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Third Chapter of Habakkuk

V P A R A P H R A S'D.

Æ '". 0 D E.

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'HEN in a glorious terrible Array

[his way;

▼ V From lofty Tar an th'Almighty took

Born on a Cherub's Wings he rode, Intolerable Day proclaim'd the God;

NoEarthly Cloud ;• . . .

Cou'd his Effulgent Brightness shroud 5; Glory, and Majesty, and Pow'r,. ..;' March'd in a dreadful Pomp before,

• Behind

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Behind a grim and meagre Train,

Pining Sickness, Frantick Pain

StalkM wildly on! with all the dismal Band

Which Heav'n in Anger sends to scourge a guilty

Jj [Land.

"With Terror cloath'd he stood,

And all the Rebel Nations view'd,

The Rebel Nations were afraid,

And at his Presence fled;

And, when he spoke,

r [shook.

The everlasting Hills fronutheir Foundations


The trembling Mountains by a lowly Nod,
"With Reverence struck, confefs'd the God.
He dealt Affliction from his Van,
And wild Confusion from his Reer.
They thro' the Tents of Cujban ran;
The Tents of Cujhan quak'd with Fear,
And Midian trembled with Despair.


I see his Sword wave naked in the Air^ It flied$ around a baleful Ray; 'The Rains pour down, the. Lightnings play, And on their Wings vindictive Thunder bgar.


When, thro'the mighty Flood
He led the wondring Crowd,
What ail'd the Rivers that they backward fled,

Why was the mighty Flood afraid?
March'd he against the Rivers? or was he
Thou mighty Flood, difpleas'd at Thee?
.'. The Flood beheld from far
The Deity, in all his Equipage of War;
He saw him; and his Tide'
Congeal'd with fear forgot to glide,
And stood a Crystal Wall on either side..
^rabuis Smds, •V ':'
Lonely.,: uncomfortable; Lands!/."


Where no refreshing Rain,
No gentle Show'rs delight the Swain,
Oppose-their fiery Coasts in vain'.
- See thV great Prophet stand
Waving the wonder-working Wand;
He strikes the stubborn Rock, and lo!
The stubborn Rock feels the Almighty Blow,
And from it Streams and rapid Torrents flow.

Then did the Sun his fiefy Coursers stay,
And backward held the falling Dayij; •
The nimble-footed Minutes ceas'd to run!.
And urge the lazy Hours on. '.: r / i
Time hung his unexpanded Wings?1/
And^ajl'theifecPM Springs •".'•« !' -
That carry-on tik Y^r J ,—
Stoj^^in their full Career; -
. THeni the astonifli'd Mooaj'
Forgot her going down;

And paler grew The dismal Scene to view. How thro' the trembling Pagan Nation Th'Almighty Ruin dealt, and ghastly Desolation.

.... rV- .

But oh why does th' Almighty frown,
And look with Indignation down?

And why,' O Sion, reigns
Such Desolation o'er thy Plains?
Lo \ how victorious Babylon
Like an unruly Deluge rustles on
And bears the yielding Pow'rs of Israel down?
For thee how do I mourn,
What Pangs for thee I feel; . :;
Ah! how art thou become the Pagan's Scorn,
Lovely, unhappy Israel!
A shivering Damp invades my Heart;
A trembling Horror shoots thro' every Part.


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