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Gualterus Dannistonus

Ad Amicos.

DVM Studeo fungi salient is munerevita-, Adfettoque viam sedibus Ely/its, Arctoft florens Sophid, Samiisque Jhferbus Difcif ttlis, Animas morte catire cam.

I v .

Has ego corporibus profugas ad sidera mitto, Sideraque ingrejfis otia blanda dice;



Imitated by Mr. T R I O R.

STudious, the busie Mpmentsto deceive,
That flrftf between the Cradle and the Grave,
I credit itfhat the Kirtcian Dictates fay, . .
And Simian founds o'er Stotia's Hills convey.
When mortal Man resigns his transient Breath,
The Body only I give o'er to Deatff:
The Parts diflblv'd and broken Frame I mourn;
What came froni Earth, I fee to Earth return:
The Immaterial &Mt* /h° Ætherial Soal, v. .
Nor can Change^ar^uj^oor ca» Death cpotroul:

F % Gl«d

Qualia conveniunt Divis, Gfaeis fata volebant

Vital faciles molliter ire vias,
Vinaque Cœlicolis media inter gaudia libo,

Et me quid majus fuspicor ejse viro.
Sed fuerint nulli, forsan, quos Jpondeo, cœli,

Nullaqtie sint Ditis Numina, nulla Jovis;

Fabula sit terris agitur qua vita reliSiis>

.•' . . . .. 'i .
ghtique fhperjles, Homo, quinibil,; estoTDms-

Attamen effe hilares S$ inanes mittere cur as
'Proderit, ae vita commodttate frui,

Et festos agitaffe dies, avique fugacis
Tempora perpetuis detinuijfe jocis.

Glad I release it from its Partner's Cares,.'
And bid good Angels waft it to the Stars.
Then in the flowing Bowl I drown those Sighs,"
Which Spite of Wisdom from our Weakness rife j
The Draught to the Dead's Mem'ry I commend,
And offer to the now immortal Friend.
But if oppos'd to what my Thoughts approve,
Nor Pluto's Rage there be, nor Pow'r of Jove,
On its dark Side, if thou the Prospect take,
Grant all forgot beyond black Lethe's Lake:
In total Death suppose the Mortal lye,
No new Hereafter, nor a future Sky;
Yet bear thy Lot content, yet cease to grieve;
Why, e'er Death comes, do'st thou forbear to live?
The little Time, thou hast 'twixt Instant now
And Death's Approach, is all the Gods allow;
And of this little hast thou ought to spare
To sad Reflection, and Corroding Care?

F 3 The

His me parent em pracepis dccnpt Qrtuti
Et m$rs feu Di-buMy feu nihil efe HeliC.
Ham Sophia Ars ilia est qua sailere Jkaviter hor as
Admonet, at que orci non timuiffe minus.

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