Bulletin - United States National Museum, Ausgaben 40-43

Smithsonian Institution Press, 1892

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Seite vi - No. 23) is the twenty-ninth of a series of papers intended to illustrate the collections of natural history and ethnology belonging to the United States, and constituting the National Museum, of which the Smithsonian Institution was placed in charge by the act of Congress of August 10, 1846.
Seite 3 - The Published Writings of George Newbold Lawrence, 1844-1891," by LS Foster, have been published. Bulletin 41, "The Published Writings of Dr. Charles Girard," by G. Brown Goode, and Bulletin 42, "A preliminary descriptive catalogue of the systematic collections in economic geology and metallurgy in the US National Museum,
Seite 82 - The average percentage of copper in the ores from these mines varies from three quarters of 1 per cent to 2 per cent. Third, the Conglomerate mines, which are characterized by the occurrence of the free copper mostly in strings in a hard conglomerate of ferruginous quartz pebbles, are represented by the Conglomerate Mine. The average percentage of copper in the ores from...
Seite 235 - Obs. Asphaltum is met with .abundantly on the shores of the Dead Sea, and in the neighborhood of the Caspian. A remarkable locality occurs on the island of Trinidad, where there is a lake of it about a mile and half in circumference. The bitumen is solid and cold near the shores; but gradually increases in temperature and softness toward the centre, where it is boiling. The appearance of the solidified bitumen is as if the whole surface had boiled up in large bubbles and then suddenly cooled.
Seite 186 - Description. — Anterior upper fore teeth bilobate. Head small; nose sharp; ears of moderate size; erect, rather narrow, and pointed. Tragus linear, attenuated. Wings of moderate length, which together with the ears are naked.
Seite 36 - When mature, the eggs either fall into the space between the membranes or ovarian pouches, or else remain attached to the ovaries until the embryos issue out of them. We are inclined to think that they drop into the pouches as eggs. At any rate we found very young embryos loosely contained in the ovarian pouches when no trace of the egg membrane could bo seen within the tissues of the ovaries in the shape of a corpus luteum or a graffian vesicle.
Seite 31 - Dactyl&pterus, possess the power of sustaining true flight. The mechanism that lifts the body of the fish from the water, and upholds it for a short time in the air, is obtained in the pectoral fins, which, in these animals, are enormously developed. The structure of these fins is homologous to that of the anterior extremities of other vertebrates, their form alone being modified to adapt the animal to the medium in which it is placed. Thus we have, in each great subdivision of vertebrate animals,...
Seite 82 - Besides these large masses these mines also carry considerable disseminated free copper. Second, the amygdaloid mines, which are characterized by the occurrence of the free copper in amygdules, bunches, strings, and sheets from the size of a pin-point up to a few...

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