King Edward VI: His Life and Character

Smith, Elder, 1907 - 256 Seiten

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Seite 32 - My father was a yeoman, and had no lands of his own, only he had a farm of three or four pound by year at the uttermost, and hereupon he tilled so much as kept half a dozen men. He had walk for a hundred sheep ; and my mother milked thirty kine.
Seite 194 - Lord God, deliver me out of this miserable and wretched life, and take me among thy chosen. Howbeit, not my will, but thy will be done. Lord, I commit my spirit to thee. O Lord! thou knowest how happy it were for me to be with thee, yet for thy chosen's sake send me life and health, that I may truly serve thee.
Seite 131 - In my time my poor father was as diligent to teach me to shoot, as to learn me any other thing, and so I think other men did their children : he taught me how to draw, how to lay my body in my bow, and not to draw with strength of arms as divers other nations do, but with strength of the body.
Seite 131 - A wondrous thing, that so excellent a gift of God should be so little esteemed: I desire you, my Lords, even as ye love the honour and glory of God, and intend to remove his indignation, let there be sent forth some proclamation, some sharp proclamation to the justices of peace, for they do not their duty: justices now be no justices.
Seite 57 - N. do become your liege man of life and limb, and of earthly worship, and faith and truth I will bear unto you, to live and die, against all manner of folks. So help me God.
Seite 13 - If ye knew the towardness of that young prince, your hearts would melt to hear him named, and your stomach abhor the malice of them that would him ill. The beautifullest creature that liveth under the sun ; the wittiest, the most amiable, and the gentlest thing of all the world.
Seite 131 - The art of shooting hath, been in times past much esteemed in this realm, it is a gift of God that He hath given us to excel all other nations withal, it hath been God's instrument whereby He hath given us many victories against our enemies.
Seite 54 - Edward's coronation, the archbishop presented the king to the people, as rightful and undoubted inheritor by the laws of God and man to the royal dignity and crown imperial of this realm...
Seite 54 - I present 58. king Edward, rightful and undoubted inheritor, by the laws of God and man, to the royal dignity and crown imperial of this realm, whose consecration, inunction, and coronation is appointed by all the nobles and peers of this land to be this day.
Seite 194 - Lord God, defend this realm from papistry, and maintain thy true religion, that I and my people may praise thy holy name, for Jesus Christ his sake.

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