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Or else at serious Ombre play;

But why shou'd we in vaia'
Each others Ruin thus pursued
We were undone when we left you.

With a Fa, &c.


But now our Fears tempestuous grow,

And cast our Hopes away,
Whilst you regardless of our Woe

Sit careless at a Play; . V
Perhaps permit some happier Man
To kiss your Hand, or flirt your Fan.

With a Fa, &c.

. . IX. . . . .

When any mournful Tune you hear,

That dies in ev'ry Note, . *

As if it sigh'd with each Man's Care,

For being so remote j

Think then how often Love we've made To you, when all those Tunes were play'd. With a Fay &c.

T? '. X,;

In Justice you cannot refuse

To think of our Distress,
When we for hopes of Honour lose

Our certain Happiness;
All those Designs are but to prove
Our selves more worthy of your Love.

With a Fa, &c.


And now we've told you all our Loves,

And likewise all our Fears;1
In hope this Declaration moves,

Some Pity for our Tears,
Let's hear of no Inconstancy,
We have too much of that at Sea.

With a Fa la) la, la, la.



Y better self, my Heav'n, my Joy!

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While thus Imparadis'd I lye,


Transported in thy circling Arms

With- fresh Variety of Charms,

From Fate I scarce can think to crave

A Bliss, but what in thee I have.

Twelve Months, my Dear, have past, since thou

Didst plight to me thy Virgin Vow;

Twelve Months in Rapture spent! fbr they

Seem shorter than St.Lucy's Day:

A bright Example we shall prove

Of lasting matrimonial Love.

/ • .

Mean while, I beg the Gods to grant
(The only Favour that I want)

. That

That 1 may not survive, to see

....... 1

My Happiness expire with thee.

0! shou'd I lose my dearest Dear, N

By thee, and all that's good I swear,

Pds give my self the fatal Blow,

And wait thee to the World belpw.


When W Head Le thus to Spouse in Bed
Spoke the best things he e'er had read,
Madam (surpriz'd, you must suppose it,)
Had lock'd a Templer in the Closet;
A Youth of pregnant Parts, and Worth,

To play at Picquetj and so forth

This Wag, when he had heard the whole,
Demurely to the Curtains stole 5 -
And peeping in, with solemn Tone
Cry'd out, 0 Man\ Thy Days are done:


The Gods are fearful of the worst,
And send me, Death, to fetch thee firsts
To save their Fartrite from Self-murder:
Lo! thus I execute their Order.
Hold, Sir, for second Thoughts are best,
The Husband cry'd; *tis my Request

With Pleasure to prolong my Life. ■

Tottr Meaning? Pray, Sir, take my "Wife.

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