The Snake Diet. Extreme Weight Loss with Water Fasting: A personal testimonial and recommendations regarding fasting. Including transcriptions of Cole Robinson & Dr. Jason Fung

epubli, 07.07.2021
This book is an extensive introduction into Cole Robinsons legendary "Snake Diet". (Not published by him but by his greatest fan from Germany) This work includes 9 texts. 3 of those texts are a personal testimonial of the editor. Then, 2 extensive talk transcriptions follow, e.g. by Dr. Jason Fung and his famous "Two Compartment" talk The latter half of the book are comprised of 4 transcriptions of Cole Robinson himself, introducing the diet. This book has eliminiated almost all swearing! So you can give this to anybody who needs to know this information without curse words. Get healthy now! We donate 25% of the royalties once a month directly to Mr. Snake Diet Guy Cole Robinson, via PayPal! STOP EFFING EATING FA**Y!

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Cole Robinson is the inventor of the Snake Diet, the fastest way of losing weight!

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