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LETTER IX. TO Mr. Blount, after his retirement into Flander's.

On the history of Jeffery of Monmouth, &c. X. On the death of the uuthor's father. XI. To Mr. Blount. XII. On Mr. Blount's recovery from an illness : Ad

vice to fell his eflate. XIII. Of his manner of life in the country, and of

the author's near the town. XIV. A defcription of a grotto. XV. On the approach of winter, hospitality, and a ? cheerful family.

L ET T E R S to and from the Honourable


From 1717 to 1724. P. 30 LETTER 1. After a fit of fickness. Of the Tragedy of Gor

boduc. The author's progrefs in translating Ho

mer's Iliad. II. Excuse for writing carelessly : The humour of the

town. III. From Mr. Digby. Answer to the former. IV. On the finishing his translation of the Iliad. His

situation at Twickenham, Planting, The death of

a friend, V. From Mr. Digby. . Answer to the former. VI. From Mr. Digby. On the South-sea-year. VII. Answer to the former. VIII. IX. From Mr. Digby. On the same subject. X. Character of Dr. Arbuthnot and his brother. Death of a friend. 4

XI. Cha.

XI. Charater of the Digby-Family.
XII. Lord Bathurst's Wood; the camp in Hyde-

Park; the Bishop of Rochester's conversation.
XIII. A Winter-invitation to a fire-fide.
XIV. From Mr. Digby. A Letter of friendship :

The disadvantages of an ill constitution. Cona folation in friends of integrity. Their manner of life in the country preferred to that in the

town. XV. On the same subject. XVI. XVII. On the season of Christmas: Cuftoms of bof

pitality : Charity and good works, where they

are yet subfifting XVIII. To the Hon. Edward Digby, on his brother's


p. 53.

LETTERS to and from Dr. ATTERBURY,

Bishop of RochesTER.

From 1716 to 1723. LETTER I. From the Bijñop of Rochester, Concerning Mr.

Pope's general preface to his works. II. From the same III. From the Bishop of Rochester. On occasion of the

death of Mr. Pope's father. IV. The answer. V. On the fate of the South-Sca. VI From the Bishop of Rochester. Of Mr. Dry

den's monument : The Arabian Tales: The

South-Sza scheme. VII. From the same. On a manuscript of Huetius, and the epitaph on Mr. Harcourt,

VIII. From

a 2

VII From the Lord Chancellor Harcourt, on the

epitaph of his son. IX. From the Bishop of Rochester. On his ill health.

Waller's verses on fickness. Mr. Prior's fune

ral. X. From the fame. His love of the country. A

paljage in Tully. Of Shakespear, and the pub

lication of Mr. Addison's works. XI. To the Bishop of Rochester. XII. From the Bishop. On a character drawn by

the author. XIII. To the Bishop in the country : Wishes for his

quie. XIV. From the Bishop of Rochester, his desire of

quiet, and love of books. XV. An invitation to Twickenham : The.vanity and

cmptiness of the world. XVI. From the Bishop of Rochester. An answer to

the former. His disike of great men: Prepara

tion for his burial-place in IVestminster-Abbey. XVII. From the same, on the same subject. The state

of his mind, and the world's mistake of his cha

rafter. XVIII. From the same. More concerning men of quar

lity. Of Milton's manufcript, and Agonistes. XIX. The Duke of Marlborougl's funeral. The auther's

's resolution to keep clear of fattery. XX. From the Bishop. Answer to the former. Ap

plication of some verses of Horace to the Duke of

Marlborough's funeral. XXI. From the Bishop of Rochester in the Tower. XXII. The answer. XXIII. The author's last letter to the Bishop of Ro

chefer. XXIV. From the Bishop of Rochester. XXV. On the death of his daughter.


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