an illustrated description of the russian empire


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Seite 158 - Treaty, concluded and signed at Paris, by the Emperors of Austria and Russia, and the King of Prussia. The...
Seite 670 - Majesty will waive the right of seizing enemy's property laden on board a neutral vessel, unless it be contraband of war. It is not Her Majesty's intention to claim the confiscation of neutral property, not being contraband of war, found on board enemy's ships...
Seite 488 - The senators are mostly persons of high rank, or who fill high stations; but a lawyer of eminence presides over each department, who represents the emperor, and without whose signature its decisions would have no force. In the plenum, or general meeting of several sections, the minister of justice takes the chair, as high procurator for his Majesty.
Seite 533 - With the exception of the restraints laid on the Jews, who are not allowed to settle in Russia Proper, all religions may be freely professed in the empire. No member of the Russo-Greek Church is, however, permitted to renounce his...
Seite 643 - Palaces and temples," says a Russian author, " monuments of art, and miracles of luxury, the remains of ages which had past away, and those which had been the creation of yesterday ; the tombs of ancestors, and the nursery-cradles of the present generation, were indiscriminately destroyed. Nothing was left of Moscow save the remembrance of the city, and the deep resolution to avenge its fall.''* The fire raged till the 19th with unabated violence, and then began to slacken for want of fuel.
Seite 59 - three children — thy own children! the sickly innocent, the imploring boy, the infant suckling, all cast out by the mother to be devoured by the wolves! — Woman, thou art unworthy to live !" And at the same instant, the uplifted steel descends with resistless force on the skull of the wretched woman, who falls dead at his feet. The perpetrator then calmly wipes the blood off the murderous axe, and returns to his work.
Seite 489 - The local administration of the empire differs in different provinces ; government having always allowed conquered or annexed countries to preserve their own laws and institutions, except in so far as they were hostile to the general constitution of the empire. The Grand-duchy of Finland has a special and partially independent form of government; and the provinces wrested from Sweden by Peter the Great, Courland, and those formerly belonging to Poland, have peculiar institutions and privileges, which,...
Seite 187 - Sevastopol from the seaward. Upon a future occasion we visited it in a steamer, and found that at one point we were commanded by twelve hundred pieces of artillery : fortunately for a hostile fleet, we afterwards heard that these could not be discharged without bringing down the rotten batteries upon which they are placed, and which are so badly constructed that they look as if they had been done by contract.
Seite 503 - The levies furnished by the Cossacks are regulated by particular treaties ; and many half-savage tribes are excused, partly on account of their diminutive size, and partly because of their great aversion to a military life. Generally, it is found that a levy of two on every 500 males produces a supply of about 90,000 or 100,000 men.
Seite 618 - he said, " why I have but two in all my dominions, and I believe I shall hang one of them the moment I get home.

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