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Like waves by Vesper ting’d with gold

Her robe in many a rosy fold
Flow'd o'er her limbs, light gliding on the ground,
While clouds of fragrance shed Ambrosia all around.

6. Thou knew'st me once,

with accent mild She said, while ev'ry feature smild: “ Thou knew'st me once,” the heavenly form pursu'd, And with a Nectar-drop my trembling lips bedew'd.

“ Joy is my name: with endless flow'r
“ In realms immortal blooms


bow'r: Yet stoops my pinion e'en to earth below, “And with my Nectar draughts I sweeten mortal woe.

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“ I love thee: come, to me devote

Thy beating heart, thy trembling note: “ Oh come, and banish her, who of thy soul “ Alike by day and night fills and inspires the whole."

“Goddess," I cry'd, “the mortal race

“ Incessant sigh to see thy face: “ In thee immortals find their highest bliss : “ I love thee too; but oh! spare if I judge amiss.

“ Lo! to attend thee I forbear:

" Yet spare the mortal, Laura spare. “ How can I banish ber, who of my

soul “ Alike by day and night fills and inspires the whole ?”

As lightning quick she fled, and I

Awoke as quick : my heart beat high;
Yet still it beats for her, who of my sonl
Alike by day and night fills and inspires the whole.


Translated from the German of Count Stolberg. 1782.

Hail to the Bard, to Homer hail !
From trembling lips, and glist’ning eyes
Burning melting ecstacies

Shall never never fail
With gratitude's soft dew to swell thy song,
As in stupendous course it rolls along.

All parent Nature pour'd the torrent down

From Ida's sacred crown,
And saw its copious flood with look benign

- Bursting from sources all divine,
With heav'nly music, heav'nly gleam,
Like the Night's Sun-studded zone

It sounded and it shone. While laughing Vales received, and Echos hailed the


Nature saw with look delighted,
And to the lacid brink invited
Her daughters grac'd with golden bair;
· Truth and Beauty light descending

O'er its liquid bosom bending,
In pleasing wonder saw their own blest image there.

Nature early fondness show'd,
When in that sequesterd vale,
Which with newly-mingled wave

Simois and Scamander lave,
Thy Mother faint let fall her precious load

Midst dew drops of the dale.

E'en then inspir'd
In a fine phrenzy didst thou gaze

On the Sun's departing blaze,
As o'er th’empurpled Hellespont retir'd

He kenn'd with greeting glance thy face

From the snowy heights of Thrace: Straining to grasp the golden orb of day Thy little hands were spread, and redden'd in its ray.

There nature sweetly smil'd,

Fondly caress'd,
Call’d thee her darling child,
And suckled at her parent breast
Thy genius form'd immense, as once she formd the skies.

And as she taught the rose
Its blushing beauties to disclose, dass

And drink celestial dew,
Thus form’d, and thus imbu'd thy op'ning faculties

With graces ever new.

She gave thee with Invention's flaming eye

New earth, new heavens to descry. She gave (the utmost that her love could do)

Tears to ev'ry feeling true : Those that with gushing flood the countenance o'erflow,

Where ardent passions glow :
And those more mild and meek,
Which trembling eyelids pour

In trickling show'r
Down the changing cheek:

Gave to thy soul
The dove's simplicity, and eagle's might:

Like to thy song,
Now gliding soft along,
As rivulets by Cynthia's silver light:
Now thund'ring wild and loud, as headlong surges roll.

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From the Press of G. WOOD, High-street, Canterbury.

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