Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology

Society of Biblical Archæology, 1892
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Seite 7 - She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens.
Seite 211 - Notes of the latest Archaeological Discoveries and a revised Account of the Funeral Canopy of an Egyptian Queen, With interesting additions. Coloured Illustrations and Woodcuts. Royal 8vo. 81s. 6d. 30 LIST OF WORKS STUDENTS' MANUALS:— OLD TKSTAMKNT HISTORY ; from the Creation to the Return of th
Seite 248 - Oh fearful one, who art over the Two Earths, Red god who orderest the block of execution ; to whom is given the Double Crown and Enjoyment as Prince of Sutenhunen. It is Osiris to whom was ordained the Leadership among the gods, upon that day when the Two Earths were united before the Inviolate god. The junction of the Two Earths is the head of the Coffin of Osiris [whose father is Ra] the beneficent Soul in Sutenhunen, the giver of food and the destroyer.
Seite 247 - May your knives not get hold of me ; may I not fall into your shambles, for I know your names ; my course upon earth is with Ra and my fair goal is with Osiris. Let not your offerings be in my disfavour, oh ye gods upon your altars ! I am one of those who follow the Master, a keeper of the writ of Chepera.
Seite 93 - Then Akawi-ko replied, saying: "Having in such and such a month " of such and such a year received the Heavenly Sovereign's " commands, I have been reverently awaiting the great com" mand until this day, and eighty years have past by.
Seite 97 - was wroth : to his place may he return. 2 From the man that (sinned) unknowingly to his place may (my) god return. 3 From him that (sinned) unknowingly to her place may (the) goddess return. 4 May god who knoweth (that) he knew...
Seite 7 - And, well nourished, the stalks grow long. Luxuriant looks the young grain, And the weeders go among it in multitudes. Then come the reapers in crowds, And the grain is piled up in the fields, Myriads, and hundreds of thousands, and millions (of stacks) ; For spirits and for sweet spirits, To offer to our ancestors, male and female, And to provide for all ceremonies.
Seite 316 - Temehu (Lybia), his son and heir, the good god King Usertesen as their leader. Now he was returning, and had brought away living captives and all kinds of cattle without end. The councillors of the palace had sent to the West to let the King know the matter that had come to pass in the inner hall. The messenger was to meet him on the road, and reach him at the time of evening : the matter was urgent. " A hawk had soared with his followers.
Seite 7 - K'uei, I appoint you to be Director of Music, and to teach our sons, so that the straightforward shall yet be mild; the gentle, dignified; the strong, not tyrannical; and the impetuous, not arrogant. Poetry is the expression of earnest thought; singing is the prolonged utterance of that expression; the notes accompany that utterance, and they are harmonized themselves by the standard-tubes.

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