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All acts au

salary for extra services of two hundred dollars per annum, and the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to audit and pay out of any

moneys in the treasury, not otherwise appropriated, the salaries of the R. M. Clark. present incumbent and his predecessor, R. M. Clark, at the rate of two

hundred dollars per annum for their services. District mar- For compensation of the district marshals, fourteen thousand six hunshals.

dred dollars. Advertise- Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the provisions of section ten ments, notices, of an act “ making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the governprinted in three ment for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, newspapers in and for other purposes,” approved March two, eighteen hundred and sixColumbia, lic. ty-seven, be, and they are hereby, extended to one additional newspaper 1867, ch.167.9 10. in the District of Columbia from the date of the approval of said act, the Vol. xiv. p. 467. same to be selected by the Clerk of the House of Representatives. thorizing public

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That all acts or parts of acts authorCation of debates izing the publication of the debates in Congress are hereby repealed from of Congress re- and after the fourth day of March next, and the joint committee on March 4, 1869. printing is hereby authorized and required to invite proposals for the

Proposals to be publication of the actual proceedings and debates in Congress, upon a made for public plan and specifications to be previously published by them, and shall also ceedings and de- ascertain the cost of such publication by the superintendent of public batex, &c.

printing, and shall report as soon as practicable such proposals and estiSec post, p. 347. mate of cost, together with a bill to provide for the publication of the

debates and proceedings of Congress. Advertise- Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That all advertisements, notices,

&. District of Co proposals for contracts, executive proclamations, treaties, and laws to be lumbia, Mary- published in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia, shall be minihto be pub- published in the papers now selected under the provisions

of section ten lished in certain of an act approved March second, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, ennewspapers; titled, “ An act making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the

government for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, and for other purposes," and shall also be published in the

paper selected under the provisions of the second section of this act : for other

Provided, That no advertisement to any State, District, or Territory other States, &c: not than the District of Columbia, Maryland, or Virginia, shall be published in these papers, in the papers designated, unless at the direction first made of the proper unless, &c.

head of a department. Pay of night- Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That each night watchman at the watchmen at Treasury De

Treasury Department shall, from the first day of July, eighteen hundred partment in- and sixty-eight, receive a compensation of nine hundred dollars per an

num, and an amount sufficient to pay said increased compensation for the Appropriation.

fiscal year ending June thirty, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, is hereby

appropriated. Paintings, &c. Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That no statuary, paintings, or other belonging to pri: articles, the property of private individuals, shall hereafter be allowed to not to be exhib- be exhibited in the rotunda or any other portion of the capitol building; ited in capitol and it shall be the duty of the superintendent in charge of the public building:

Superintend- buildings to remove all such statuary, paintings, or other articles, being ent to remove the property of private individuals, now in the capitol. those now there.

APPROVED, July 20, 1868.


Juły 20, 1868. CHAP. CLXXVII. – An Act making Appropriations for sundry civil Expenses of the

Government for the Year ending June thirty, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, and for other Purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Civil expenses States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, appropriation.

and the same are hereby, appropriated, for the objects hereinafter expressed, for the fiscal year ending the thirtieth June, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, viz.

Miscellaneous. — For necessary expenses in carrying into effect the Expenses of several acts of Congress authorizing loans and the issue of treasury ury notes; notes, one million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars: Provided, That none of the said sum shall be used to pay commissions for the no part for purchase, sale, or conversion of the bonds or notes of the United States : commissions. And provided further, That all necessary letter-press printing and book- Printing and binding, in all the departments and bureaus, shall be done and

executed at binding to be the government printing-office, and not elsewhere, except registered bonds ment office, and written records, which may be bound as heretofore at the department. except, &c.

For carrying out the provisions of the acts of the thirtieth of August, and local inspec eighteen hundred and fifty-two, for the better protection of the lives of tors of steampassengers on vessels propelled in whole or in part by steam, and of the boats. acts amendatory thereof, the following sums, to wit: For the salarics of 1852, ch. 106.

Vol. X. p. 61. the supervising and local inspectors, eighty thousand four hundred dollars ; for the travelling expenses of the supervising inspectors, ten thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary: Provided,

Limit to That no supervising inspector shall be allowed for travel in his district in

amount for any one year a greater sum that one thousand dollars ; for the travelling travel. expenses of the local inspectors, twelve thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary: Provided further, That no local inspector shall be allowed for travel in any one year a greater sum than five hundred dollars. For the travelling expenses of a special agent of the department, one thousand five hundred dollars ; for the expenses of the Special agent meeting of the board of supervising inspectors, including travel, printing of manual and report, three thousand five hundred dollars, and there Annual meetshall be but one meeting annually of the said board, which shall be at the ing of superviscity of Washington on the second Wednesday of January in each year; for ing inspectors. stationery, for furniture of offices and repair thereof, for repair and trans

Furniture and portation of instruments, and for fuel and lights, fifteen thousand dollars. repair of instru

For facilitating communication between the Atlantic and Pacific States Telegraph beby electrical telegraph, forty thousand dollars.

tween Atlantic

and Pacific For expenses in detecting and bringing to trial and punishment per- States. sons engaged in counterfeiting treasury notes, bonds, and other securities

Detection of of the United States, as well as the coins of the United States, and other and frauds.

counterfeiting frauds upon the government, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

To meet expenses incurred in the prosecution and collection of claims Collection of due the United States, fifteen thousand dollars, to be disbursed under the claims due the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury.

For supplying deficiency in the fund for the relief of sick and disabled Sick and disseamen, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars : Provided, That hereafter abled seamen. the Secretary of the Treasury shall communicate at each annual session amounts collectof Congress a full and complete statement in detail of the amounts col- ed and expendlected from seamen, and also the amount expended for sick and disabled ed to be given.

. seamen, in accordance with the provisions of the act of May third, eigh. Vol. il. teen hundred and two.

For salaries of commissioners under “An act to provide for the re- Revision, &c. ision and consolidation of the statute laws of the United States," of statutes.

Commissionapproved June twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, and for ers, printing, &c. clerical services and other incidental expenses, the printing to be done by 1806, ch. 140, the government printing-office, seventeen thousand dollars.

Vol. xiv. p. 74. For payment of the messengers of the respective States for conveying to

Messengers the seat of government the votes of the electors of said States for President conveying elec

toral vote of and Vice-President of the United States, twenty-five thousand dollars.

States. Towards rebuilding the United States Military Asylum for disabled Rebuilding soldiers at Togus, near Augusta, Maine, destroyed by accidental fire, military asylum

near Augusta, twenty-five thousand dollars : Provided, That the building shall be com- Me. pleted without any further appropriation by the government.

Proviso. For the payment for the Congressional Globe and Appendix, for the Congressional fiscal year ending June thirty, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, twenty

Globe and Appendix.

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Atlantic, Gulf, coasts, viz. –

thousand dollars ; to be taken from the appropriation heretofore made and unexpended for the purchase of one complete set of the Congressional Globe and Appendix for each senator and representative who has

not already received them. Appropriation Survey of the Coast. — For the survey of the Atlantic and Gulf for .

Atlantic and coasts of the United States, including compensation of civilians engaged Gulf coasts. in the work, and excluding pay and emoluments of officers of the army

and navy and petty officers and men of the navy employed in the work,

two hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars. Western coast.

For continuing the survey of the western coast of the United States,

including compensation of civilians engaged in the work, one bundred and Publishing ob- thirty thousand dollars. servations, &c. For publishing the observations made in the progress of the coast sur

vey of the United States, including compensation of civilians employed

in the work, five thousand dollars. Engineers for steamers used in

For pay and rations of engineers for steamers used in the hydrography coast survey: of the coast survey, no longer supplied by the Navy Department, per act 1868, ch. 154 of June twelfth, eighteen hundred and fifty-eight, ten thousand dollars. Vol. xi. p. 820. Vessels. For repairs and maintenance of the complement of vessels used in the

coast survey, thirty thousand dollars. Northern and

Northern and Northwestern Lakes. — For the survey of northern and northwestern lakes.

northwestern lakes, seventy-five thousand dollars. Lighthouse Lighthouse Establishment. — For the Atlantic, Gulf, Lake, and Pacifio establishment. Lake, and Pa- For supplying the lighthouses and beacon-lights with oil, wicks, glass cific coasts. chimneys, chamois skins, whiting, spirits of wine, polishing powder, clean

ing towels, brushes, and other necessary expenses of the same, and re

pairing and keeping in repair the lighting apparatus, two hundred and Lighthouse at forty-six thousand dollars: Provided, That the lighthouse board be, Point in Phun- and hereby is, authorized to apply the amount heretofore appropriated der Bay, Michi- " for building a lighthouse on a proper site at Trowbridge Point, in gan;

Thunder Bay, in the State of Michigan,” to building a lighthouse on a Vol. xiv. p. 425.

more eligible site, if such can be found in the immediate vicinity : And at Bailey's Harbor, Lake provided further, That the appropriation now available for rebuilding the Michigan. lighthouse at Bailey's Harbor, Lake Michigan, be applied to the erection

of a new structure between that point and North Bay, and upon its com

pletion the light at Bailey's Harbor shall be discontinued. Repairs and incidental ex

For the necessary repairs and incidental expenses, improving and penses.

refitting lighthouses and buildings connected therewith, two hundred

thousand dollars. Keepers of lighthouses,

For salaries of five hundred and eighty-nine keepers of lighthouses beacons, and and lighted beacons, and their assistants, four hundred and eighty-seven light-vessels. thousand three hundred and fifty-two dollars.

For salaries of keepers of light-vessels, twenty-one thousand three

hundred dollars. Seamen's

For seamen's wages, repairs, supplies, and incidental expenses, of twenty-four light-vessels, two hundred and thirty-two thousand two hun

dred and ninety dollars. Beacons and

For expenses of raising, cleaning, painting, repairing, remooring, and buoys.

supplying losses of beacons and buoys, and for chains and sinkers for the

same, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Fog signals.

For repairs and incidental expenses of refitting and improving fog

signals and buildings connected therewith, twenty thousand dollars. Inspection of

For expenses of visiting and inspecting lights and other aids to navilights.

gation, two thousand dollars. Rose Island.

For a lighted beacon on Rose Island, Narraganset Bay, seven thousand

five hundred dollars. Watch Hill,

For repairs and renovations at Watch Hill, North Dumpling, and Saye &c.

brook light-station, Connecticut, ten thousand dollars.

Wages, &c.



For a fog-signal at Eaton's neck light station, three thousand dollars. Eaton's Neck For the erection of a permanent buoy on Success Rock, Long Island

Success Rock. Sound, three thousand dollars.

For repairs and renovations at Brockway's Reach and Bordeo's Flats Brockway's beacons, eleven thousand four hundred dollars.

Reach, &c. For protecting the lighthouse site at Barnegat, New Jersey, seven Barnegat. thousand dollars.

For a new lantern at Delaware Breakwater light-station, two thousand Delaware dollars.

Breakwater. For range lights on Sullivan's Island, Charleston Harbor, fifteen thou- Sullivan's sand dollars.

For day beacons on Oyster Rocks, mouth of Savannah River, two Oyster Rocks. thousand dollars.

For rebuilding the lighthouse at Cape Canaveral, Florida, and fitting Cape Canaveit up with a first-order catadioptric light, in addition to former appropria- ral. tions, thirty thousand dollars.

For reimbursing the keepers at Timbalier lighthouse the loss of their Keepers at private property, destroyed with the lighthouse, four hundred dollars. Timbalier lightFor range lights at Bailey's Harbor, Wisconsin, six thousand dollars.

Bailey's HarFor repairs and renovations at Beaver Island light station, five thousand bor. dollars.

Beaver Island. For renovating and relighting the lighthouse on Michigan Island, Lake Michigan Superior, six thousand dollars.

Island. For a range of lights for Copper Harbor, Lake Superior, with a fog- Copper Harbell or such other ear-signal as the Secretary of the Treasury on the bor;

Fog-bell. recommendation of the lighthouse board may adopt, in addition to former appropriations, five thousand dollars.

For a first-order lighthouse at Point Año Nuevo, or vicinity, Califor- Point Año. nia, ninety thousand dollars.

Nuevo. For a steam lighthouse tender for the twelfth district, to replace the Steam lightone wrecked on the coast of California, ninety thousand dollars.

house tender,

for California; For one buoy and lighthouse tender for service on the Atlantic and

Atlantic and Gulf coasts, forty thousand dollars.

Gulf coasts. For enabling the lighthouse board to experiment with new illuminating Experiments apparatus and fog-signals, in addition to former appropriations, one thou- with new illumi.

nating apparatus sand dollars.

and fog signals. For enabling the lighthouse board to re-establish lights and other aids Re-establishto navigation on the southern coast, in addition to former appropriations, ing lights, &c. one hundred thousand dollars.

For compensation of two superintendents of the life-saving stations on Life-saving the coast of Long Island and New Jersey, three thousand dollars.

stations on Long

Island and New For a life-boat and station at the south end of Narraganset Beach, Jersey; Rhode Island, two thousand dollars.


Beach. For compensation of fifty-four keepers of stations, at two hundred "Keepers of stadollars each, ten thousand eight hundred dollars.

For contingencies of life-saving stations on the coast of the United Contingencies. States, ten thousand dollars.

Revenue Cutter Service. — For pay of officers and pilots, four hun- Revenue cutdred and eight thousand six hundred dollars : Provided, That hereafter ter service. no expenses of the revenue marine shall be paid out of any other fund revenue marine, than that herein specified.

how to be paid. For rations for officers and pilots, twenty-eight thousand four hundred and seventy-nine dollars.

For pay of petty officers and crew, three hundred and eighty thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars.

For rations for petty officers and crew, one hundred and thirty-three thousand five hundred and sixty-one dollars.

For fuel, one hundred thousand dollars.
For repairs and outfits, one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars.
VOL. XV. Pub. – 8



enue cutters to



Five of the For supplies of ship-chandlery, fifty thousand eight hundred dollars. six steam revenue cutters on

For commutation for quarters, five thousand dollars. the lakes, to be For travelling expenses, five thousand dollars : Provided, That five of laid up, &c.

the six steam revenue cutters stationed upon the northern and northwest

ern lakes and their tributaries shall be laid up, and that no more of the Certain rey money appropriated by this act shall be paid on their account than so be withdrawn

much as may be necessary for their safe and proper care and keeping; from Atlantic and that the Secretary of the Treasury be authorized and directed to lay up

and withdraw from commission every revenue cutter off the Atlantic coast,

bays, [and] gulfs, not actually required and needed for constant service. Construction branch of Trea

Construction Branch of the Treasury Department. - For the construcsury Depart tion of a custom-house at Portland, Maine, one hundred thousand dollars. Portland, Me.

For the construction of a building, to be used as custom-house and Saint Paul. post-office, at Saint Paul, Minnesota, fifty thousand dollars. New York.

For the construction of a barge office at New York, fifty thousand

dollars. Portland. For the construction of a building, to be used as a court-house and

post-office, at Portland, Maine, fifty thousand dollars. Philadelphia. For the construction of appraisers' stores at Philadelphia, fifty thou

sand dollars. Des Moines. For the construction of a public building at Des Moines, Iowa, for a

court-house, post-office, and the accommodation of officers of the United

States, eighty-nine thousand and eight dollars. Madison.

For the construction of a public building at Madison, Wisconsin, for a court-house, post-office, and the accommodation of officers of the United

States, fifty thousand dollars. Portland, Ore For construction of a public building for a custom-house, United States gon.


and post-office, at Portland, Oregon, fifty thousand dollars : Proviso. Provided, That said building, when completed, shall not cost more than

one hundred thousand dollars. Springfield, III. For the construction of a public building at Springfield, Illinois, for a

court-house, post-office, and the accommodation of officers of the United

States, twenty-five thousand dollars. Bangor. For completion of the extension and repairs of the custom-house at

Bangor, Maine, twenty thousand dollars. Cairo.

For the construction of post-office and custom-house at Cairo, Illinois,

forty-nine thousand dollars. Ogdensburg. For the completion of the custom-house and post-office building at

Ogdensburg, New York, forty thousand dollars. Repairs, &c. of

For repairs and preservation of custom-houses and other public buildpublic buildings.

ings, fifty thousand dollars. Furniture. For furniture and repairs of furniture for the same, twenty thousand

dollars. Heating. For heating apparatus for custom-houses and other public buildings, • Vaults and thirty-five thousand dollars. For vaults and safes for depositaries, twenbafes.

ty-five thousand dollars. North wing of For vaults for north wing of treasury building, twenty-five thousand treasury build- dollars. ing.

For fitting up fixtures and furniture for the north wing of treasury building, twenty-five thousand dollars.

For the north wing of the treasury building and the approaches, includ

ing fittings and fixtures, one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars. Repairs, &c. of treasury

For repairs of the east front, and incidental repairs of the entire buildbuilding.

ing, fifteen thousand dollars. Branch mint For completion of the branch mint building at Carson City, Nevada, at Carson City, fencing the grounds, and for machinery, fixtures, and apparatus, and for Nevada.

Mint and putting up the same, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars: Provided, branches to re TI the mi of he United States, and branches, shall continue to refine not to contract( gold and silver bullion, and no contract to exchange crude or unparted to exchange, &c. bullion for refined bars shall be made until authorized by law.

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