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(- But, Madam, if trie Fates withstand A and you
Are destin'd Hymen's willing Victim tod, l- -•:';
Trust not too much your now resistless Charms,
Those, Age or Sickness, soon or late* disarms;
Good Humour only teaches Charms to last,'' :!'s
Still makes new Conquests, and maintains the past:
Love, rais'd on Beauty, will like That decay,'
Our Hearts may bear its slender Chain a Day> .'.
As flow'ry Bands in Wantonness are worn;
A Morning's Pleasure, and at Evening torn:
This binds in Ties more easie,-yet more strong,
The willing Heart, and only holds it long.

Thus * Voiture\ early Care still shone the fame,

And Monthausier was only chang'd in Name;

By this, ev'n now they live, ev'n now they charm,

Their Wit still sparkling and their Flames still


'. .* * MnintmifilU Paulet,


Now qtfwn'd with Myrtlt, on th' EtyJtanGot&, Amidst those Lovers, joys his gentle Ghost, Pleaj'dwhUewithSmiles his happy Lines you view, And finds a fairer Rambouillet in you. The brightest Eyes of France inspir'd his Muse, The brightest Eyes of Britain now peruse, Apd dead as living, 'tis our Author s Pride, Still to charm those who charm the World beside.

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Copies os Verses,

'WRITTEN ;. . ...

Some Years since in Imitation of the Style of Two Persons of Quality. .

By the same Hand.

'' . in '11 »' i ,» iXim 1 1 '1 1' in in


:. - . : .".'jr.; ••. ....'

OHence.' Coœval with Eteriijtyf,

Thou wert e'er Nature fo$xbegan to 6c* Twas one vastNothing, All ,,and All slept fast in thee.

Thine was the Sway, e'erHeav'nwasform'dor E'er fruitful Thought conceiv'd Creation's Birth, Or Midwife Word gave Aid, and spoke the Infant

HI. Then


Then various.Elements against thee join'd,

In one more various Animal combin'd,

[kind. And fram'd the dam'rous Rate of busieHuman


The Tongue mov'd gently first, and Speech was


"'Till wranglingiS^im? taught itNoise and Show," Aad-wicked WiLaiofe, thy most abusive Foe..._

. .:•: D >: yj i;. -..o

But Rebel Wit deserts thee oft in vain; Lost in tH£3Vfaze of Words^ he turns again, Aitd(leeks i surer State, and courts thy gentler

'" VI.

Afflicted Sense thou kindly dost set free,

V'.'- \ .. i; . .

Oppress'd with Argumental Tyranny, And routed Reason finds a safe Retreat in thee.

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vn. x

With thee in private modest Dulness lies, And in thy Bosom lurks in Though?* Disguise; Thou Varnisher of fools, and Cheat of all the Wist*


Yet thy Indulgence is by both confest; Folly by thee lies sleeping in the Breast* And 'tis in thee at last xhvx Wistim seeks for Rest:

Silence*, the Knave's Repute, the Whore's good


The only Honour of the wishing Dame j


Thy very want of Tongue makes thee a kind of

. X/

But cou'dstthou seize some Tongues that now

[are free,

HowChurch and State wou'd be oblig'd to thee?

. [be?

At Senate, and at Bar, how welcome wou'dst thou

L XI. Yet

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