For a Science of Social Man: Convergences in Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology

John Philip Gillin
MacMillan, 1954 - 289 Seiten

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A. L. Kroeber Adam Ferguson Adolf Bastian Alexander von Humboldt Alphonse and Gaston American Anthropologist American Psychological Association among analysis Andaman Islanders Andamanese anthro Anthropology Today approach aspects behavioristic biological British cathectic cerned certain chology Clark Wissler Clyde Kluckhohn common community studies comparative psychology concepts concerned conscience collective contributions cultural anthropology cultural evolution cultural relativism cultural theory culture and personality developmental psychology deviant behavior differential psychology disciplines Durkheim Edward Sapir ethnographic ethnologists ethnology evolutionism fact field folk psychology formulation frame of reference Franz Boas Frazer Freud function functionalists George Herbert Mead GEORGE PETER MURDOCK German Gestalt Gestalt psychology Gregory Bateson holism Howard Becker human behavior human sexual behavior idiographic important individual influence integration interac interaction interest intervening variable Irving Hallowell Kenneth Oakley Kroeber Kurt Lewin learning theory LeGros Clark lems Leopold von Wiese logical Margaret Mead mental mental Psychology Meyer Fortes microsociology motivation nature nomothetic objects organization orientation patterns Patterns of Culture Paul Radin perception personality and culture phenomena physical anthropology pology present primitive problems processes psychiatry psycho psychoanalytic psychoanalytic theory psychodynamics Ralph Linton rather recapitulation theory reference reification relations relevant Robert Redfield role Rorschach Ruth Benedict science of social scientific scientists seems sense significant social anthropology social Darwinism social psychology social science social structure social system society sociologists sociology Solomon Asch superego superorganic systematic Talcott Parsons Theodor Waitz theoretical tion tural ture unified science University University of Chicago vidual W. H. R. Rivers W. I. Thomas Wilhelm Wundt William Graham Sumner William McDougall Wundt York

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