The Phantom of the New Ages

iUniverse, 27.02.2006
The history of human kind has led to the belief that the human is to be considered his or her own savior. On this basis, the human has taken the initiative to create a most supreme entity of thought which is called humanism.

"Inspirational Humanism" is the phantom of the new ages which serves as the ultimate guide to deliver the message of the fulfillment of all human needs through exploring the meaning of humanity, based on inspiration and enlightenment. The source which has brought this phantom into life is the vocation of discovering the worthiness of the human form of existence, at a time when religions have lost their solemn authority to deliver mankind in the path of salvation. Author Kamran Pirnahad is concerned about the status of the human beings and their wellbeing; therefore, he has made effort to address critical worldwide issues that have affected the degree of happiness and enjoyment, which everyone deserves to receive in this world.

Inspirational humanism is an effort to reconnect with the Spirit of the Truth, and to establish a new relationship with God. The difference of inspirational humanism and other types of humanism is that spirituality is considered the main source in defining the meaning and purpose of human existence.

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