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The Moments past, if thou art wife, retrieve, With pleasant Mem'ry of the Bliss they gave. The Present Hours, in present Mirth imploy, And bribe the Future with the Hopes of Joy. The Future (few or more, how e'er they be) _ Were destin'd e'rst, nor can by Fate's Decree ( Be now cut off, betwixt the Grave and Thee, j H 0 R 4 C E


'- . . -. 1'» C . i.

Lip. Ir Epist. Df. -.

Sepimius, Clauds nimirum, intelligtt unus,
Quanti me facias. f$c, ;f.t-E ';ior> c

To the Right Honourable R—H—, Esqs

DEAR Dick, howe'er it comes into his Head,
Believes, as firmly as he does his Creed,
That You and I, Sir, are extremely great;
Tho' I plain Matt, You Minister of State,
One Word from me, without all doubt, he fay?
Wou'd fix his Fortune in some little Place:
Thus better than my self, it seems, he knows
How far my Interest with my Patron goes,
And answering all Objections I can make
Still plunges deeper in his dear Mistake.


From this wild Fancy, Sir, there may proceed
One wilder yet, which I foresee and dread,
That I, in Fact, a real Interest have,
Which to my own Advantage I wou'd save,
Anji with the usual Ccurtier's Trick intend
To serve my self, forgetful of my Friend.

'. ..."».• . . .*• , . • pi .
To Ihun this Censure I all Shame lay by,
And make my Reason with his Will comply,
Hoping for my Exduse 'twill be confest,
That of two Evils 1 have chose the least.
So, Sir, with this Epistolary Scroll, :.
Receive the Partner of my inmost Soul,
Him you will find in Letters and in Laws
Not unexpert; firm to his Country's Cause;
Warm in the Glorious Interest you pursue;
And, in one Word, a good Man and a true.



OF' ".:. I

C H A U C E R.

By the same Hand. —x_— .,,'

FAIR Susan did her Wifehode well mafetaffle, Algates assaulted sore by Leachers twjine: Now, an' I reade aryghte that auncient Song, The Paramours were Olde, the Dame was Yong.

:: :•• ':•• .! •', ;: -th. \x.: Had thilke fame Tale in other guise been toWe, Had they been yong, (pardie) and she been olde, Sweet Jesu! that had been much sorer Tryalb Full iDarvaUlous, I wote, were such Penyall I


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LEST others tempt your Youth with Praise [not due, 1 And tell you what your self too soon would


Til] Flattery's Breath with Fortune's Blessings


Stifle your Virtue, and corrupt your Mind;
Study your self, know human Nature well*
And view the things that make vain Momlsswell,
The things that Souls above the Vulgar please;
But view them, stript of their enchantingt)ress-
Nor 'midst tboseThoughts with rasli Disdain refuse
This dull Description of a Rural Muse.



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