The Chrysanthemum: Its History and Culture

Groombridge and Sons, 1865 - 75 Seiten
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Seite 13 - Eanunculus, etc., for instance, show that there were small varieties grown then; indeed, in the Horticultural Society's Transactions for February, 1821, there are colored plates of small, many-petaled varieties, but they were not called Pompons until the French got hold of them in 1845-6. In 1846 a new era commenced in the history of the Chrysanthemum, as a result of the importation from China of two small flowering varieties of the "Chusan Daisy/' From these two varieties have sprung all the Pompons...
Seite 3 - Every one knows that the chief difficulty " is in breaking through the original form and colour of the " species, and every one will be on the look-out for any " natural sport, either from seed or branch ; that being once " obtained, however trifling the change may be, the result
Seite 14 - Chinese minimum was a dark double flower, and produced but little seed; while the other, with its daisy-like semi-double flowers, seeded freely the first year, and the result surpassed the most sanguine expectations; the seedling flowers being more double than the original, and from their compactness and resemblance to a rosette, received the name of " pompon," and were called Pompon Bijou, P.
Seite 34 - Cedo Nulli, Drin Drin, Fairest of the Fair, Florence, General Canrobert, Golden Aurore, Golden Cedo Nulli, Helene, Lilac Cedo Nulli, Madame Eugfene Domage, Mdlle.

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