Computational Systems Biology: From Molecular Mechanisms to Disease

Andres Kriete, Roland Eils
Academic Press, 26.11.2013 - 548 Seiten
This comprehensively revised second edition of Computational Systems Biology discusses the experimental and theoretical foundations of the function of biological systems at the molecular, cellular or organismal level over temporal and spatial scales, as systems biology advances to provide clinical solutions to complex medical problems. In particular the work focuses on the engineering of biological systems and network modeling.
  • Logical information flow aids understanding of basic building blocks of life through disease phenotypes
  • Evolved principles gives insight into underlying organizational principles of biological organizations, and systems processes, governing functions such as adaptation or response patterns
  • Coverage of technical tools and systems helps researchers to understand and resolve specific systems biology problems using advanced computation
  • Multi-scale modeling on disparate scales aids researchers understanding of dependencies and constraints of spatio-temporal relationships fundamental to biological organization and function.

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From Network Structure to Attractor Landscapes Landscape
From Single Cells to Colonies
14 Advances in Machine Learning for Processing and Comparison of Metagenomic Data
15 Systems Biology of Infectious Diseases and Vaccines
16 Computational Modeling and Simulation of Animal Early Embryogenesis with the MecaGen Platform
17 Developing a Systems Biology of Aging
18 Molecular Correlates of Morphometric Subtypes in Glioblastoma Multiforme
Mathematical Models of Apoptosis

9 Databases Standards and Modeling Platforms for Systems Biology
Deterministic versus Stochastic Approaches
11 TopDown Dynamical Modeling of Molecular Regulatory Networks
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Associate Professor for Bioinformation Engineering at Drexel University, Philadelphia and Director of the Biocomputing Laboratory at the Coriell Institute for Medical Research

Professor of Bioinformatics at the University of Heidelberg and Director of the Division of Theoretical Bioinformatics at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg

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