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Consulates general.

Appointment of consul at Birmingham,


sul at Valencia;

Salary of conat Hakodadi

Schedule B.

Alexandria, Calcutta, Constantinople, Frankfort-on-the-Maine, [Main,] Havana, Montreal, Shanghai, Beirut, Tampico, London, Paris; and on Consulates at and after the fourth of March, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, the consulates at Paris and London shall be known and designated as consulatesconsulates-gen- general.

Paris and London to be called


and Buenos Avres.

Consul to be appointed at Winnepeg, pay.

Commercial agencies.




Schedule B.

Aix-la-Chapelle, Acapulco, Algiers, Amoy, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Aspinwall, Bankok, Basle, Belfast, Buenos Ayres, Bordeaux, Bremen, Brindisi, Bologne, Barcelona, Cadiz, Callao, Canton, Chemnitz, Chin Kiang, Clifton, Coaticook, Cork, Demarara, [Demerara,] Dundee, Elsinore, Fort Erie, Foo-Choo, Funchal, Geneva, Genoa, Gibraltar, Glasgow, Goderich, Halifax, Hamburg, Havre, Honolulu, Hong-kong, Hankow, Hakodadi, Jerusalem, Kanagawa, Kingston, (Jamaica,) Kingston in Canada, La Rochelle, Laguayra, Lahaina, Leeds, Leghorn, Leipsic, Lisbon, Liverpool, Lyons, Malaga, Malta, Manchester, Matanzas, Marseilles, Mauritius, Melbourne, Messina, Moscow, Munich, Mahe, Nagasaki, Naples, Nassau, (West Indies,) Newcastle, Nice, Nantes, Odessa, Oporto, Osacca, Palermo, Panama, Pernambuco, Pictou, Port Mahon, Prescott, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Revel, Rio de Janeiro, Rotterdam, San Juan del Sur, San Juan, (Porto Rico,) Saint John, (Canada East,) Santiago de Cuba, Port Sarnia, Rome, Singapore, Smyrna, Southampton, Saint Petersburg, Santa Cruz, (West Indies) Saint Thomas, Spezzia, Stuttgardt, Swatow, Saint Helena, Tangier, Toronto, Trieste, Trinadad de Cuba, Tripoli, Tunis, Tunstall, Turk's Island, Valparaiso, Vera Cruz, Vienna, Valencia, Windsor, Yeddo, Zurich. And there shall be appointed a consul at Birmingham, at an annual salary of two thousand five hundred dollars; and a consul at Tunstall at an annual salary of fifteen hundred dollars; and a consul at Barmen at an annual salary of fifteen hundred dollars; and the consul at Valencia shall receive an annual salary of fifteen hundred dollars. The consul at Hakodadi and Buenos Ayres shall receive an annual salary of two thousand five hundred dollars; and there shall be appointed a consul at Winnepeg, Selkirk Settlement, British North America, who shall receive an annual salary of one thousand five hundred dollars.

Schedule B.
Madagascar, San Juan del Norte, Saint Domingo.


Schedule C.

Aux Cayes, Bahia, Batavia, Bay of Islands, Cape Haytien, Candia, Cape Town, Carthagena, Ceylon, Cobija, Cyprus, Falkland Islands, Fayal, Guayaquil, Guaymas, Maranham, Matamoras, Mexico, Montevideo, Omoa, Payta, Para, Paso del Norte, Piræus, Rio Grande, Saint Catharine, Saint John, (Newfoundland,) Santiago, (Cape Verde,) Stettin, Tabasco, Tahiti, Talcahuano, Tumbez, Venice, Zanzibar.


Schedule C.

Amoor River, Apia, Belize, Gaboon, Saint Paul de Loanda, Lanthala, Sabanilla.


For interpreters to the consulates in China, Japan, and Siam, includ- Interpreters. ing loss by exchange thereon, five thousand eight hundred dollars.

For expenses incurred, under instructions from the Secretary of State, Persons in bringing home from foreign countries persons charged with crime, and charged with expenses incident thereto, ten thousand dollars.

For salaries of the marshals for the consular courts in Japan, includ- Marshals for ing that at Nagasaki, and in China, Siam, and Turkey, including loss by consular courts. exchange thereon, nine thousand dollars. For rent of prisons for American convicts in Japan, China, Siam, American Co

Prisons for and Turkey, and for wages of the keepers of the same, nine thousand

victs. dollars.

For the restoration of the Protestant American cemetery at Acapulco, Cemetery at in Mexico, one thousand dollars.

Acapulco. For salaries of ministers resident and consuls-general to Hayti and Hayti and Li

beria. Liberia, eleven thousand five hundred dollars.

For expenses under the act of Congress to carry into effect the treaty Suppression between the United States and her Britannic Majesty for the suppression o1862, ch. 140

of of the African slave-trade, twelve thousand five hundred dollars : Pro- Vol. xii. p. 531. vided, That the salaries of the judges and other officers shall be paid to Salaries of them only upon the condition that they reside at the places where the judges, &c. to be

paid only on courts are to be held, as provided by law, and only for so much of the condition, &c. time as they reside at such places : And provided further, That the President be, and he is hereby, requested to apply to the government of Request to be Great Britain to put an end to that part of the treaty of April seventh, tion of part of

made for abrogaeighteen hundred and sixty-two, which requires of each government to treaty proriding keep up mixed courts, and upon the consent of the government of for mixed courts, Great Britain being obtained, then the salaries of all the officers of the Vol. xii.,p. 1227. United States connected with said courts shall cease. For expenses under the neutrality act, ten thousand dollars.


1818, ch. 88. For the payment of the fifth annual instalment of the proportion con- Vol. jii. p. 447. tributed by the United States towards the capitalization of the Scheldt dues, to fulfil the stipulations contained in the fourth article of the con

Vol. xiii. p. 649. vention between the United States and Belgium of the twentieth of May, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, the sum of fifty-five thousand five hundred and eighty-four dollars in coin, and such further sum as may be necessary to carry out the stipulation of the convention providing for payment of interest on the said sum and on the portion of the principal remaining unpaid. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That no diplomatic or consular offi- Diplomatic,


&c. Officers not cer shall receive salary for the time during which he may be absent from

to receive pay his post (by leave or otherwise) beyond the term of sixty days in any one while absent year: Provided, That the time equal to that usually occupied in going to from posts be

, and from the United States in case of the return, on leave, of such dip

Proviso. lomatic or consular officer to the United States may be allowed in addition

Repeal of 1868, to said sixty days; and section three of act of March thirtieth, eighteen ch. 38, $ 3. hundred and sixty-eight, is hereby repealed.

Ante, p. 58. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the fee provided by law for

Fee for verifi

cation of invoices the verification of invoices by consular officers shall, when paid, be held

to cover what. to be a full payment for furnishing blank forms of declaration to be signed by the shipper, and for making, signing, and sealing the certificate of the consular officer thereto; and any consular officer who, under pretence Penalty upon of charging for blank forms, advice, or clerical services in the preparation for illegal

consular officers of such declaration or certificate, shall charge or receive any fee greater charges, &c. in amount than that provided by law for the verification of invoices, or who shall demand or receive for any official services, or who shall allow any clerk or subordinate to receive for any such service any fee or reward other than the fee provided by law for such service, shall be deemed

Dismissal from guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be dismissed from office, and on con- office, fine, imviction before any court of the United States having jurisdiction of like prisonment.

PUB. - 21

Scheldt dues.


nage fees.

each year.

the accounts of

offences be punished by imprisonment not exceeding one year, or by fine Consuls, &c.

not exceeding two thousand dollars. And hereafter no consul, vice-consul, in Canada not to be allowed ton

or consular agent in the dominion of Canada, shall be allowed tonnage fees for any services, actual or constructive, rendered any vessel owned and registered in the United States that may touch at a Canadian port; and that in the collection of official fees they shall receive foreign moneys

at the rate given in the treasury schedule of the value of foreign coins. Tonnage or clearance fees

And hereafter, in cases of vessels making regular daily trips between not to be charged any port of the United States and any port in the dominion of Canada, vessels making wholly upon interior waters not navigable to the ocean, no tonnage regular daily trips between the or clearance fees shall be charged against such vessels by the officers United States of the United States, except upon the first clearing of said vessel in and Canada, except, &c.

Examinations Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the President is authorized, to be made into

on the recommendation of the Secretary of the Treasury, to cause consular officers examinations to be made into the accounts of the consular officers of and the business the United States, and into all matters connected with the business of of their offices. their said offices, and to that end he may appoint such agent or agents

as may be necessary for that purpose; and any agent, when so appointed,

shall, for the purpose of making said examinations, have authority to Agents to be

administer oaths and take testimony, and shall have access to all the appointed; their power, pay, &c.

books and papers of all consular officers. And any agent appointed in this behalf shall be paid for his services a just and reasonable compensation, not exceeding five dollars per day for the time necessarily em

ployed, in addition to his actual necessary expenses, the same to be paid Limit to ex

out of the sum appropriated for expenses of collecting the revenue, but penditure for no greater sum than five thousand dollars shall be expended as compenagents.

sation of such agent or agents in any one year. And the President shall Names, &c. of communicate to Congress, at the commencement of every December agents to be com- session, the names of the agents so appointed, and the amount paid to Congress.

each, together with the reports of such agents. Consular offi- Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That any consular officer of the cers wilfully

United States who shall wilfully neglect to render true and just quarterly neglecting to render accounts, &c. accounts and returns of the business of his office, and of moneys received or to pay over by him for the use of the United States, or who shall neglect to pay over moneys due the United States, to any balance of such moneys which may be due to the United States, at be deemed guilty the expiration of any quarter, before the expiration of the next succeedof embezzle

ing quarter, shall be deemed guilty of embezzlement of the public moneys,

and shall, on conviction thereof, before any court of the United States Penalty, fine, having jurisdiction of like offences, be punished by imprisonment not impriicamlitica exceeding one year and by a fine not exceeding two thousand dollars,

disqualification for office. and shall be forever disqualified from holding any office of trust or profit

in the United States. Consul-general Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That no consul-general or consul

exercise duties of now holding, or who shall hereafter hold, either of said offices, shall be only one office." permitted to hold the office of consul-general or consul at any other con

Limit to allow- sulate, or exercise the duties thereof; and hereafter there shall only be ance to vice-con- allowed to any vice-consulate or consular agency, for expenses thereof, sulates or consular agencies.

an amount sufficient to pay for stationery and postage on official let

ters. Expenses of Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the entire expense of prison prison, &c. at

and prison keepers at the consulate of Bankok, in Siam, shall bereafter Bankok.

Salary of con- not exceed the sum of one thousand dollars annually ; and the salary of sul :ind of inter- the interpreter shall not exceed the sum of five hundred dollars annually ; preter. No salary to

and no salary shall hereafter be allowed the marshal at that consulate ;

and the annual salary of the consul at Bankok shall be three thousand Sre l'ol. xvi. dollars, to commence July first, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight.


APPROVED, March 3, 1869.


P. 12.

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CHAP. CXXVI. - An Act making Appropriations for the Service of the Post-Office March 3, 1869. Department during the fiscal Year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sevenly.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and Appropriation

for Post-Office the same are hereby, appropriated for the service of the Post-Office

Department. Department for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and 1836, ch. 270.

Vol. v. p. 80. seventy, out of any moneys in the treasury arising from the revenues of the said department, in conformity to the act of the second of July, eighteen hundred and thirty-six:

For inland mail transportation, including pay of route agents, postal Inland mails. clerks, and mail messengers, thirteen million thirty-seven thousand six hundred and fifty-three dollars : Provided, That no part of said sum Proviso. shall be paid for inland transportation between Fort Abercrombie and Helena.

For foreign mail transportation, four hundred and fifty thousand Foreign mails. dollars.

Ship, &c. For ship, steamboat, and way letters, eight thousand dollars.

letters. For compensation to postmasters, four million five hundred and forty- Postınasters

, six thousand dollar3.

clerks, and

letter-carriers. For clerks for post-offices, two million dollars. For payments to letter-carriers, one million dollars. For wrapping paper, fifty thousand dollars.

Paper and For twine, twenty thousand dollars.

twine. For letter balances, four thousand dollars. For compensation to blank agents and assistants, eight thousand

Blank agents. dollars.

For office furniture, two thousand five hundred dollars.
For advertising, forty thousand dollars : Provided, That no part of Advertising

Proviso. this sum shall be paid to any papers published in the District of Columbia for advertising mail routes, except in Virginia and Maryland.

Postage For postage stamps and stamped envelopes, five hundred thousand stamps and dollars.

stamped enveFor detecting and preventing mail depredations and for special agents, Special agents.

lopes. one hundred thousand dollars; and no greater sum shall be paid special agents than is hereby provided. For mail-bags, and mail-bag catchers, one hundred and twenty thou


locks and keys. sand dollars.

For mail-locks, keys, and stamps, thirty-seven thousand dollars.

For miscellaneous payments, including payment of balances to foreign Foreign balcountries, eight hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars.

For preparing and publishing post-route maps, sixteen thousand Post-route dollars.

maps. For retransfer to money-order account, being money transferred by Money-order postmasters and deposited in the treasury as postage receipts, one million dollars. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the following sums, or so much

Further apthereof as may be necessary, be, and the same are hereby, appropriated

propriation. for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, viz:

Steamship For steamship service between San Francisco, Japan, and China, five

San Francisco, hundred thousand dollars.

Japan, and For steamship service between the United States and Brazil, one hun- China;

the United dred and fifty thousand dollars. For steamship service between San Francisco and the Sandwich Brazil;

San Francisco Islands, seventy-five thousand dollars.

For supplying deficiency in the revenues of the Post-Office Depart- wich Islands. ment for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and


for the year 1870. seventy, five million seven hundred and forty thousand dollars.

APPROVED, March 3, 1869.



service between

States and

and the Sand

contract with

for the construc

March 3, 1869. CHAP. CXXVII. – An Act to authorize the Transfer of Lands granted to the Union

Pacific Railway Company, Eastern Division, between Denrer and the Point of its Connection with the Union Pacific Railrond, to the

. Denver Pacific Railway and Telegraph Company, and to expedite the Completion of Railroads to Denver, in the Territory of Colorudo.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Union Pacific States of America in Congress assembled, 'That the Union Pacific Railway R. R. Co. may

Company, eastern division, be, and it hereby is, authorized to contract Denver Pacific with the Denver Pacific Railway and Telegraph Company, a corporation R. and T. Co.

existing under the laws of the Territory of Colorado, for the construction, tion, &c. of its operation, and maintenance of that part of its line of railroad and teleroad and tele- graplı between Denver City and its point of connection with the Union graph between Denver City and

Pacific railroad, which point shall be at Cheyenne, and to adopt the roadCheyeme, &c.; bed already graded by said Denver Pacific Railway and Telegraph Com

pany as said line, and to grant to said Denver Pacific Railway and Telegraph Company the perpetual use of its right of way and depot grounds, and to transfer to it all the rights and privileges, subject to all the obli

gations pertaining to said part of its line. shall extend Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the said Union Pacific Railway its railroad and telegraph to, &c. Company, eastern division, shall extend its railroad and telegraph to a so as to form connection at the city of Denver, so as to form with that part of its line continuous line herein authorized to be constructed, operated, and maintained by the fouh keresnecity Denver Pacific Railway and Telegraph Company, a continuous line of


railroad and telegraph from Kansas City, by way of Denver to CheyLaws to apply. enne. And all the provisions of law for the operation of the Union

Pacific railroad, its branches and connections, as a continuous line, without discrimination, shall apply the same as if the road from Denver to

Cheyenne had been constructed by the said Union Pacific Railway ComOperating of pany, eastern division ; but nothing herein shall authorize the said eastern road and rates of division company to operate the road or fix the rates of tariff for the tarifluot affected.

Denver Pacific Railway and Telegraph Company. The compa

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That said companies are hereby nies may mortgage their roads;

authorized to mortgage their respective portions of said road, as herein defined, for an amount not exceeding thirty-two thousand dollars per

mile, to enable them respectively to borrow money to construct the same; to receive

and that each of said companies shall receive patents to the alternate secpatents for alterinte sections of tions of land along their respective lines of road, as herein defined, in like lund;

manner and within the same limits as is provided by law in the case of

lands granted to the Union Pacific Railway Company, eastern division : but not en

Provided, That neither of the companies hereinbefore mentioned shall be titled to subsidy in United States entitled to subsidy in United States bonds under the provisions of this bonds.


APPROVED, March 3, 1869.

March 3, 1869. CHAP. CXXVIII. - An Act to provide for the Erecution in the District of Columbia of.

Commissions issued by the Courts of the States and Territories of the United States or of
Foreign Nations, and for taking Depositions to be used in such Courts.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatires of the United Provision for States of America in Congress assembled, That any party to any suit detaking testimony of winesses in pending in any court of any State or Territory of the United States, or the District of of any foreign nation, may obtain the testimony of any witness residing Columbia under in, or temporarily within, the District of Columbia, to be used in such be used in suits suit. When a commission to take such testimony shall have issued from pendling else

the court in which such suit is pending, or a notice shall have been given where.

according to the rules of practice prevailing in such court, on producing the same to a justice of the supreme court of the District of Columbia, and on due proof being made such officer that the testimony of any

witness residing in the District, or tenporarily within it, is material to the be summoned. party desiring the same, such oflicer shall issue a summons to such wit

Witnesses to

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