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For the general and incidental expenses of the quartermasters' depart. Incidental esment, consisting of postage on letters and packets received and sent by masters deofficers of the army on public service; expenses of courts-martial, mil. partment. itary commissions, and courts of inquiry, including the additional compensation of judge advocates, recorders, members, and witnesses while on that service, under the act of March sixteen, eighteen hundred and 1802, ch. 8, two; extra pay to soldiers employed under the direction of the quarter. 1431, 22, masters' department in the erection of barracks, quarters, storehouses, 1819, c. 46. and hospitals, in the construction of roads, and other constant labor for Voleil. D: periods of not less than ten days, under the acts of March two, eighteen 2.864, ch. 247, hundred and nineteen, and August four, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, 'Vol. x. p. 676. including those employed as clerks at division and department headquarters ; expenses of expresses to and from the frontier posts and armies in the field; of escorts to paymasters and other disbursing officers, and to trains where military escorts cannot be furnished ; expenses of the interment of officers killed in action, or who die when on duty in the field, or at posts on the frontiers, or at posts and other places, when ordered by the Secretary of War, and of non-commissioned officers and soldiers ; author. ized office furniture ; hire of laborers in the quartermasters' department, including the hire of interpreters, spies, and guides for the army; compenBation of clerks to officers of the quartermasters' department; compensation of forage and wagon-masters authorized by the act of July fifth, eighteen 1838, ch. 182, hundred and thirty-eight; for the apprehension of deserters and the ex- 'Vol. v. p. 257. penses incident to their pursuit; and for the following expenditures required for the several regiments of cavalry, the batteries of light artillery, and such companies of infantry as may be mounted, viz. the purchase of travelling forges, blacksmiths' and shoeing tools, horse and mule shoes and nails, iron and steel for shoeing, hire of veterinary surgeons, medicines for horses and mules, picket ropes, and for shoeing the horses of the corps named ; also, generally, the proper and authorized 'expenses for the movement and operations of an army, not expressly assigned to any other department, two million dollars.

For mileage, or the allowance made to officers of the army, for the Mileage. transportation of themselves and their baggage when travelling on duty without troops, escort, or supplies, two hundred thousand dollars. For transportation of the army, including baggage of the troops when Transporta

tion. moving either by land or water, of clothing, camp and garrison equipage, from the depots of Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and New York to the several posts and army depots, and from those depots to the troops in the field, and of subsistence stores from the places of purchase, and from the places of delivery under contract, to such places as the circumstances of the service may require them to be sent; of ordnance, ordnance stores, and small-arms from the founderies and armories to the arsenals, fortifications, frontier posts, and army depots; freights, wharfage, tolls, and ferriages; the purchase and hire of horses,, mules, oxen, and harness, and the purchase and repair of wagons, carts and drays, and of ships and other sea-going vessels and boats required for the transportation of supplies, and for garrison purposes; for drayage and cartage at the several posts ; hire of teamsters; transportation of funds for the pay and other disbursing departments; the expense of sailing public trans

Public transports on the various rivers, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic and ports. Pacific; for procuring water at such posts as from their situation require Water. it to be brought from a distance; and for clearing roads and removing Obstructions obstructions from roads, harbors, and rivers to the extent which may in roads, rivers,

and harbors. be required for the actual operations of the troops in the field, five million dollars.

For hire or commutation of quarters for officers on military duty; Hire or comhire of quarters for troops, of storehouses for the safe-keeping of mil

quarters, huts, itary stores, and of grounds for summer cantonments; for the construc- &c.

VOL. XV. PUB. - 5

mutation of

tion of temporary huts, hospitals, and stables, and for repairing public

buildings at established posts, two million dollars. Heating and For heating and cooking stoves, twenty-five thousand dollars. cooking stoves.

For the ordnance service, required to defray the current expenses at Ordnance service.

the arsenals of receiving stores and issuing arms and other ordnance supplies; of police and office duties; of rents, tolls, fuel, and lights; of stationery and office furniture; of tools and instruments for use; of public animals, forage, and vehicles; incidental expenses of the ordnance service, including those attending practical trials and tests of ordnance,

small-arms, and other ordnance supplies, two handred thousand dollars : No part to pay Provided, That no money appropriated by this act shall be used to pay for new cannon or small-arms. for any new cannon or small-arms.

Purchase of For purchasing three acres of land adjoining Federal Square at land for Spring- Springfield armory, three thousand dollars.

Armories and FOR REPAIRS AND IMPROVEMENTS OF ARMORIES AND ARSENALS. arsenals. Rock Island. For arsenal and armory at Rock Island, Illinois, three hundred and Proviso. eighty thousand dollars : Provided, That eighty thousand dollars of said

sum shall be devoted to the development of the water-power to carry

oat existing contracts. Watervliet. For Watervliet arsenal, West Troy, New York, twenty thousand

St. Louis. For arsenal at St. Louis, Missouri, five thousand dollars.
Augusta. For Augusta arsenal, Augusta, Georgia, ten thousand dollars.
Baton Rouge.

For Baton Rouge arsenal, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, seven thousand

five hundred dollars. Benecia.

For Benecia arsenal, Benecia, California, ten thousand dollarg. Vancouver.

For Vancouver arsenal, Vancouver, Washington Territory, five thou

sand dollars. Mount Ver For Mount Vernon arsenal, Mount Vernon, Alabama, five thousand

dollars. Watertown. For Watertown arsenal, Watertown, Massachusetts, fifteen thousand

dollars. Allegheny. For Allegheny arsenal, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, five thousand

dollars. Fort Monroe. For Fort Monroe arsenal, Old Point Comfort, Virginia, four thousand

five hundred dollars. Frankford. For Frankford arsenal, Bridesburg, Pennsylvania, eight hundred and

eighty dollars. Kennebec. For Kennebec arsenal, Augusta, Maine, two thousand dollars. Leavenworth.

For Leavenworth arsenal, Leavenworth, Kansas, five thousand dol

lars. New York. For New York arsenal, Governor's Island, New York, three thousand

dollars. Pikesville. For Pikesville arsenal, Pikesville, Maryland, eight hundred dollars.

Preservation For the preservation and necessary repairs of the fortifications and and repairs of the works of defence, two hundred thousand dollars. works of defence.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That of the appropriation of sixty Appropriation thousand dollars for publishing the medical and surgical history of the for medical, &c. rebellion and the medical statistics of the provost marshal general's history of rebellion, how to be office, made in an act approved July twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred applied. and sixty-six, thirty thousand dollars shall be devoted to the preparation 1866, ch. 296. Vol. xiv.

and publication of five thousand copies of the medical statistics of the

pp. 310, 311. provost marshal general's bureau, and that the work shall be compiled

Medical statistics of provost

and completed by assistant medical purveyor J. H. Baxter, under the marshal gener. immediate direction of the Secretary of War, and without the interferal's bureau.

ence of any other officer. How to be compiled.

APPROVED, June 8, 1868.



CHAP. LIII. - An Act to amend an Act entitled "An Act for the Relief of the Inhabi- June 8, 1868.

tants of Cities and Towns upon the public Lands," approved March two, eighteen hun- 1867, ch. 177 dred and sixty-seven.

Vol. xiv. p. 641. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representativos of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the inhabitants of any

Inhabitants of town located on the public land of the United States may avail themselves, enter public

towns, &c. may if the town authorities elect so to do, of the provisions of the act of March lands occupied two, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, entitled “An act for the relief of as town sites at the inhabitants of cities and towns upon the public lands :” Provided, &c. is authoriThis act shall not prevent the issuance of patents to persons who have ties so elect to made, or may make, entries and elect to proceed under existing laws:

Patents to igAnd provided further, That no title under said act of March two, eighteen sue to those hundred and sixty-seven, shall be acquired to any valid mining claim or making entries

under existing possession held under the existing laws of Congress : Provided also, That laws. in addition to the minimum price of the lands included in any town site No title given entered under the provisions of this act and “ An act for the relief of the towalid mining inhabitants of cities and towns upon the public lands,” approved March Costs of surtwo, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, there shall be paid by the parties vey, &c. to bo availing themselves of the provisions of said acts all costs of surveying and platting any such town site, and expenses incident thereto, incurred by the United States, before any patent shall issue therefor.


APPROVED, June 8, 1868.

CHAP. LIV. - An Act to extend the Time for completing the military Road authorized by June 8, 1868.

an Act entitled An Act granting Lands to the States of Michigan and Wisconsin to aid 1863, ch. 104. in the Construction of a military Road from Fort Wilkins, Copper Harbor, Kewenaw Vol. xii. p. 797. County, in the State of Michigan, to Fori Howard, Green Bay, in the State of Wiscon


Bo it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress asssembled, That the time for completing Time of comthe military road, and for the sales of lands, authorized by an act entitled pleting military “ An act granting lands to the States of Michigan and Wisconsin to aid

road, &c. ex

tended. in the construction of a military road from Fort Wilkins, Copper Harbor, Kewenaw county, in the State of Michigan, to Fort Howard, Green Bay, in the State of Wisconsin,” approved March third, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, be, and the same is hereby, extended to March first, eighteen hundred and seventy.

APPROVED, June 8, 1868.

CHAP. LV. - An Act to further provide for giving Effect to the various Grants of public June 8, 1868.

Lands to the State of Nevada. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the State of Nevada is Selection of authorized to select the alternate even-numbered sections within the lands by Nelimits of any railroad grant in said State, in satisfaction, in whole or in road grants by part, of the several grants made in the following acts of Congress, to wit: Congress, the act organizing the Territory of Nevada, passed March second, vol. Xiii. p. 30. eighteen hundred and sixty-one ; the act admitting the State of Nevada 1866, ch. 166. into the Union, passed March twenty-one, eighteen hundred and sixty- Vol. xiv. p. 85. four; and the act concerning certain lands granted to Nevada, passed

Pre-emption July fourth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six : Provided, That this privilege and homestead. shall not extend to lands upon which there may be rightful claims under Land taken the pre-emption and homestead laws: And provided, That if lands be at minimum selected, the minimum price of which is two dollars and fifty cents per per acre to equal acre, each acre so selected shall be taken by the State in satisfaction of iwo acres at

$ 1.25 per acre. two acres, the minimum price of which is one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre : And provided further, That the lands granted in the eighth and Certain selecninth sections of the said act admitting Nevada into the Union shall be tions when to bo

made. selected within four years from the passage of this act, and the period for the selection of said lands is hereby so extended.

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Agricultural Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the lands known and designated college lands. 1882, ch. 130. for the establishment of an agricultural college by the act of July second, Vol. xii. p. 608. сighteen hundred and sixty-two, and the acts amendatory thereto, shall ,1866, ch. 209.. be selected in the game manner and of the same character of lands as Vol. xiv. p. 208.

may be selected in satisfaction of any other grants referred to in the first secti of this act. But this act shall not authorize the selection of lands

valuable for mines of gold, silver, quicksilver, or copper. Land district Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the county of Esmeralda, in created.

the State of Nevada, and the counties of Mono and Inyo, in the State of Location of California, are hereby created a land district; and the land office for such office. Boundaries

district shall be located at Aurora, in Esmeralda county; and the and locations of President shall be authorized hereafter, from time to time, as circumLand office may stances may require, to adjust the boundaries of any and all of the be changed.

land districts in said State, and change the location of the land office

from time to time, when the same shall be expedient. Selection of Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the lands granted to the State agricultural

of California for the establishment of an agricultural college by the act college lands by California. of July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and acts amendatory

thereto, may be selected by said State from any lands within said State subject to pre-emption and sale: Provided, that this privilege shall not extend to lands upon which there may be rightful claims under the pre

emption and homestead laws, nor to mineral lands: And provided further, Limitation up- That if lands be selected as aforesaid, the minimum price of which is two on such selection.

dollars and fifty cents per acre, each acre so selected shall be taken by the State in satisfaction of two acres, the minimum price of which is one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre: And provided further, That such selections shall be made in every other respect subject to the conditions, restrictions, and limitations contained in the acts hereby modified.

APPROVED, June 8, 1868.

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June 17, 1868. CHAP. LXI. - An Act making Appropriations for the naval Service for the Year end

ing June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United

States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and priation.

they are hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the year ending the thirtieth of June,

eighteen hundred and sixty-nine: Pay of officers For pay of commission, warrant, and petty officers, and seamen, eight and seamen.

million dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Preservation For preservation of wood and iron vessels and ships in ordinary, and of vessels, mate- for those that are on the stocks; vessels for the naval academy; for purrials, stores, repairs, &c.'

chase of material and stores of all kinds; labor in navy yards ; tools, transportation of material, repair of vessels, and maintenance of the

navy afloat, three million dollars. Bureau of Bureau of Yards and Docks. For contingent expenses that may yards and docks. accrue for the following purposes, viz.

For freight and transportation ; for printing, advertising, and stationery; for books, models, and drawings; for the purchase and repair of fire engines; for machinery of every description; for purchase and maintenance of oxen and horses, and driving teams; for carts, timber-wheels, and workmen's tools; for telegrams and postage of letters on public service; for furniture for government offices and houses; for candles, oil, and gas ; for cleaning and clearing up yards; for flags, awnings, and packing boxes; for rent of landings; for tolls and ferriages ; for coal and other fuel; for

water tax and for rent of stores, eight hundred thousand dollars. Navy yard at Navy Yard at Portsmouth, New Hampshire. — For the necessary Portsmouth;

repairs of all kinds, fifty thousand dollars. Boston. Navy Yard at Boston. — For repairs of buildings, and repairs of all

kinds, one hundred thousand dollars.

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and naval store

Navy Yard at New York. — For repairs of all kinds, one hundred Navy yard at thousand dollars.

New York; Navy Yard at Philadelphia. — For repairs of all kinds, fifty thousand Philadelphia; dollars.

Navy Yard at Washington. — For repairs of all kinds, eighty thousand Washington; dollars.

Navy Yard at Norfolk. - For preservation of the yard and the neces- Norfolk; sary repairs of all kinds, fifty thousand dollars.

Navy Yard at Pensacola. - For preservation of the yard and the Pensacola; necessary repairs of all kinds, fifty thousand dollars.

Navy Yard at Mare Island. - For repairs of all kinds, sixty thou- Mare Island. sand dollars. Naval Station at Sackett's Harbor. — For repairs and the general care Naval station

at Sackett's of the public property, two thousand dollars. Naval Station at Mound City, Illinois. — For the necessary repair of


Mound City; the levee and yard buildings, twenty-seven thousand dollars.

Naval Station at Key West. For necessary repairs of wharves and Key West buildings, three thousand dollars.

Naval Asylum at Philadelphia. - For furniture and repairs of same, Naval Asylone thousand dollars.

For house cleaning and white-washing, eight hundred dollars.
For furnaces, grates, and ranges, six hundred dollars.
For gas and water rent, one thousand two hundred dollars.
For general improvement and repairs, five thousand dollars.
For support of beneficiaries, fifty-four thousand dollars.

For pay of superintendents and the civil establishment at the several Civil estabnavy yards and stations under the control of the bureau of yards and lishment at na

, docks, and at the navy asylum, fifty thousand dollars : Provided, That Appointment the civil engineer and naval storekeeper at the several navy yards shall of civil engineer be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of

keeper at navy the Senate, and that the persons employed at the several navy yards to yards. superintend the mechanical departments, and heretofore known as master mechanics, master carpenters, master joiners, master blacksmiths, master boiler-makers, master sail-makers, master plumbers, master painters, mas

Superintendter caulkers, master masons, master boat-builders, master spar-makers, cal departments

ents of mechani. master block-makers, master laborers, and the superintendents of rope- to be skilled in walks, shall be men skilled in their several duties and appointed from their duties and civil life, and shall not be appointed from the officers of the navy. civil life.

Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting. — For the purchase of hemp Bureau of and other material for the navy; for the purchase of coal and the trans- equipment and

recruiting. portation and other expenses thereon; for the purchase of various articles of equipment, viz. wire rope and machinery for its manufacture, hides, cordage, canvass, leather, iron cables and anchors, furniture, galleys, and hose, and for the payment of labor for equipping vessels, and manufacture of articles in the navy yards pertaining to this bureau, one million dollars.

For expenses that may accrue for the following purposes, viz. For freight and transportation of materials and stores for bureau of equipment and recruiting, expenses of recruiting, transportation of enlisted men, printing, postage, advertising, telegraphing, and stationery for the bureau of equipment and recruiting, apprehension of deserters, assistance to vessels in distress, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

For the pay of superintendents and the civil establishment at the several navy yards under this bureau, eighteen thousand dollars.

Bureau of Navigation. For navigation apparatus and supplies, and Bureau of for the purposes incidental to navigation, viz.

navigation. For compass stations and for repairs and care of same, four thousand dollars.

For services and materials for correcting compasses on board of vessels, and for testing compasses on shore, three thousand dollars.

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