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Crown, the Church, or the people, upon the ocean of doubt and uncertainty, amidst which, Rome indeed might flourish, though this country might be in ruins ; for the breaking up of the good old English institutions, and for the introduction of tyranny ;—and often, therefore, did the Earls and Barons, as in one remarkable instance it is chronicled of them, with one voice exclaim, We will not change the laws of England, which hitherto have been used and approved. Statute of Merton, 20 Hen. 3, A.D. 1235.*

Such was the language used more than six hundred years ago. Is the Crown to be supposed more subservient to Rome now than then ? Are the Earls, Barons, or the people less interested in or less determined to uphold domestic peace and prosperity with home-legislation, and Government, as opposed to foreign aggression, than were their ancestors six hundred years ago ?

* And see post Caudrey's Case, p. 20.


The title of the present work is suggestive of its sub- The contest. ject. One more deeply interesting and important could hardly occupy the minds of the United Church of England and Ireland and the people of the British Empire at this time. Two systems which have been from time, “whereof the memory of man runneth not to the contrary,” opposed to each other, are brought prominently before our notice. England is again made the arena for those conflicts which for centuries wore and wasted the spirits, crippled the energies, and sacrificed the lives of our ancestors.

Is it to be supposed that either party will recede from the contest till a fresh victory has been achieved on the one hand, and a fresh defeat has been suffered on the other ? No! The contest is meant by Rome to be final, absolute, and complete. It may

but may prove Rome's overthrow, not ours. England certainly has not invited the contest ; she England has

not provoked need not shrink from it. She dares not do so. Why, it. indeed, should she ? Her divines and her statesmen may, for their learning and attainments, be placed

be so;

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