The War in Nicaragua

S. H. Goetzel & Company, 1860 - 431 Seiten

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Seite 429 - Reduced to our present position by the cowardice of some, the incapacity of others and the treachery of many, the army has yet written a page of American history which it is impossible to forget or erase. From the future, if not from the present, we may expect just judgment.
Seite 263 - Union in the conflict truly styled "irrepressible" between free and slave labor. The policy of the act consisted in pointing out to the Southern States the only means, short of revolution, whereby they can preserve their present social organization.
Seite 266 - Nicaraguan decree for the abolition of slavery, an action "calculated to bind the Southern States to Nicaragua, as if she were one of themselves." Walker dreamed magnificent dreams of a military empire constituted of Central American states; an interoceanic canal that would attract the shipping of the world; and the use of slave labor in the development of the economy of Central America.
Seite 255 - Article I. All acts and decrees of the Federal Constituent Assembly, as well as of the Federal Congress are declared null and void. " Article 2. Nothing herein contained shall affect rights heretofore vested under the acts and decrees hereby repealed.
Seite 259 - The conservatism of slavery is deeper than this,' he wrote. 'It goes to the vital relations of capital toward labor, and by the firm footing it gives the former it enables the intellect of society to push boldly forward in the pursuit of new forms of civilization.
Seite 53 - But it was not by numbers that the loss of the Americans was to be computed. The chivalrous spirit of Kewen would have weighed against a host of common men ; and the death of Crocker was a loss hardly to be repaired. A boy in appearance, with a slight figure, and a face almost feminine in its delicacy and beauty, he had the heart of a lion...
Seite 430 - ... creation. They are but drivellers who speak of establishing fixed relations between the pure white American race, as it exists in the United States, and the mixed Hispano-Indian race, as it exists in Mexico and Central America, without the employment of force.
Seite 280 - The true field for the exertion of slavery is in tropical America ; there it finds the natural seat of its empire and thither it can spread if it will but make the effort, regardless of conflicts with adverse interests.
Seite 138 - ... the day. Poe pleaded guilty to all but the first specification of the first charge, to which he pleaded not guilty. As that charge was automatically proven by the rollbooks for formations, he thus put himself beyond all recommendations for mercy. " After mature deliberation on the testimony deduced...
Seite 253 - The general tendency of those several [land] decrees was the same; they were intended to place a large portion of the land of the country in the hands of the white race. The military force of the State might, for a time, secure the Americans in the government of the Republic, but in order that their possession of government might be permanent, it was requisite for them to hold the...

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