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Then various.El^ments against jhee join'd,

fnone more various Animal combin'd, M . (


And fram'd the dam'fous Rite of busie Human

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The Tongue mov'd gently first, and Speech was


~ 'Till wrangling^i^f* taught itNoise and Show/ And-wkkediFi£-axose, thy most abusive Foe.

But Rebel Wit deserts thee oft in vain; Lost in the-Maze Of Words^ he turns again, Alfdf seeks a" surer State, and courts thy gentler

l .$eA::i\A IM.-^Il/ L. . . ...J


Afflicted Sense thou kindly dost set free, . Oppress'd with Argumental Tyranny, And routed Reason finds a safe Retreat in thee.

K-i'i' , vn. wu^ vn. x

With thee in private modest Dulness lies, And in thy Bosom lurks in Though?* Disguise; Thou Varnisher of fools, and Cheat of all the Wist*


Yet thy Indulgence is by both confest; Folly by thee lies sleeping in the Breast* And 'tis in thee at last xhvx Wistim seeks for Rest:

Silence*, the Knave's Repute, the Whore's good


The only Honour of the wishing Dame j


Thy very want of Tongue makes thee a kind of

. X/

But cou'dstthou seize some Tongues that now

[are free,

HowChurch and State wou'd be oblig'd to thee?

. [be?

At Senate, and at Bar, how welcome wou'dst thou

L XI. Yet XL

Yet Speteh ev^a there, submissively withdraws


. From Rights of &ubj<£tsy and the Toar Mans


Thenpompous Silence reigns, and stills thenoifie


Past Services of Friends, good Deeds of Foes,
What FavMtes gain, and what th'Exchequer


Fly the forgetful World, and in thy Arms repofe.


• The Country Wit, ReKgion of the Town,

The Courtier's Learning, Policy oW Gown, Arebestbythee express'd, and shine in thee alone.


The Parson's Cant, the Lawyers Sophists y* Lord's Quibble, Critick's. Jest:; all end in thee, All rest in Peace at last, and fleep eternally.

... .m TO T o T*H E

Author of a Poem,


& u c c E s s i a

... . , . • ,' ,» 1..,

BEgone ye Cvitieks, and restrain your Spice,
Codrvs writes cm, and wild for erer" wii*e';
The heaviest Muse the swiftest Course bat gone,
As Cfodks xm sefteft wfcen most Lead i9 on,:
What tho' n& Bees afouwd yew Cradle flow,
Nor on yotit hipi &Mfr&Mt golden* Dew?
Yet have we oft discover'd in their stead,
A Swarm of DroneSythat bina^about your Head.
When you, like Orffieasyftdke the warblingLyre,
Attentive Blocks stand round you, and admire.

L x Wit, Wit, past thro' thee, no longer is the fame,

As Meat digested takes a diff'rent Name;
But Sense must sure thy safest Plunder be,
Since no Reprisals can be made on thee.
Thus thou may'st Rife, and in thy daring Flight
(Tho' ne'er so weighty) reach a wondrous height;
So, forc'd-from Engines, Lead it self can fly,
And pondrous Slugs move nimbly thro' the Sky.
Sure Bavins copy'd Mœvius to the full,
And Charilus taught Codrus to be dull;
Therefore, dear Friend, at my Advice give o'er
This needless Labour, and contend no more,
To prove a dull Succession to be true,
Since 'tis enough We find it so in You.

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