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The Goddess with Her stubborn Will compty*d, And deign'd by Trial to convince her Pride. Both take their Stations, and the Piece prepare, And order ev'ry slender Thread with Care; The Web inwraps the Beam; the Reed divides,

[glides, ^While through the wid'ning space the Shuttle

. W hich their swift Hands receive; then pois'd with


The swinging Weight strikes close th' inserted


Each girds her flowing Garments round her Wast,
And plies her Feet and Arms with dextrous haste.
Here each inweaves the richest Tyrian Dye,
There fainter Shades in beauteous Order lye;
Such various Mixtures in the Texture shine,
Set off the Work,*tand brighten each design.*
As when the Sun his piercing Rays extends,
"When from thin Clouds some drifly Show's de-


We fee the spacious Humid Arch appear, Whose transient Colours paint the splendid Air;


By such degrees the deep'ning Shadows rife
I As pleasingly deceive our dazled Eyes;
And though the fame th'adjoining Colour seems,
Yet Hues of diff'rent Natures dye th'Extremes.
Here heightening Gold they midst the Woof di-
And in the Web this Antique Story rose. ^° e>

Talks the lofty MountsMars designs,
Celestial Judgment guides th'unerring Lines;
Here, in just view, th'Athenian Structures stand,
And there, the Gods contend to Name the Land;
Twelve Deities she frames with stately Mien,
And in the midst superior Jove is seen;
A glowing Warmth the blended Colours give,
And in the Piece each Figure seems to live.
Heav'n's Thundring Monarch sits with awful


And dread Omnipotence imprints his Face:

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There Nepune stood, disdainfully he frown'd,

And with hisTrident smote the tremblingGround,

The parting Rocks a spacious Chasm disclose,

From whence a fiery prancing Steed arose;

And on that useful Gift he founds his Claim,

To grace the City with his honour'd Name.

In her own Shape a Warlike Port appears, •

A shining Helmet decks her flowing Hairs,

Her thoughtful Breast her well pois'd Shield defends,

And her bare Arm a glitt'ring Spear extends, With which she wounds the Plain; from thence


A spreading Tree, green Olives load the Boughs. The Powers her Gift behold with wondringEyes, And to the Goddess give the rightful Prize; -l

Such Mercy checks her Wrath, that to dissuade By others Fate the too presumptuous Maid,

A small design each Corner-space supply'd,
Of the just Downfal of contending Pride.

Uœmus and Rhodope in This she wrought,
And beauteous Colours spoke her lively Thought;
With Arrogance and fierce Ambition fir'd,
They to the sacred Names of Gods aspir'd;
To Mountains chang'd their lofty Heads arise,
And lose their less'ning Summits in the Skies.
* . . . * ... ,

In That, in curious Miniature was seen
The wretched Fate of the Tygmaan Queen;
Juno enrag'd, resents th'audacious aim,
And to a Crane transforms the vanquisiVdDame;
In that Voracious Shape she still appears,
4nd plagues her People with perpetual Wars.

In This Antigone, for Beauty strove
With the bright Consort of Imperial Jove.
Juno incens'd, her Royal Pow'r displays,
And to a Bird converts the haughty Maid.
Laomedon his Daughter's Fate bewails,
Nor his, nor litonh earnest Pray'r prevails,
But on her lovely Skin white Feathers rife, \
Chang'd to a clam'rous Stork she mounts the Skies;

In the remaining Orb, the heav'nly Maid
The Tale of Childless Cynaras display'd,
A settled Anguish in his Look appears,
And from his bloodshotEyes flow streams of Tears;
On the cold Ground, no more a Father, thrown;
He, for his Daughters, clafp'd the polish'd Stone.
And when he sought t' embrace their wonted


The Temple's Steps deceiv'd his eager Arms. Wreaths of green Olive round the Border twine, And her own peaceful Tree adorns the fair design.


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