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of authorities. The legends, names of countries, places, rivers, etc., on the accompanying maps have been left in the language used on the original maps of which they are reproductions.

I am most deeply indebted to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace for making possible the publication of such an extensive work, and to the skillful advice of Dr. Scott in its original planning.

The better to interpret the numerous problems presented, I have availed myself of the kindly assistance of many people — historians, international lawyers and diplomatists — to all of whom I also wish to express the warmest gratitude. As for the invaluable aid and courteous assistance given by the several librarians to whom I have taken baffling questions, no acknowledgment would be adequate.


March 6, 1919.

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Address of the Parishes of the Comtat Venaissin in Answer to the Motion of M.

Bouche, November 16, 1789 . .


The French Nation Renounces Conquest. Decree Concerning the Right of Making

Peace and War, May 22–27, 1790.


Formal Minute of the General Council of the Commune of the City of Avignon,

June 12, 1790 .


Address of the Representative Body of the Comtat Venaissin, June 22, 1790


Address of the Deputation from the City of Avignon, Delivered before the National

Assembly, June 26, 1790


First Report of the French National Assembly on the Affair of Avignon, and Decree

A'dopted, August 27, 1790


Decree of the National Assembly, November 20, 1790

· 187

Second Report of the Committees on Avignon Regarding the Union of Avignon and

the Comtat Venaissin with France, and Discussion by the Assembly, April 30-May

4, 1791


Draft Decree for the Union of Avignon Proposed by Menou in the Third Report

of the Committees on Avignon, May 24, 1791


Decree of the National Assembly Providing that Mediators shall be sent to

Avignon, May 25, 1791


Preliminaries of Peace and of Conciliation Agreed on and Signed by the Deputies

of the Electoral Assembly of the Municipalities of Avignon and of Carpentras, and

of the Army of Vaucluse, called the Army of Avignon, in the Presence of the

Mediating Commissioners of France, Deputed by the King, June 14, 1791 . . 212

Letter of the Mediators to the President of the National Assembly at Bédarides . 215

Letter to the Communes, Sent by the President of the Assembly at the Request of

the Mediators


Formal Minute of the Communal Assembly of Séguret, August 11, 1791


Report of Le Scène des Maisons on his Mission as Mediator, September 10, 1791 .


Fourth Report of the Committees on Avignon and the Comtat Venaissin, September

12, 1791


Formal Charges Brought Against the Mediators by Abbé Maury Before the National

Assembly, and Replies of the Mediators, September 13, 1791


Reply of Le Scène des Maisons


Decree of the National Convention Uniting Avignon and the Comtat Venaissin to

France, September 14, 1791



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First Draft Decree Reported by the Diplomatic Committtee. Regarding the Con-

duct to be Prescribed to the French Generals in Enemy Countries, October 24,



Address of the Provisional Administrative Bodies of the City and County of Nice to

the National Convention, and Action of the Convention, November 4, 1792 . 285

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Cambon Reports Regarding the Conduct to be Followed by the French Generals in

the Countries Occupied by the Armies of the Republic, December 15, 1792


Decree by which France Proclaims the Liberty and Sovereignty of all the Peoples to

whom she has Carried or shall Carry her Arms, and Prescribes the Conduct of

her Generals, December 15 and 17, 1792.


Form of Proclamation to be Made by the French Generals to the Peoples “Con-

quered for Liberty”


Protest of the Representative Assembly of Hainault Against the Decree of December

15, Presented to the Convention, December 23, 1792


Protest of the Representatives of the Sovereign People of the Country of Namur,

December 30, 1792 . .


Second Decree Regarding the_Conduct of the Generals in those Countries where

the Armies of France have Entered or shall Enter, January 31, 1793


Decree Regarding the Union of the Principality of Monaco, of a Part of the Baili-

wick of Schambourg, and other Neighboring Territories, February 14, 1793 · · 316

Proclamation to the Belgian People by the Commissioners of the French National

Convention, Delacroix, Gossuin and Merlin (de Douai), February 19, 1793. . 318

The Union of Brussels, Ghent and other Belgian Cities with France. Extracts from

the Minutes of the National Convention, February 27-March 2, 1793


Letter of the Citizens Rewbel, Merlin (de Thionville) and Haussmann, Commissioners

of the National Convention to Mayence, Announcing the Erection of a Revolution-

ary Municipality. Read before the Convention, March 12, 1793


Letter of General Dumouriez, Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the North, to

the National Convention, March 12, 1793


Report made before the National Convention by Haussmann, Commissioner to the

Armies of the Rhine, the V ges, and the Moselle, March 30, 1793


Address of the National Rhéno-Germanic Convention to the French Republic, and

Vote of Union by the National Convention of France, March 30, 1793


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