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Seite 18 - Go and show John again those things which ye do hear and see : The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the Gospel preached to them.
Seite 30 - That corruption should find its way into the governments of our infant republics, and contaminate the very source of legislation, or that impure motives should contribute to the passage of a law, or the formation of a legislative contract, are circumstances most deeply to be deplored. How far a court of justice would, in any case, be competent, on proceedings instituted by the state itself, to vacate a contract thus formed, and to annul rights acquired, under that contract, by third persons having...
Seite 30 - It is a universal principle that where power or jurisdiction is delegated to any public officer or tribunal over a subject-matter, and its exercise is confided to his or their discretion, the acts so done are binding and valid as to the subject-matter...
Seite 18 - Were it necessary to give up either the primaries or the university, I would rather abandon the latter, because it is safer to have a whole people respectably enlightened than a few in a high state of science and the many in ignorance. This last is the most dangerous state in which a nation can be.
Seite 51 - I furthermore give to you the power, in case twothirds of the trustees shall at any time, after the lapse of thirty years, deem it expedient, to close this trust, and of the funds which at that time shall be in the hands of yourselves and your successors, to distribute not less than two-thirds among such educational or literary institutions, or for such educational purposes as they may determine, in the States for whose benefit the income is now appointed to be used. The remainder may be distributed...
Seite 71 - Next comes the art of teaching, its conditions and processes. In general, how to unfold a subject from its elementary principles ; how to awaken interest and excite curiosity ; how to create a sense of propriety and form a pure taste ; how to transmute the lower into higher motives ; how to direct all knowledge and practical utility ; how to make order do the work of discipline.
Seite 31 - Must it be direct corruption, or would interest or undue influence of any kind be sufficient? Must the vitiating cause operate on a majority, or on what number of the members? Would the act be null, whatever might be the wish of the nation, or would its obligation or nullity depend upon the public sentiment?
Seite 13 - But, in each case, the person dealing with the agent, knowing that he acts only by virtue of a delegated power, must, at his peril, see that the paper on which he relies comes within the power under which the agent acts.
Seite 66 - Virginia the carriage-maker, the cabinet-maker, the manufacturer of the implements of husbandry and of household articles find that the material is carried from our forests almost to the Canada line, worked up by steam or water power, and returned and sold here at lower rates than we can manufacture them. Hand labor is of but little account ; brain work has the ascendency everywhere. Even in so simple a work as that of making boots and shoes, not less than seventeen patented inventions are now used....
Seite 69 - The objection has been made to normal schools, that knowledge is what the teacher needs, and that our literary institutions furnish it best. This is only half of what the teacher needs, and much the easier half You will find twenty who have this qualification where you find one who knows how to teach and govern. This assertion is made, not from a theoretical point of view, but from a iarge experience and observation.

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