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50. A Correspondent, Mr. Hume. 51. Mr. Abercromby. 52. A Correspondent, Mr. Alexander Craig. 53. Mr. Mackenzie. 54. Ditto 55. Mr. Craig 56. The Letter from Umphraville, by a Correspondent, I.ord

Hailes; that signed Civis, by Mr. Mackenzie.


57. Mr. Abercromby.
58. Mr M-Leod Bannatyne.
59. A Correspondent, Mr. F. Tytler,
60. Mr. Craig.
61. Mr. Mackenzie.
62. A Correspondent, Lord Hailes.
63. Mr. Craig.
64. Mr. Mackenzie.
65. Mr. Abercromby.
66. A Correspondent, Professor Richardson,
67. Mr. Home.
68 Mr. Abercromby.
69. Mr Craig.
70. Mr Home.

71. Ditto.

72. Mr. Mackenzie.
73. A Correspondent, Dr. Beattie.
74. Ditto.
75. A Correspondent, Lord Hailes.
76. Mr M-Leod Bannatyne.
77. Mr. Craig.

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78. Mr. Mackenzie. 79 By Correspondents; the first Letter by Mr F. Tytler. 80. Mr Mackenzie. 81. Ditto. 82. A Correspondent, Cosmo Gordon, Esq one of the Barons

of Exchequer in Scotland. 83. Mr. Craig. 84. Mr. Mackenzie. 85. The Introduction, by Mr. Craig; the Poem, by Mr. Mac

kenzie. 86. A Correspondent, Lord Hailes. 87. Mr. Abercromby. 88. Mr. Craig 89. The Letter signed Emilia, by a Female Correspondent; the

other subscribed Letitia Lappet, also by a Correspondent, Mr. Alexander Craig; the rest of the Paper, by Mr.

Mackenzie. 90. Mr. Abercromby. 91. Mr. Mackenzie.

92 Ditto. 93. Ditto.

94. The first part of the Paper, by Mr. Craig ; the Letter with

which it is concluded, by a Correspondent, Mr. W.

Strahan of London, his Majesty's Printer. 95. A Correspondent, unknown. 96. By a Correspondent, Professor Richardson, except the Note

signed Evelina, by Mr. Mackenzie. 97. A Correspondent, Lord Hailes. 98. Ditto. 99. Mr. Mackenzie, 100. Ditto. IOI. Ditto. 102. The Letter signed Moderatus, by a Correspondent, Mr.

Baron Gordon. The rest of the Paper, by Mr. Mac. kenzie.

The short Note at the

xo. 103. A Correspondent, Mr. D Hume.

end, by Mr. Mackenzie 104 Mr Abercromby. 105. Mr. Mackenzie. 106. Mr. Craig. 107 Mr. Mackenzie. 108. Ditto. 109. Ditto. 110. Ditto.

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