Pidgin-English Sing-song; Or, Songs and Stories in the China-English Dialect

Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Company, 1897 - 142 Seiten

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Seite 113 - That nightee teem he come chop-chop One young man walkee, no can stop ; Maskee snow, maskee ice; He cally flag wit'h chop so nice — Top-side...
Seite 115 - T'hat young man die, one large dog see Too muchee bobbeZy findee he. He hand blong colo — all-same ice, Hab got he flag with chop so nice, Top-side galow. MORAL. You too muchee laugh ! what for sing I tink so you no savvy...
Seite 3 - Eommany, are applicable to any kind of active agent, so pidgin is with great ingenuity made expressive of every variety of calling, occupation, or affair. As business or commerce is the great bond of union between the Chinese and foreign residents, it is not remarkable that this should be the chief and ever-recurring word, and give its name to the language formed in its service.
Seite 115 - Maskee, my must go top-side, Top-side galow ! " Man-man," one girley talkee he, " What for you go top-side look-see ? " And one tim more he plenty cly, But allo-tim walkee plenty high, Top-side galow ! " Take care t'hat spoilum tfee, young man, Take care t'hat ice. He want man-man.
Seite 8 - ... obtained no specimens. It is not pretended that the language of the rhymes and stories in this volume will all be readily and immediately familiar to any person who may take it in hand, but it is certain that with a very little attention they can all be soon mastered. For those who expect to meet with Chinese, either in the East or California, this little book will perhaps be useful, as qualifying them to converse in Pidgin.
Seite 20 - On the leetle end of nothin' — and read it easy too. "And if the thing will help you — if nothin' else avails, I'll photograph them Classics upon your finger-nails ; I see you wear 'em awful long (for gougin', I suppose) — I'd put the Astor Library upon such nails as those.
Seite 114 - No can walk, Bimeby lain come, velly dark; Have got water, velly wide...
Seite 5 - It follows, of course, th^t there is no settled standard of PidginEnglish, and that anything may correctly claim to be in that dialect, so that it represents English as spoken by a Chinese with some national variation from the English standard.

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