Pharmaceutical Journal: A Weekly Record of Pharmacy and Allied Sciences, Band 9

J. Churchill, 1850

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Seite 366 - Not that Nepenthes which the wife of Thone In Egypt gave to Jove-born Helena Is of such power to stir up joy as this, To life so friendly, or so cool to thirst.
Seite 86 - Yesterday it thundered ; last night it lightened, and at three this morning I saw the sky as red as a city in flames could have made it.
Seite 308 - That in the opinion of this meeting it is desirable that the York and Antwerp Rules of general average be carried into operation.
Seite 382 - If these times are all squared, the following remarkable ratios are obtained for the densities of the diffusion molecules of these different salts, each of which is the type of a class of salts, hydrate of potash 1, nitrate of potash 2, sulphate of potash 4, sulphate of magnesia 16, with nitrate of soda 3 and sulphate of soda 6.
Seite 254 - Committee, a copy of which has been sent to each member of the House of Delegates.2" The General Council of the English Bar submitted to the Committee on Ministers...
Seite 244 - IT is the opinion of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty £>. that it would be to the honour and advantage of the Navy, and conduce to the general interests of Science, if new facilities and encouragement were given to the collection of information upon scientific subjects by the officers, and more particularly by the medical officers, of Her Majesty's Navy, when upon foreign service...
Seite 381 - The proportion of salt which diffused out in such experiments amounted to about l-8th of the whole. Secondly, that the proportion of salt diffused increases with the temperature ; an elevation of 80° Fahr. doubling the quantity of chloride of sodium diffused in the same time. The diffusibility of a variety of substances was next compared, a solution of 20 parts of the substance in 100 water being always used. Some of the results were as follows, the quantities diffused being expressed in grains:...
Seite 86 - If it rains, either before or after noon, it is found crept up to the top of its lodging, and there it remains until the weather is settled.
Seite 583 - As long as the action is incomplete, there will be seen, after rest, at the line of contact, a darker ring. When this no longer appears, the chloroform may be drawn off, and for greater security once more acted on by a quarter of its volume of the acid, which should now remain colourless.
Seite 583 - The smallest trace of impurity, not sufficient to affect the density of the chloroform, we have found to render the line of junction horizontal. It is probable that this may become a valuable test of the perfect purity of chloroform ; but we shall not say more on this subject until we have thoroughly examined it.] This process requires no apparatus beyond a few stoppered bottles and a pipette, if we wish to draw off the whole chloroform without loss, although nearly the whole may be simply poured...

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