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Seite 90 - Meeting of the Conference of State and Provincial Boards of Health of North America will be held in Detroit, Michigan, August 9, 10, and n, 1898. The " Quarter- Centennial Celebration of the Establishment of the Michigan State Board of Health " will be in progress at the above named time.
Seite 345 - An imbecile is : One who, by reason of mental defect existing from birth, or from an early age, is incapable of earning his own living, but is capable of guarding himself against common physical dangers.
Seite 312 - Some of the layers are sparingly crinoidal, but with crinoid stems or segments of stems of small diameter. The lowest layer of the Brassfield bed includes numerous rounded, black pebbles and grains, possibly phosphatic, varying in size from an eighth to a quarter of an inch; a few equal even as much as an inch in diameter. Immediately below, the top of the Ordovician is exposed. The upper part of the Brassfield bed exposure contains the following fossils: Orthis flabellilcx.
Seite 467 - It is a source of satisfaction to me to be able to assure your excellency in reply that His Imperial Majesty's Government regards the spontaneous return of the money which was paid by the Government of Japan to that of the United States under the Convention of October 22, 1864, not only as an additional proof of the friendly disposition of your excellency's...
Seite 121 - ... efficiency of the duck as a destroyer of mosquito life until the foregoing test was made. In the work of Howard, Dyar, and Knab, entitled "Mosquitoes of North and Central America and the West Indies," will be found* an essay on the destruction of the mosquito and house fly by Mr. William Beutenmueller, who expresses the opinion that aquatic birds could be used for the purpose of destroying mosquito larvae. Mr. William Lockwood of Boston, an artist, who made a hobby of raising aquatic fowl, also...
Seite 121 - For some years I have been using ducks to keep down mosquitoes In swamps that would have been very expensive to drain, but I never fully appreciated the high degree of efficiency of the duck as a destroyer of mosquito life until the foregoing test was made.
Seite 119 - Saturated nlum sulphate solution 1 part. Eight ounces of this solution are used to 1 pound of lime to 1,000 cubic feet. Dr. George Rosengarten suggested sodium dichromate as a cheap oxidizing agent, and hydrochloric acid to increase its energy. Lawall found on experimenting that sodium dichromate was more energetic and satisfactory in the presence of sulphuric acid. Numerous experiments, confirmed by calculations on the relative oxidizing power of potassium permanganate and sodium dichromate, and...
Seite 761 - ... method of alternately filling the gut so far as possible and then allowing it to empty itself. That while the pressure must not be allowed to weaken, the onward flow of water can be made to alternate with forcible abdominal massage...
Seite 152 - It may be stated as a fact that tuberculosis is the most common infection of childhood, and, as well pointed out by Philip, we must get rid of the artificial distinction between so-called medical and surgical tuberculosis. From the scientific standpoint, the most slender seedling of tuberculosis is potentially significant. It is impossible to say which tuberculous seed will be cast off and which will mature. Inoculation may occur through the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal or respiratory...
Seite 152 - Adults are very little endangered by close contact with open tuberculosis, and not at all by ordinary association. ... It is time for a reaction against the extreme ideas of infection now prevailing. There has been too much read into the popular literature by health boards and in lectures that has no sound basis in fact and it needs to be dropped out or revised.

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