in the District of Columbia all persons

who, having been charged with offenses against victs may be the United States, are in the actual custody of its hospital for officers, and all persons who have been or shall trict Col'mbia be convicted of any offense in a court of the United States and are imprisoned in any state prison or penitentiary of

nals restored

Laws of 1874,

amended by

433, sess. 1, p.
Insane con

transferred to

insane in Dis.

Attoruey-general may contract with

for care of in

any state or territory, and who during the term of their imprisonment have or shall become and be insane.

30. In all cases where any person convicted in a court of the United States shall, while imprisoned under Ibid $ 2. such conviction in any state prison or penitentiary, eral may con become and be insane, and there shall not be accom- state asylums modation for such insane person at the insane asy- sune. lum of the District of Columbia, or if for other reasons the attorney-general is of opinion that such insane person should be placed at a state insane asylum rather than at said district asylum, then the attorney-general shall have power, in his discretion, to contract with any state insane or lunatic asylum within the state in which such convict is imprisoned, for his care and custody while remaining so insane; and in all cases where such convicts shall have heretofore been, or shall hereafter be, transferred to a state asylum for insane convicts, in accordance with the laws of such state, the attorney-general is hereby authorized and directed to compensate the to compen. said asylum, or the proper authorities controlling the therefor. same, for the care and custody of such insane convicts, until their removal or discharge, in such amounts as he shall deem just and reasonable; but no contract shall be made or compensation paid for the care of such insane person beyond their respective terms of imprisonment.

31. Whenever such insane convict shall be restored to sanity, after he or she shall have been transferred under the provisions of this act, he or she shall be convicts rereturned to the prison or penitentiary from which se the transfer was made, provided the term of im- prison. prisonment shall not have expired. The questions of sanity in all cases arising under this act shall be determined in accordance with the rules and regulations of existing laws, Sanit state or national, on that subject, applicable to the determine prison, penitentiary, or asylum where such convict shall be confined.

sate asylums


sanity to be returned to

Sanity, how


GOVERNMENT OF ASYLUM. 12. Private support, compensation for, 1. Asylums to be fostered.

transfer to asylum, when com2. Establishment of asylum.

pensation not accepted.

13. Insane brought before court. 3. Government vested in physician

14. Support of indigent insane in asyand the board of commissioners

lum. of state institutions.

15. Care of patients to be impartial. 4. Superintendent, powers and duties,

16. Charges to be prescribed by comsalary.

missioners. 5. Employes, salaries.

17. Bond for support. ADMISSION AND DISCHARGE.

18. Physician's fees. 6. Insane to be cared for by counties. 7. Arrest of insane.

CRIMINAL INSANE. 8. Examination, order of judge. 19. Physician of penitentiary to act in 9. Liability for support.

asylums. 10. Commitment to asylum or other | 20. To attend insane convicts.

custody, expenses of, how paid. 21. Criminal insane when acquitted to 11. Census of insane, investigation re

be subject to the order of the port, examination.


McClelland's Digest
of '81, ch. 147. $1.
Constitution, art. 10.
Institutions for blind,
insane and deaf to
be fostered.

Ibid $ 16. Portion of state buildings to be set aside for lunatic asylum.

1. Institutions for the benefit of the insane, blind and deaf,

gest and such other benevolent institutions as the

10. public good may require, shall be fostered and Hind, supported by the state, subject to such regu

lations as may be provided by law. 2. The governor of this state is required to set apart a

portion of the public buildings of this state in Chatta

hoochee, in Gadsden county, for the purpose of an et indigent lunatic asylum, to which all indigent per

sons who may be found to be insane, lunatic or non compos mentis, by the courts of this state having jurisdiction of the subject, may be confined for safe keeping and treatment.

3. The physician of the asylum shall have sole supervision Ibid § 17. of, and immediate superintendence of the asylum powers. for indigent lunatics of the state, subject to the direction of the board of commissioners of state institutions. 4. The physician and superintendent of the asylum shall

18. be appointed by the board of commissioners of state Appointment. institutions, and shall be a man of good moral


Ibid $18.

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