Poems on Various Occasions: Consisting of Original Pieces, and Translations from Some of the Most Admired Latin Classics: with the Original Text, and Copious Notes, ... The Whole Interspersed with Reflections, Remarks, and Anecdotes, Pointed to the Present Times. ...

R. Cruttwell, and published by T. Shrimpton: sold in London by J. Dodsley ..., C. Dilly ..., and W. Goldsmith, 1782 - 340 Seiten

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Seite 272 - HAPPY the man whose wish and care A few paternal acres bound, Content to breathe his native air, In his own ground ; Whose herds with milk, whose fields with bread, Whose flocks supply him with attire ; Whose trees in Summer yield him shade, In Winter fire.
Seite 272 - ... shade. In winter fire. Blest, who can unconcern'dly find Hours, days, and years slide soft away. In health of body, peace of mind, Quiet by day. Sound sleep by night; study and ease, Together mixt; sweet recreation: And innocence, which most does please With meditation.
Seite 108 - She next the stately Bull implored, And thus replied the mighty lord: " Since every beast alive can tell That I sincerely wish you well, I may, without offence, pretend To take the freedom of a friend. Love calls me hence : a...
Seite 110 - The Goat remark'd her pulse was high, Her languid head, her heavy eye ; My back, says he, may do you harm ; The sheep's at hand, and wool is warm.
Seite 110 - Shall I, fays he, of tender age, In this important care engage ? Older and abler pafs'd you by ; How ftrong are thofe ! how weak am I ! Should I prefume to bear you hence, Thofe friends of mine may take offence. Excufe me then. You know my heart, But deareft friends, alas ! muft part. How fhall we all lament ! Adieu ! For fee the hounds are juft in view.
Seite 144 - Casta suo gladium cum traderet Arria Paeto, Quem de visceribus traxerat ipsa suis; Si qua fides, vulnus quod feci non dolet, inquit: Sed quod tu facies, hoc mihi, Paete, dolet.
Seite 108 - Horfe repfy'd, jioor honeft Pufs, It grieves my Heart to fee thee thus; Be comforted, Relief is near; For all your Friends are in the Rear.
Seite 170 - Incisae servant a te mea nomina fagi, et legor Oenone falce notata tua : et quantum trunci, tantum mea nomina crescunt.
Seite 176 - Nulla nisi Oenone pauperis uxor erat. Non ego miror opes, nec me tua regia tangit Nec de tot Priami dicar ut una nurus. Non tamen ut Priamus Nymphae socer esse recuset Aut Hecubae fuerim dissimulanda nurus.
Seite 174 - Vale ! Aura levis rigido pendentia lintea malo suscitat ; et remis eruta canet aqua. 5Ь Prosequor infelix oculis abeuntia vela, qua licet; et lacrimis humet arena meis. Utque celer venias, virides Nereidas oro ; scilicet ut venias in mea damna celer. Votis ergo meis alii rediture redisti?

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