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On theBirtb-cDay of Mr. Robert Trefusis; being Three Tears Old, March 1710-11. By Mr. Broome. P- *79

On the Marriage of an Old Maid. By R. F. p. i5U Charlettus Percivallo sud. p. 182

Percivallus Charletto suo. p. 183

The Complaint. Cælia ft Damon. In which some Lines of RemondV AlexiaS are imitated. By Mr. Broome. • p. 188

The School of mt, a Tale. By a Toung Gentleman, p. 491 On Mrs. BarbiereV First Appearance on the Stage at the Rehearsal of Almahide. By the same Hand. • , p. 2.03 On a Book written by a married Man, Ent it tiled. The ^Pleasures of Matrimony. Sent to the Author. . . p. 204 The Answer. By another Hand. p. 206 To a Toung Lady Reading the Art of Love. By Mr. Fenton. p.

The Fair Nun. A Tale. By the same Hand. p. 210 To a Gentleman who Corrected some Verses for

me. p. ixi

Rapin Imitated, in a Pastoral sent to 'Belinda up

onberleavingHatiley. By the same Hand. p. 225Sappho £o Phaon. A Love Epistle, Tranjlajtd

from Ovid. By Mr. Fenton. ,|C^f!|&

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