Black's Guide to Scotland

A. and C. Black, 1903 - 577 Seiten

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Seite 425 - Watching their leader's beck and will, All silent there they stood, and still. Like the loose crags whose threatening mass Lay tottering o'er the hollow pass, As if an infant's touch could urge Their headlong passage down the verge, With step and weapon forward flung, Upon the mountain-side they hung.
Seite 219 - Syne" brings Scotland, one and all, Scotch plaids, Scotch snoods, the blue hills, and clear streams, The Dee, the Don, Balgounie's brig's Hack wall,* All my boy feelings, all my gentler dreams Of what I then dreamt, clothed in their own pall, Like Banquo's offspring ; — floating past me seems My childhood in this childishness of mine : I care not — 'tis a glimpse of "Auld Lang Syne.
Seite 228 - I strode through the pine-covered glade. I sought not my home till the day's dying glory Gave place to the rays of the bright polar star ; For fancy was cheer'd by traditional story, Disclosed by the natives of dark Loch ua Garr.
Seite 226 - Away, ye gay landscapes, ye gardens of roses ! In you let the minions of luxury rove; Restore me the rocks where the snow-flake reposes, Though still they are sacred to freedom and love.
Seite 411 - Where, thro' a shapeless breach, his stream resounds; As high in air the bursting torrents flow, As deep recoiling surges foam below, Prone down the rock the whitening sheet descends, And viewless Echo's ear, astonished, rends. Dim-seen, thro' rising mists, and ceaseless show'rs, The hoary cavern, wide-surrounding, low'rs. Still, thro...
Seite 68 - With all his verdure spoil'd, and trees adrift, Down the great river to the opening gulf, And there take root, an island salt and bare, The haunt of seals, and ores, and sea-mews...
Seite 62 - Blazed battlement and pinnet high, Blazed every rose-carved buttress fair, So still they blaze, when fate is nigh The lordly line of high St. Clair.
Seite 229 - WE ARRIVED AT BALMORAL AT A QUARTER TO THREE. It is a pretty little castle in the old Scottish style. There is a picturesque tower and garden in front, with a high wooded hill; at the back there is wood down to the Dee; and the hills rise all around.
Seite 370 - All ruin'd and wild is their roofless abode, And lonely the dark raven's sheltering tree : And travell'd by few is the grass-cover'd road, Where the hunter of deer and the warrior trode, To his hills that encircle the sea.
Seite 148 - But certainly this noble lake, boasting innumerable beautiful islands, of every varying form and outline which fancy can frame, its northern extremity narrowing until it is lost among dusky and retreating mountains, while, gradually widening as it extends to the southward, it spreads its base around the indentures and promontories of a fair and fertile land, affords one of the most surprising, beautiful, and sublime spectacles in nature.

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