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Third Song after the third Act:.

Chorus of Roman Senators.
ARK is the Path poor Mortals tread:

Wisdom it self a Guide does need:

That a worse Ca far would succeed. And are we under such a hopeless Curse, .. That we can never Change, but for the worse?

Under Pretence of necessary Force
By which we our own selves Enthrall,

These, without Blushes, or Remorse,
Proscribe the Best, impoverish All.

The Gauls themselves, our greatest Foes,
Could offer Terms no worse than those.


We little thought, when Casar bled,

That Casar with Ambitious Thoughts
Had Virtues too, his very Foes cou'd find:

These equal him in all his Faults, . •
But never in his noble Mind.

That Free-born Spirits shou'd obey
Wretches who know not how to Sway!

Too late we now repent our hasty Choice j

In vain bemoan so quick a Turn; Dejected Rome cries with united Voice,

Better, a thousand times, that we had born

Our |lls a while, with Patience, and with Ease,

Than try'd a Fatal Cure much worse than our


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Fourth Song after thefourth Act.

Chorus of Soldiers in the Army of Brutus and

UR Vows thus chearfully we sing,

Let all the Neighb'ring Ecahoes ring * * With Wishes for our Country's Good!' And, for Reward, of the just Gods we claim ■ A Life with Freedom, or a Death with Fame.

May Rome be freed from War's Allarms, ^

And Mulcts too heavy to be born:
May she beware of Foreign Arms,
And fend them back with noble Scorn.
And, for Reward, fifc.

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May me no more confide in Friends
"Who nothing farther understood,

Than only, for their private Ends, c
To waste her Wealth, and spill her Blood.
And, for Reward, &c.

Our greatest Patriots Jove restrain

From Faction, which they Wisdom call; From the low Thoughts of little Gain, r And hazarding the losing all.

And, for Reward, j •u .' :yi"a'.~ .


Our Arms we'll eagerly prepare,' V:
Then, to the glorious Combat sty; .

All disingag'd from future .Care^. :Cl]
Except to Overcome, or Dye.
And, fof Reward, •'

\ 11/ f: They They Fight, Oppression to increase;

We, for our Liberties and Laws; It were a Sin to doubt Success, When Freedom is the Noble Cause. And, for Reward, of the Just Gods we claim A Life with Freedom, or a Death with. Fame.

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