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Mother, revere God's image in thy child!

No earthly gift thy parent arms enfold;

No mortal tongue as yet the worth hath told Of that which in thy bosom, meek and mild, Rests its weak head. O, not by sense beguiled,

Gaze on that form of perishable mould; Though first by thee it lived, on thee it smiled,

Yet not for thee existence must it hold, For it is God's, not thine. Thou art but one

To whom that happy destiny is given,
To see an everlasting life begun,
To watch the dawnings of the future heaven,

And to be such in purity and love,
As best may win it to the life above !

Emily Taylor.



We have come from the heaven of heavens to see
A deep and wonderful mystery :

A human soul !
That will live while endless


A ray divine,

Whose beam will shine
For ever in that region bright,
Where sits enthroned the God of Light,
And before this being now,
In love and reverence we bow;

For in its mind

An image of our God we find. Here we wait-and would behold This beauteous bud of heaven unfold.

There sweetly on its mother's breast
The infant cherub sinks to rest,

While above
She watches with o'erflowing love.



Mortal mother! guard him well,
Boundless powers within him dwell ;
The blessed task to you is given,
To rear him for the courts of heaven,

Where he
Clothed with light at God's right hand.

may stand,

While thro' life he journeying goes,
He will meet with countless foes :
Mammon will before him hold
Tempting hoards of glittering gold;
Ambition prompt its wild desires,
Earthly, vain, ignoble fires ;-
While demons, clad like saints of light,
Will lure him towards the realms of night :

Until with rust
His crown may crumble into dust;
And all those noble


within Be blighted by the breath of siu.

Mortal mother! guard him well,
Eternal hopes within him dwell;

In thy love,

Point above,
And before his Father there
Teach him to

forth his

prayer :

And bid bim know He thus may conquer every foe : For all the powers of earth combined Cannot harm a prayerful mind.

Let thy heart

This truth impart; Then fearless, in the eye of God, Bid him walk on his heavenward road.

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