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Post-roads og tablished in


From Montague to Stanley.
From Hersey to mouth of Chippewa Creek.
From Montague to Otto.


From Houston, Minnesota, via Dedham, Blackhammer, Spring Grove,
Prairie Grove, Locust Lane, and Canoe, in said State, to Decorah, Iowa.

From Waseca, via Otisco, Woodville, and Richland, to Albert Lea.

From Jackson, via Lake Talcott, Lake Shetek, Saratoga, and Lynde, to Redwood Falls.

From Lime Springs, State of Iowa, via Canfield, Cherry Grove, and
Aetna, to Spring Valley, Minnesota.

From Paynesville, via Spring Hill and Bishop's Grove, to Sauk Centre.
From Saint Cloud to Rockville.
From Twin Lakes, via Fond du Lac and Oneota, to Du Luth.
From Sauk Rapids, via Princeton, to Taylor's Falls.
From Moore's Prairie to Rice City.
From Afton to Stillwater.

From Mankato, via Red Jacket Mills, Castle Garden, Good Thunder's
Ford, and Mapleton, to Minnesota Lake.

From Waseca, via Josco, Janesville, and Leroy, to Mankato.

Missouri ;

MISSOURI. From Trenton, in Grundy county, Missouri, via Edenburg, Grub-town, and Bolton, to Bethany, in Harrison county, Missouri.

From Finney's Grove, in Carroll county, Missouri, to Utica, in Livingston county, in Missouri.

From Rolla to Jefferson.
From Rolla to Rolesdale, in Arkansas.
From Salem, via Eminence, to Thomasville.
From Breckinridge to Finney's Grove.
From Carthage to Fort Scott in Kansas.

From Rolla, via Campbell Mill, Plumb Point, and Rowden's Mill, to

From New Haven, via Benaf Creek, and Stony Hill, to Drake.
From Saint Charles, via Portage des Siouux, to Alton, in Illinois.
From Rolla to Forsythe.

From Rocheport, via Old Franklyn, Boonesboro', and Lisbon, to

From Patterson, via McKenzie's Creek, and Monmouth Springs, to
Logan's Creek.

From Pleasant Home to Wilmothville.
From Chillicothe, via School Creek, to Carrolton.
From Rockville, via West Point, Butler, and Johnston to Clinton.

From Rocheport, via Hudson, Johnson City, and Chalk Level, to

From Holden, via Hughes' Store, Norrisfork, and Huntingdale, to

From Clinton, via Belvoir and Nevada City, to Lamar.
From Osceola, via Hudson, to Butler.

From California, via Magnolia, High Point, Rocky Mount, and Mining, to Linn Creek.

From Cole Camp, via Lake Creek, Haw Creek, and Byler's Mill, to Duroc.

From Bulivar, via Stockton, Virgil City, and Nevada City, to Fort Scott, in Kansas.

From Butler, via West Point, to Rockville, in Kansas.

From Warrensburg, via Chalybeate and Chilhowee, to Wadesburg.

Post-roads es.

tablished in From Versailles, via Tuckerville, to Roney.

From Clinton, via Manhall Creek, Monegan, Taberville, Altoona, and Blue Mounds, to Nevada City.

From Boonville, via Vandalia, Pilot Grove, Cold Neck, and Buncombe, to Sedalia. NEBRASKA.

Nebraska ; From Columbus to Madison. From Lincoln to Columbus. From Grand Island City to Lincoln. From Elkhorn Station, via Lincoln, to Watertown, in Kansas.

From Dakota City, via Sag Udahoe, Canton, and York City, to Madison.

From Papillion, via Plattford, South Bend, and E. Ball's, on Stephenson Creek, to Lincoln.

From Nebraska City, via Lincoln, to Camden.

From Camden, via the west branch of Blue river, West's Mills, Beaver
Crossing, and McFadden, to Fort Kearney.

From Swan City, via Monroe, to West's Mills.
From Lincoln, via Tecumseh, Pawnee City, and Fries Mills, to Albany.
From Fremont to Lincoln.
From Columbus to Norfolk.



North Caro From Fair Bluff to Conwayboro, thence to Bucksville and Georgetown, South Carolina. NEW HAMPSHIRE.

New Hamp

shire; From Plymouth to West Compton.

New Jersey;

From Pomonia to Port Republic.
From Sparta to Newton.
From Bricksburgh to Point Pleasant.

Nevada ;

NEVADA. From Austin to White Pine district.

New York ;

From Berkshire, via East Berkshire, to Lisle.
From Apalachin to Campville.
From Maine, via Glen Aubrey, to Whitney's Point.
From Hadley to Creek Centre.

From Rochester, via Hanford's Landing, Greece, and West Greece, to
North Greece.

From Spencerport, via Parma and Parma Centre, to North Parma. From Lake View, via North Evans, Eden Valley, Eden and Collins, to Shirley.

From Springbrook, via East Elma, Manilla, to Williston.


From Washington, via Bloomingsburg, Midway, and Newport, to

From Broadway, via Newton, York Centre, West Mansfield, North
Greenfield, and Walnut Grove, to Rushsylvania.

From Richmond, via Pharisburg, to Marysville.
From East Liberty, via North Greenfield, to West Mansfield.

Post-roads established in



From Tippecanoe City, via Ginghamsburg and Fidelity, to Union.
From Genoa to Shadesville.
From Lancaster, via West Rushville, to Rushville.
From New Holland to Chillicothe.
From Troy, via Alcony, to Christiansburg.
From Craton to Johnstown.

From Pulaski, in Pennsylvania, via New Bedford, to Youngstown, in

OREGON. From Portland via Taylor's Ferry, Dayton, Amity, Rickreal, and Monmouth, to Corvallis.

From Dallas, via Salt Creek and Halls, to Grand Ronde.

From Astoria, via Clatsap, Summer House, Elk Creek, Nehalem, Miami Point, Chilches Point, and Netrarch Landing, to Tillamook.

From Fairfield, by Saint Louis, Waconda, Parkersville, and Monitor, to Needy, twenty miles.

From New Wilmington to Pulaski.

From New Wilmington, via Neshannock Falls and Volant, to Leesburg.

From Oley, via Yellow House and Amityville, to Douglassville.
From Brodhead Station, via Hecktown to Nazareth.
From London Grove to Toughkenamon.

From Oley, via Green Hill, New Jerusalem, and Drysville, to Lyon's

From Leagerstown to Blooming Valley.
From Lancaster to Liberty Square.
From Curllsville, via Sligo Furnace, to Callonsburg.
From Montgomery Station, via Mount Zion, to Elmsport.
From Greensburg, via Middletown, to New Stanton.
From Sieglesville to Milroy.

From Carroltown, via Glassers, Elder's Mills, and Saint Lawrence, to
Mount Pleasant.

From Rogersville, via Walnut Brush, Burt Mill, and Big Tree, to Cameron, in West Virginia.

From Mill City to Falls.

From Annville, via Carpers, Kelly's Corner, and Centreville, to Mount Joy.

From Palmyra, Campbellstown, Bachmansville, and Mount Harrison, to Elizabethtown.

From Bloody Run to Orleans, in Maryland.
From Garland to South West.
From Newville to Blaserville.

From Ashland, via Gordon, Taylorsville, and Wishampleton, to

From Greensburg, via Middleton, to Madison.

From York, via Dover, Rossville, Wellsville, and Mount Top, to Dillsburg

From Mechanicsburg, via Siddonsburg, Lisburn, Lewisberry, Newberry, and Yocumtown, to Etter's.

From Sabinsville, in the county of Tioga, via Mixtown and Sanderlinville, to Ulysses, in the county of Potter.

From English Centre, in the county of Lycoming, to Morris Post Office, at W. W. Babb's, in Morris township, in Tioga county.

From Alba, in Bradford county, to Fall Brook, in the county of Tioga.

F Fallen Timber, via Gill's Mills, Glen Connell, and Elder's Mills, to Carrolton.

From the city of Reading, via Black Bear Tavern, Oley turnpike road, Post-roads es

tablished in and Manatauney Post Office, to Pike Post-Office, in Pike township.


From Belle Station to Dyersburg.
From Taylorsville, via Stoney Creek, to Elizabethtown.

West Virginia;

WEST VIRGINIA. From Glengary, via Shokeys, to Unger's Store. From Kanawha Salines to Lizemore's.


From Westfield, via Lawrence, to Spring Bluff.
From Freeman to Lower Lynxville.
From Muscada to Richland Centre.

From Chilton, via Bachelor Schoolhouse, Potter's Mills, Duell's Mills,
Brillion, and Holland, to Wrightstown.

From La Crosse, via Chaseburg, Enterprise, and Springville, to

From White Hall to Franklin.
From Neillsville to Dexterville.
From Hixton, via Pole Grove, to Houghtonburg.
From Garden Valley, via Augusta, to Eau Claire.
From Pine Hill, via Hop Hollow, to the Saint Croix railroad.
From Goole to Hillsboro'.
From Debillo, via Oaks and Ironton, to Barabo.

Utah Territory.

From Eagle Valley to Panacca.
From Pinto, via Hamblin and Palsifer, to Panaccea.
APPROVED, July 25, 1868.

CHAP. CCXLV. - An Act relating to the Freedmen's Bureau and providing for its July 25, 1868.




Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the duties and powers of Powers, &c. commissioner of the bureau for the relief of freedmen and refugees shall of commissioner continue to be discharged by the present commissioner of the bureau, and lief of freedmen, in case of vacancy in said office occurring by reason of his death or resig- &c. to be disnation, the same shall be filled by appointment of the President on the charged by nomination of the Secretary of War, and with the advice and consent of Vacancy, how the Senate; and no officer of the army shall be detailed for service as commissioner or shall enter upon the duties of commissioner unless ap- not to be de

Army officer pointed by and with the advice and consent of the Senate ; and all assist- tailed, unless, ant commissioners, agents, clerks, and assistants, shall be appointed by

Assistants, the Secretary of War on the nomination of the commissioner of the clerks, &c. how bureau. In case of vacancy in the office of commissioner happening appointed. during the recess of the Senate, the duties of commissioner shall be dis- office of commischarged by the acting assistant adjujant-general of the bureau until such sioner happens vacancy can be filled.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the commissioner of the bureau shall, on the first day of January next, cause the said bureau to be withdrawn from withdrawn from the several States within which said bureau has acted States, January and its operations shall be di continut d. But the educational department 1, 18 of the said bureau and the collection and payment of moneys due the


department, &c. VOL. xv. Pub. – 13


in recess of senate.

Bureau to be

Freedmen's soldiers, sailors, and marines, or their heirs, shall be continued as now Bareau. provided by law until otherwise ordered by act of Congress.


Speaker of the House of Representatives. B. F. WADE,

President of the Senate pro tempore.


July 25, 1868. The President of the United States having returned to the Senate, in which it originated, the bill entitled "An act relating to the Freedmen's Bureau and providing for its Discontinuance,” with his objections thereto, the Senate proceeded, in pursuance of the Constitution, to reconsider the same ; and

Resolved, That the said bill do pass, two thirds of the Senate agreeing to pass the same. Attest:


Secretary of the Senate.


July 25th, 1868. The House of Representatives having proceeded, in pursuance of the Constitution, to reconsider the bill entitled “ An act relating to the Freedmen's Bureau and providing for its Discontinuance,” returned to the Senate by the President of the United States, with his objections, and sent by the Senate to the House of Representatives, with the message of the President returning the bill

Resolved, That the bill do pass, two thirds of the House of Representatives agreeing to pass the same. Attest:


Clerk H. R. O. S.

July 27, 1868.

CHAP. CCALVI. - - An Act to further amend the postal Laws.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Certain un- States of America in Congress assembled, That when any writer of a called-for letters letter, on which the postage is prepaid, shall endorse in writing or in to writer with print upon the outside thereof his name and address, the same, after reout additional maining unclalled [uncalled] for at the post-office to which it is directed postage. thirty days, or the time the writer may direct, shall be returned to the

said writer without additional postage, whether a specific request for such

return be endorsed on the letter or not. Payment for Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That all persons who receive money money orders.

orders shall be required to pay therefor the following charges or fees, viz. For one dollar or any sum not exceeding twenty dollars, a fee of ten cents shall be charged and exacted by the postmaster giving said order ; for all orders exceeding twenty dollars and not exceeding thirty dollars, the charge shall be fifteen cents ; for all orders exceeding thirty dollars and not exceeding forty dollars, the fee shall be twenty cents; for all

orders exceeding forty dollars and not exceeding fifty dollars, the fee shall Pay of post- be twenty-five cents; and furthermore that the compensation of deputy masters for the

postmasters for the payment of money orders is hereby increased from money order business. one eighth to one fourth of one per centum on the gross amount of orders

paid at their respective offices, and that nothing contained in any act shall

be so construed as to deprive postmasters at money-order offices of the 1864, ch. 87. compensation for transacting the money-order business fixed by the act of Vol. xiii . p. 76. May seventeenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, and modified as stated

in this section : Provided always, That the amount of such annual com

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