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Seite 292 - ... or until it is seen that a good subsidation has taken place. The solvent in both flasks is then again decanted through the filter and the residues remaining in them are washed until the washings are practically colorless.
Seite 209 - Ib. of coarsely broken stone shall be available for a test. The rock to be tested shall be broken in pieces as nearly uniform in size as possible, and as nearly 50 pieces as possible shall constitute a test sample. The total weight of rock in a test shall be within 10 g. of 5 kg. All test pieces shall be washed and thoroughly dried before weighing.
Seite 467 - Solid or semi-solid native bitumens, solid or semisolid bitumens obtained by refining petroleum, or solid or semi-solid bitumens which are combinations of the bitumens mentioned with petroleums or derivatives thereof, which melt upon the application of heat and which consist of a mixture of hydrocarbons and their derivatives of complex structure, largely cyclic and bridge compounds.
Seite 543 - Joints, if necessary to fill the same, and the operation shall be continued as the grout settles, until the joints are thoroughly filled, flush with the surface of the blocks, immediately after which the entire pavement shall be broomed to a smooth surface, sufficient grout being applied to bring said surface even with the highest part of any of the blocks. The blocks shall be wet by sprinkling Immediately before applying the grout, if the condition of the atmosphere requires this precaution to be...
Seite 688 - J, or even less, may be used. C should be increased for steep side slopes, especially if the upper part of the valley has a much greater fall than the channel at the culvert...
Seite 474 - The above limits as to mesh composition are intended to provide for such permissible variations as may be rendered necessary by the available sources of supply and the character of the work to be done. The mesh composition and character nf the stone may be varied, within the limits above specified.
Seite 509 - The bulb of the retort and at least two inches of the neck must be and remain covered with a shield of heavy asbestos paper, shaped as shown in diagram, during the entire process of distillation, so as to prevent heat radiation, and between the bottom of the retort and the flame of the lamp or burner two sheets of wire gauze, each 20-mesh fine, and at least six inches square, must be placed.
Seite 94 - All grades less than 3 per cent which are not herein required to be flattened shall be applied at the same rate as originally computed between established elevations; provided, that in no case shall the maximum platform and sidewalk slopes fixed in Paragraphs 6 and 7 be exceeded. Any excess in grade over that allowed in Paragraph 7 shall be removed by further flattening, as follows: (b) Special flattening of platform grades for extreme cases of steep grades or acute-angled intersections.
Seite 543 - Within one-half to three-quarters of an hour after the last coat has been applied and the grout between the joints has fully subsided and the initial set is taking place, the whole surface shall be lightly sprinkled with water and the surplus mixture left on the top shall be swept into the joints, bringing them up flush and full.
Seite 11 - The streets were described, in this simply -worded statute, as " very foul, and full of pits and sloughs, so as to be mighty perillous and noyous, as well for all the king's subjects on horseback, as on foot with carriages

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