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recreation departments report a de- Signs on trolley mand for help in conduct

cars herald the ing social activities, picnics and opening of playparties. Are you prepared to

grounds in Mil

waukee, and inmeet this demand?

vite attendance Picnic Game Kits. A number of cities have arranged kits containing supplies for and by making available free picnic kits containsocial activities to be loaned picnic groups. The ing bats and balls and other game equipment. The Sacramento, California, Recreation Department director conducted thirty-five picnic programs, has prepared game kits both for picnics and

planned as many more, and the kits were loaned parties which are available for all groups wishing to twenty-four organizations. to use them. Both kits are packed in wooden The Recreation Service of the Salt Lake City, boxes with handles and are of a size which will Utah, Park Department supplies picnic kits with fit into the rear seat of any car. Each is labeled equipment for various types of activities. The kits as to content, and it is specified on the top of the contain horseshoes, tenakoit equipment, a first aid box that the kit has been made available by the kit, game' rules and picnic game suggestions, supRecreation Department of the city.

plies for volley ball and soft ball, and informal In the picnic kit is to be found all necessary game equipment such as darts, bean bags and equipment for soft ball, volley ball, water polo, sponge balls. A charge of 50 cents a day is made dodge ball, croquet, horseshoes, Badminton and and a $2.00 deposit is required. The department checkers. Rules for the use of each game are also offers sound equipment for use in parks included. The social recreation kit consists of which may be secured at the rate of $1.50 an hour. twenty-five progressive games. Each game is pre- Popular Games in Pierre. At the beginning of pared in an attractive manner with scoring values last summer a croquet set was placed on each and similar items painted on the game in large playground in Pierre, South Dakota. No other black figures. Each game has a number painted game held such a continuous interest for the in black on a white background on a piece of three younger children. Tournaments were held for ply veneer panel about eight inches high. The let- boys and girls of all ages. A surprising interest tering at the top of the panel is about three inches was also shown in checkers, and children of every high. Underneath the lettering all information is age were eager to play the game. Many of them given relative to the game, such as what the game made their boards and men from pasteboard or is, equipment necessary, playing

scrap wood. Tournaments were procedure, and scoring methods.

held in various sections of the Last year the Community In the April issue of RECREATION, city. Recreation Association of De- under the title "Go to Your Near

A Publicity Suggestion. The catur, Illinois, inaugurated its est Playground," we told of the

Watsonville, California, WPA experiences of a number of cities picnic service. A picnic director in conducting their summer play

Recreation Department has had served schools, churches, clubs grounds, and of some of the ac

its activities broadcast daily at and other groups by planning tivities which were popular. Here 1:30 P. M. over Station KDON and conducting picnic programs,

are some additional suggestions. under the title “The Date Book

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