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THE concluding Paper of this work contains

a very genuine account of the origin of the MIRROR, of which the LOUNGER was a continuation. The Members of that Society in Edinburgh, in which such a Publication was first thought of, and by which the MIRROR and LOUNGER were afterwards carried on, were Mr. R. Cullen, Mr. M'Leod Bannatyne, Mr. Geo. Ogilvy, Mr. Alex. Abercromby, and Mr. W. Craig, Advocates, (the two last of whom have been since appointed Judges of the Court of Session in Scotland,) Mr. Geo. Home, one of the principal Clerks of that Court, and Mr. H. Mackenzie of the Exchequer at Edinburgh. Of these Mr. Ogilvy, though with abilities and Genius abundantly capable of the Task, never contributed to the MIRROR, and the Society had to lament his death before the appearance of their second publication. None of its Members, Mr. Mackenzie excepted, whose name is sufficiently known as an Author, had ever before been concerned in any Publication. To Mr. Mackenzie, therefore, was entrusted the conducting of the Work, and he alone had any communication with the Editor, to whom the other Mem. bers of the Society were altogether unknown. Secrecy was an object of much importance


to a work of this sort ; and during the publication of both these performances it was singularly well attained.

At their first appearance in Numbers, the Papers had no marks affixed to them; on their publication in Volumes, ihose written by any Member of the Society were distinguished by some of the Letters of a Syllable appropriated to him. The Papers, or Parts of Papers, contributed by Correspondents, had no distinguishing mark In this Edition it has been thought proper to furnish the Reader with the following Table, and a similar one is annexed to the LOUNGER,) by which he is informed of the Author of every Number, except the few which were furnished by Correspondents neither known at the time, nor ever afterwards discovered, and who chuse still to remain unknown to the Public.



1. Mr. Home. 2. Mr. Mackenzie. 3. Mr. Craig. 4. Mr. Abercromby. 5. Mr. Mackenzie. 6. Mr. M‘Leod Bannatyne. 7. Mr. Mackenzie. 8. By a Correspondent, Mr. Richardson, Professor of Humanity

at Glasgow. 9. Mr. Abercromby. The note signed Ignoramus, by a Core

respondent. 10. Mr Craig. II. Mr. Mackenzie. 12. Ditto. 13. Mr. Cullen. 14. Mr. Mackenzie. 15. Mr. Home. 16. Mr. Mackenzie. 17. The letter signed Rebecca Prune, by a Correspondent, Mr.

Frazer Tytler, Advocate, and Professor of History in the University of Edinburgh; the rest of the Paper by :

Mr. Mackenzie. 18. Mr. Abercromby. 19. Mr. Craig. 20. Ditto.

No. 21. The letter signed Adelius, by a Correspondent, Lord Hailes ;

the rest of the Paper, by Mr. Mackenzie. 22. By a Correspondent. 23. Mr. Mackenzie. 24. A Correspondent, Professor Richardson. 25. Mr. Mackenzie. 26. Mr. Craig 27. Mr. Cullen. 28. Mr. MʻLeod Bannatyne. 29. By a Correspondent, Professor Richardson ; the short note

at the end, by Mr. Mackenzie. 30. Mr. Mackenzie. 31. Mr. Craig 32. Mr. Mackenzie. 33. Mr. M*Leod Bannatyne. 34. Mr. Makenzie. 35. A Correspondent, Mr. D. Hume, now Professor of Scots

Laws at Edinburgh, nephew of the celebrated David
Hume. The letter signed Bridget Nettlewit, by Mr.

Mackenzie. 36. Mr. Craig 37. A Correspondent, Mr. Frazer Tytler. 38. Mr. Mackenzie. 39, Mr. Home. 40. Mr. Mackenzie.

41. Ditto

42. Mr. Mackenzie; the Preamble by Mr. Craig. 43. Mr. Mackenzie.

44. Ditto.

45. Mr. Abercromby. 46. A Correspondent, Lord Hailes. The short Letter at the

end, by Mr. MʻLeod Bannatyne. 47. Mr. Craig. 48. Mr. Cullen. 49. Mr. Mackenzie.

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