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Now do not, dear Hal, while abroad you are


That heart which is mine on a rival bestow; Nay, banish that frown, such displeasure betraying, [no!

Do you think I suspect you? Oh! no, my love, I believe you too kind for one moment to grieve me, Or plant in a heart which adores you such woe; Yet should you dishonour my truth and deceive [love, no! Should I e'er cease to love you? Oh! no, my




I DANCED With Harriet at the fair,
And praised her for her jetty hair,
Which, like the tendrils of a vine,
About her brow in wanton twine

Luxuriantly ran;

But why I praised her, sweet one, know,
Because I recollected, so

The tresses negligently flow
About the cheeks of Anne.

One evening in the passion week,
When Lucy play'd at hide and seek,

Her black eyes shone like glowworms bright,
And led me by their sparkling light

To find out where she ran;

But if I praised them, sweet one, know,
I recollected, even so

The black eyes sparkle, burn, and glov
Of gentle mistress Anne.

Louisa's lips in kisses meet,

Like a twin cherry ripe and sweet;
In Catherine's breath rich perfume dwells;
But ah! how Julia's bosom swells,
To charm the gaze of man!

Yet if I praise them, sweet one, know,
They singly but remind me, so
Lips, breath, and bosom I can show
All blent in mistress Anne.



SWEET is the balmy evening hour,
And mild the glowworm's light,
And soft the breeze that sweeps the flower
With pearly dew-drops bright.
I love to loiter on the hill,

And catch each trembling ray;-
Fair as they are, they mind me still
Of fairer things than they.

What is the breath of closing flowers
But Feeling's gentlest sigh?

What are the dew-drops' crystal showers
But tears from Pity's eye?

What are the glowworms by the rill
But Fancy's flashes gay?

I love them, for they mind me still
Of one more dear than they.



I LIKE not beauty's roseate brightness;
I like not beauty's sparkling eye:
Give me the cheek whose marble whiteness
Feeling's faint blush alone can dye;

Give me the pure and tranquil glance
Where no vain triumphs proudly dance,
Serene and blue as heaven's expanse ;-
Thy cheeks, thine eyes, my Mary!
I like not lips for ever smiling;

I like not speech for ever gay:
Give me the softness more beguiling

Which gently veils wit's brilliant ray;

Give me the mellow voice that tells
What sweetness in the bosom dwells;
The sigh that oft that bosom swells ;-
Thy voice, thy sigh, my Mary!

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No-not the eye of tender blue,

Though, Mary, 'twere the tint of thine, Or breathing lip, of glowing hue,

Might bid the opening rose repine,

Had long enthrall'd my mind;
Nor tint with tint, alternate aiding,
That o'er the dimpled tablet flow,
The vermil to the lily fading,
Nor ringlet bright with orient glow,
In many a tendril twined.

The breathing tint, the beamy ray,
The linear harmony divine
That o'er the form of beauty play,
Might warm a colder heart than mine,
But not for ever bind.

But when to radiant form and feature
Internal worth and feeling join,
With temper mild and gay good nature,—
Around the willing heart they twine
The empire of the mind.



OH, frown not on my daring vows,
Thou high-born maid of Inistore!
Well mayst thou claim a nobler spouse,
But, Mary, will he love thee more?

When Winter's howling storms arise,

More fondly will he clasp thee round?
Gaze with more rapture in those eyes,
Or wake the song's diviner sound?
Tell thee if proud, exalted power
Had placed him on a royal throne,
In favouring fortune's brightest hour
He'd prize her smiles for thee alone!'

Tell thee if some lone turf were given
A pillow for his weary head,
That desert spot to him were heaven,
If Mary shared his humble bed!'

Oh, frown not on my daring vows
Thou high-born maid of Inistore!
Well mayst thou claim a nobler spouse,
'But, Mary, will he love thee more?



HERE'S the vow she falsely swore,
Here's the heart she's broken-
Here's the lock she gave before,

Ah! who could doubt the token?
Her vow recorded still remains,

But where's the lip that swore it? Her ringlet still my neck enchains,

But where's the brow that wore it? Swiftly flew my hours away

When faithful Beauty prized me; Slow has dragged the heavy day

Since faithless Love despised me. Yet, perchance, in lonely thought

Mary's breast may languish ; 'Seek the solitude I've sought,'

And share my tender anguish. If that thought should e'er arise, Oh! let it not distress herFor though her injured lover dies,

His dying breath shall bless her. Here's the vow she falsely swore,

Here's the heart she's brokenHere's the lock she gave before,

Ah! who could doubt the token?


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